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The Fall of a Flying Saucer at Cape Girardeau

The Fall of a Flying Saucer at Cape Girardeau 1

The most famous and significant case related to the UFO crash is undoubtedly the “Roswell incident”. The episode occurred in early July 1947 on the outskirts of Roswell, New Mexico. The UFO crash occurred just a few days after the famous observation by pilot Kenneth Arnold, who ushered in the era of “flying saucers.”

UFO crash

UFO crash, aliens remaining on Earth

However, the UFO crash at Roswell was not the first time a flying saucer crashed. It is important to note that, although the official start date for ufology is June 24, 1947, observations of flying saucers continued for quite some time.

Mostly the observations (due to freedom of the press) were in the United States and caused a sensation. Therefore, when rumors of the fall of an alien ship shot down by the military spread throughout the country and around the world, the excitement reached its peak.

Today we know that the UFO crash in Roswell was a much bigger event. There was also an event that included the salvation of crippled alien bodies and the possible detention of one or two living things.

Moreover, it was an event that apparently paved the way for some technological leaps. Unexpected technological breakthroughs of Americans we observed in the following decades. According to various researchers, this is due to the successful assimilation of alien engineering, taken from a crashed UFO.

UFO crash at Cape Girardeau.

A few years before the Roswell incident, there was already a UFO crash at Cape Girardeau. This laid the foundation for the procedures adopted and applied by the army and special services in New Mexico. But, in order to understand the relevance of the first case, we must first evaluate what happened in the second.

UFO in the sky of the Earth

The events of the second incident began in the early days of July 1947. That day, locals around Roswell saw “balls of light” flying over fields and hills toward the city. A few days later, during a severe thunderstorm, JB Foster rancher William “Mac” Brazel heard a loud roar. Unlike natural sound from heaven, this one stood out clearly against the backdrop of thunderous peals.

The next day, Brazel came out early in the morning to take care of the animals and assess the damage caused by the storm. Having reached a certain point on his lands, he discovered a place of desolation. For hundreds of meters, the field was littered with debris and pieces of material, assuring an eyewitness to the plane crash. The first eyewitnesses to the crash and still smoldering debris were seen among this body of aliens.

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In 1941, Rev. William Huffman was summoned to Cape Girardeau, Missouri, to pray for the victims of a mysterious crash. He was taken to the forest, where he saw many FBI agents and the military. When the reverend father was taken to the victims of the crash, he saw a “flying saucer” with hieroglyphic inscriptions on the side belt.

Approaching the fallen, William Huffman immediately realized that they were not human. They were hairless creatures with very large eyes and large heads. At the end of the ritual procedure, the military will force the reverend to keep secret what he had taken in that clearing.


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