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The Faceless Female Ghosts Who Have Travelled The World

The Faceless Female Ghosts Who Have Travelled The World  88

I read the following, from someone in the Philippines with the snappy name of gHosTmAgneT_03. It was the first time I had heard of a ghost of a faceless woman.

“Ever since we moved to another house I started to see this woman. The first time I saw her was when we were moving our things inside the house. I was with my sister that time. I was helping her with her things when I saw this woman who was wearing a white dress. She looked about the age of 20 but not more than 30.
I was not able to look at her face but I started to feel very strange. My sweat was so cold and I had goose bumps. Then my sister asked me what was wrong and I asked her if she could see the woman. She told me that there was no woman, and I started to get scared. I tried to look closer, the woman was still there, and wasn’t moving an inch. Then I looked at my sister and when I looked at where the woman was she was there no more.”

The one with the snappy name saw the ghost two more times.

“I saw the woman standing in front of me. I could not see her face because her hair was covering it. I couldn’t move or open my mouth. I felt weak like I was going to cry. She was trying to get closer so I switched the lights on. Then she disappeared, I felt relieved and when I went back to bed I fell asleep easily.”

and …

“I saw the woman at our dining room near the refrigerator, and what shocked me the most was when I saw her floating above the ground. It seemed she did not have a face. I was totally freaked out that I kind of passed out.” Source

Faceless ghosts? “Whatever next,” I thought. So I had a look at a book I have The Element Encyclopedia of Ghosts & Hauntings. And yes there is a listing. They write about a Faceless Woman:

“A beautiful female ghost who is said to terrify all who see her because she has no face. Typically she is young and slender and is first seen from behind.
“She appears in haunting legends all over the world, Her origins are unknown but may be Japanese. In his book Kwaidan published in 1904, Lafcadio Hearn, one of the first Westerners to study the folklore of Japan in depth documented ancient stories of the Mujina, faceless ghosts.”

As there have been links between Japan and the Philippines – between 1942 and 1945 the Empire of Japan occupied the Commonwealth of the Philippines during World War II – I could see how the faceless ghost story could have travelled. But then I found that there are other places that tell of these same ghosts: In Hawaii for example.
Going back to my encyclopedia I read about a faceless ghost in Hawaii. In 1959 the faceless woman was said to have appeared at the Waialae Drive-In and a few years later in Oahu. There are recent tales of her being spotted in a Waikiki hotel, shopping mall and college.

Waialae Drive_in Ghost

I found a more recent Hawaiian sighting on the Haunted Islands website:

“One encounter happened in 1965 when a young woman opened the door to one of the stalls to see a woman standing before her with no face hovering above the toilet. Her boyfriend then saw her running out of the bathroom screaming, followed by a faceless woman with no legs.
A group of friends gathering in the theater in 1965 encountered a large fireball that rose from the ground and circled the parking area several times before flying straight into the screen. There has been no explanation of where the ghostly woman and the fireballs come from, but it is noted that the theater is located next to a graveyard, which is famous for being saturated with the souls of the dead, even more so for Hawaii.
Since its final closing in 1986, the area has become a favorite spot for ghost hunters, cautiously peeking into the women’s rest room for a chance to see the famous ghost.”

They go on to say:

“The ghost is seen all over the island of Oahu as well. From Waikiki, to ‘Ewa beach, even in the boiler room of a Honolulu hospital, it seems the faceless woman is making her presence known all over the islands. No one knows who she is or what she wants, but for those who visit the island of Oahu, it’s best not to go anywhere alone at night, lest she find you.”

Going back to Lafcadio Hearn, the writer mentioned in my encyclopedia, I managed to find the original transcript of the Japanese story or legend about the Mujina, or faceless ghost. Here it is:

The last man who saw the Mujina was an old merchant of the Kyobashi quarter, who died about thirty years ago. This is the story, as he told it:

Traditional Japanese Woman

One night, at a late hour, he was hurrying up the Kii-no-kuni-zaka, when he perceived a woman crouching by the moat, all alone, and weeping bitterly. Fearing that she intended to drown herself, he stopped to offer her any assistance or consolation in his power.
She appeared to be a slight and graceful person, handsomely dressed; and her hair was arranged like that of a young girl of good family.
“O-jochu,” he exclaimed, approaching her, “O-jochu, do not cry like that! Tell me what the trouble is; and if there be any way to help you, I shall be glad to help you.” (He really meant what he said; for he was a very kind man.)
But she continued to weep,hiding her face from him with one of her long sleeves. “O-jochu,” he said again, as gently as he could, “Please, please listen to me! This is no place for a young lady at night! Do not cry, I implore you! Tell me how I may be of some help to you!”
Slowly she rose up, but turned her back to him, and continued to moan and sob behind her sleeve.
He laid his hand lightly upon her shoulder, and pleaded: “O-jochu! O-jochu! O-jochu! Listen to me, just for one little moment! O-jochu! O-jochu!”
Then O-jochu turned around, and dropped her sleeve, and stroked her face with her hand; and the man saw that she had no eyes or nose or mouth, and he screamed and ran away.
Up Kii-no-kuni-zaka he ran and ran; and all was black and empty before him. On and on he ran, never daring to look back; and at last he saw a lantern, so far away that it looked like the gleam of a firefly; and he made for it.
It proved to be only the lantern of an itinerant soba-seller, who had set down his stand by the road-side; but any light and any human companionship was good after that experience; and he flung himself down at the feet of the soba-seller, crying out, “Ah! Aa!! Aa!!!”
“Kore! kore!” roughly exclaimed the soba-man. “Here! what is the matter with you? Anybody hurt you?”
“No, nobody hurt me,” panted the other, “Only Ah! Aa!”
“Only scared you?” queried the peddler, unsympathetically. “Robbers?”
“Not robbers, not robbers,” gasped the terrified man. “I saw … I saw a woman, by the moat, and she showed me … Ah! I cannot tell you what she showed me!”
“Well! Was it anything like this that she showed you?” cried the soba-man, stroking his own face, which therewith became like unto an Egg.  And, simultaneously, the light went out.
[Notes: O-jochu means honorable damsel; Soba is a preparation of buckwheat, somewhat resembling vermicelli; Kore is an exclamation of annoyed alarm.]


Faceless ghosts – did they originate from the Japanese legend? Or, as someone suggested to me, are they your average ghosts who have forgotten how their faces once looked, perhaps because they’ve been around for so long?
Resources: The Element Encyclopedia of Ghosts and HauntingsThe Faceless Female Ghosts Who Have Travelled The World  89



Ghosts & Hauntings

The inhabitant of “The scariest house in Britain” is sure that she lived with a poltergeist for years

The inhabitant of "The scariest house in Britain" is sure that she lived with a poltergeist for years 102
The inhabitant of the most terrible house in England told about ghosts

Shirley Hitchings, an 80-year-old resident of England, a famous resident of “the most terrible house in Britain”, for the first time in many years, told how she was pursued by a poltergeist for seven years and even once moved to a new home with her. She shared her story in connection with the fact that a documentary podcast about these events will be released on Radio 4 in some time.

Shirley Hitchings’ London house is called “the scariest in Britain”.

Shirley’s childhood home is located in the Battersea area of ​​south London. She said that she faced an otherworldly force when she was 15 years old. One day she discovered in her bedroom an ornate silver key that did not fit any lock in the house and which was the first time her family had seen it. According to Shirley, her family was then woken up by a loud rumble that seemed to come from the walls and ceiling. And that’s how it all started.

The inhabitant of "The scariest house in Britain" is sure that she lived with a poltergeist for years 103

According to the story of the Englishwoman, strange events took place from 1956 to 1968 – objects flew around the rooms, a mysterious knock was heard, a fire was kindled for no reason. So, according to Shirley, one day a clock fell off a shelf, slippers moved around the room, and a chair rose into the air. 

The poltergeist was nicknamed Donald, and, as grandmother laments, he became like an annoying brother to her. According to her story, once her family poured holy water on her to protect her from the “devil”, but this made Donald even more angry and tore the curtains.

In the hope of driving away the poltergeist, the grown-up Shirley invited a medium – the wife of her colleague – to the house. But the session, in her words, did not help. The situation in the house attracted the attention of the police and even the local authorities. Newspapers began to write about Donald, and these publications were noticed by the famous ghost hunter, Harold Chibbett. 

After examining the house, he told the family that he believed Donald was a restless spirit that haunts a particular person and causes physical disturbances. Some supporters of the paranormal believe that this type of mystical activity is most often “triggered” by adolescents going through puberty, because they release “pure life energy” that feeds poltergeists.

According to Shirley, Chibbett tried to communicate with the poltergeist using cards with letters, and the ghost allegedly responded with a childish scrawl, “Shirley, I’m coming.” According to her, Donald “demanded” a pen for communication.

“He [the ghost] was like a bully, demanded, told people what to do. He took all my old dolls that were kept in a chest in the attic and brought them downstairs. He cut off their heads, tore off pieces of fabric from my clothes and left notes in which he ordered to sew dresses of this material If someone angered him, he wrote, to “punish” a piece of paper, and you knew that you were waiting for that night, “-. Shirley shared, according to quotes from the of Sun

According to the Englishwoman, the ghost also scared away her boyfriends. And when Shirley got married in 1965 and moved to West Sussex, the ghost allegedly went with her and told her in new messages about what her parents were up to.

According to the elderly woman, Donald “fell silent” in 1968 – he left the last message to her parents with the words that he was leaving them alone. By that time, the family was already so used to the ghost that Shirley’s mother burst into tears, but she and her father were happy.

However, there is no evidence that the poltergeist Donald actually existed.

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The ghost of a deceased guy walked on the water: an eyewitness filmed him

The ghost of a deceased guy walked on the water: an eyewitness filmed him 104

The incident took place in the province of Davao del Norte (Philippines), where a resident, seeing a drowning dog, rushed to save him. The dog was pulled out to a safe place, but the man himself was pulled into the depths. Everything that happened was recorded on camera by a woman named Chanel.

When Dondon (that was the guy’s name) went to the bottom, one eyewitness immediately called for rescuers. While the brigade was doing their job, it became clear that the man was already dead. They searched for his body for several hours. What is surprising in the story is that suddenly a silhouette of a man came to the camera, he appeared right above the water. Chanel, who records the video, believed it was the spirit of Dondon.

During the video recording, the eyewitness did not expect to see anything like this, because she does not really believe in ghosts. The entity had obvious human features, so it definitely had a spirit. For several hours they searched for the body of the drowned man and pulled it out with an excavator.

It’s pretty creepy to look at the tape. According to an eyewitness, goosebumps ran over her, especially after seeing the spirit. It should be noted that not all users believe in the authenticity of the video. Some people think that the footage may well have special effects. Chanel refutes any such claims: the video is original. She understands the doubts of people, because the shots are really ‘out of this world’.

Special skills and abilities are required to distinguish the edited video from the original. Of course, hardly anyone will devote time to study the presented video. We can only hope that the woman did not actually use editing software.

The footage confirms the existence of the human soul and gives hope that life after death does not end.

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Reality show to be filmed in medieval “haunted castle” in Wales

Reality show to be filmed in medieval "haunted castle" in Wales 105

British celebrities will take part in a reality show at the medieval castle of Grich in the city-county of Conwy (Wales), which, according to legend, is full of ghosts. It is reported by The Sun.

According to data from open sources, the castle was built in 1283-1289 by order of Edward I of England. For four years one and a half thousand people erected the fortress and walls. The castle is surrounded by a stone wall with round towers and loopholes. 

According to local residents, the ghost of the previous owner, Countess Dandonald, who died in 1924, wanders around the castle. According to legend, the woman’s spirit is angry because her husband took the valuables out of here. 

About ten years ago, a mysterious silhouette appeared in the photo, which was noticed on the first floor of the castle in the former banquet hall. In addition, it is rumored that objects are moving mysteriously in the castle. Also, fans of everything mystical believe that there you can meet the ghosts of gamekeepers and a maid who died after falling from a horse.

The creators of the reality survival show I’m a Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here! Became interested in the legends of the ancient castle, in which celebrities perform creepy tasks. 

The producers are delighted with Greich Castle. It is planned to spend almost 1 million pounds and six weeks to prepare the location for filming.

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