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The Eye and the Owl

The Eye and the Owl 19

There are a great many theories knocking about the internet these days regarding secret societies, Masonic symbols and the Dollar Bill. Dan Brown and his ilk have by no means helped to inject reason into the debate. The fact that in Chinese history, secret societies are to be taken as a matter of course, whereas in Western history the reverse is true, ought to make even skeptics the likes of Michael Shermer or James Randi set aside their terror of the unknown just long enough to feel suspicion that the universe has non-material actors who work diligently to awaken the spirit of humanity. At the very least, we ought admit to ourselves that if the Federal courts can daily charge people with and convict them of conspiracy, the reality of secret activity and orchestration is proven, rather than questionable.

The Eye and the Owl 20
Sacred to Athena, the Owl represents Athena’s Men

While the Vicar will set out to clear certain of these matters up, he also has certain responsibilities associated with his office. Therefore, fine Athenians, try not to become incensed if a bit of our own Eleusinian Mysteries appear to be on the reveal. In truth, what we tell the masses should be the facts, even if they will not believe them. Or more correctly, as Vicar Bacon knew, the general skepticism of the masses is the best reason to tell them what they are sure not to believe. Somehow or another, the Architect must go about separating the strong beams from the rest of the lumber pile. The same is true of separating wheat from chaff, soldiers from servants, and free men from slaves.
There are many ways to depict the Eye of Providence, and the imagery contains secrets not commonly considered even by significant students of the arcane.

The Eye and the Owl 21
The “Bounded Eye”

In the example above, the Eye of Providence is bounded by a sacred triangle, trapped as it were within a construction long associated with the scientific and architectural achievements of mankind. Humans possess no small skill in such matters, but our abilities can hardly be considered genuinely sufficient to trap the eye in question, since it represents the Creator of the Cosmos. Such a being – and the word does not really apply to the true God – cannot be contained, bounded or controlled. Those who use this symbol are openly in defiance of Nature and the Architect. They suggest that the Architect is a human invention only, and that the laws of “God” are merely the laws of man made manifest with spiritual fraud as their fundamental underpinning. In briefer terms, those who use this symbol are, in the eyes of Athena’s Men, the “bad guys”.

The Eye and the Owl 22
The Unbounded Eye

The symbol depicted in the case above is quite the opposite. This is the eye unbounded, in the original conception. This is the Creator beyond the power of human beings, as the Creator truly is. This is the being that certain Founding Fathers held genuinely to have endowed us all with certain inalienable rights. It is worthy of note that this is not the eye that is found on the Dollar Bill, since this version of the Creator is real and unabridged: This is the Real God, utterly disinterested in schemes designed to rule, bind or control human beings beyond those mechanisms they commonly and legitimately endorse in union together by mutual assent. The God of the Way has no need for money, and even less interest in systems that demand its use by citizens. When humanity evolves a new and more just political design fit for extra-solar polities, it will inevitably be less restrictive than those that went before. This is no accidental trend in Western history – it is being driven by people of good character who bother to learn the ars arcanumin pursuit of philosophical ideals.

The Eye and the Owl 23

Thomas Paine motivated revolution and generated common sense arguments for the rightness and justness of the American cause against the Crown. It is the very title of one critical pamphlet, “Common Sense” that shows the mystical use of puns, Secret Language and profound knowledge of the human individual and collective unconscious (long before Freud) to effect change in the affairs of states and peoples.
Weirdly, let the Vicar begin by speaking on the matter of the Eye, the Bounded Eye, and the Owl by discussing first a matter deeper, stranger, and far more central to the truths of Athena’s Men. An internet search will demonstrate that the phrase “Athena’s Men” is not likely to antedate its usages on this very website. The curious and the determined researcher – seeking ever after the courses and causes of wisdom – will doubtless wonder at how an Order of the Quest called Athena’s Men can have so long laid dormant or else managed to maintain secrecy. The Vicar admits that this is one of those “absence of evidence/evidence of absence” kinds of situations, but he would remind the reader that this is all in the nature of True Magic. If you would understand the timeless yearning in all humans for freedom, seek to hold down a baby, and see where that gets you.

The Eye and the Owl 24
FLT – “Friendship, Love, Truth” – Independent Order of the Oddfellows

Athena’s Men are unlike the other Occult Orders, in that we have penetrated most if not all of the others. It is the work of the Knights of the Helm to work in calm and quiet secret to inject core values and core traditions into the philosophies of other groups. Careful consideration is given to the selection of Athena’s Men; one does not simply join, as many readers already understand. Patience and Silence are the keys to virtus. Silence is Golden, for all things come to those who wait.

The Eye and the Owl 25
Vicar Bacon, now available on your mobile device

We must begin talking of the Occult Orders that variously influence the directions of all states by speaking of the old and arguably absurd Bacon-Shakespeare debate. Most academics consider this settled long ago. There again, most academics are folks who should consider looking for honest work. The essence of the discussion has always been thus: Either Bacon was Shakespeare, or else he gave him the works that bear the label of Shakespeare’s authorship. What no one has bothered to note is the obvious fact – from a Wizard’s perspective – that Bacon and Shakespeare knew one another well, and were compatriots in a certain order. In their day, Athena’s Men went by the older term, Knights of the Helm or Knights of the Helmet which is of course identified as the invisible order. In the Kingdom of England – or any kingdom, principality or other state given to the totalitarian use of power – an order dedicated to Democracy must needs remain invisible. Otherwise, the sacred teachings die. And the sacred teachings can best be conveyed to the masses, as they always must be conveyed, through means of the application of Magic. No other recourse has ever been open to us. So Shakespeare authored plays profoundly seeded with the secrets and calculated to awaken the spirits of the audience to wonderment, consideration and reflection; this was possible because he was an adept in the use of the words. Baconian writings that echo these secrets do so because both men belonged to precisely the same order, and were educated in the same body of secrets:
…or cause Enquiry to be made of some great Disorders and Abuses lately done and committed within His Highness’s Dominions of Purpoole, especially by Sorceries and Inchantments ; and namely, of a great Witchcraft used the Night before, whereby there were great Disorders and Misdemeanours, by Hurly-burlies, Crowds, Errors, Confusions, vain Representations and Shews, to the utter Difcredit of our State and Policy. — From the Gesta Grayorum, pr. 1688, reproduced from a MS c. 1594
The upshot of the passage above is that it is drawn from a depiction of a Law School funded series of revelries and “misrules” of a sort common to the past. It is thought that “players” were present who performed Shakespeare’s Comedy of Errorsand that this led to some minor chaos; this is stated earlier in the same text, and is worth researching. Bacon funded the event in whole or in part, and Shakespeare may or may not have been present. Among the Classical ancients, it was common to hold Bacchanals or Dionysian rites – essentially big parties in which ritual flowed into vice with joyous regularity. This is the work of many forces, but it was ultimately harnessed in Elizabethan England by Bacon and his compatriots to serve as mechanisms for encouraging a general – if brief – egalitarianism. It is absolutely of note to the serious student of the Power and the Burden that the citation alleges the action of “Sorceries and Inchantments”. We use the term Wizard in modern and common parlance because true magic is wisdom and the term is entertaining. But the true term for the work of a Wizard is sorcery, and the Way-worker can more readily be called a Sorcerer than by any other name… but a rose is a rose is a rose. Take note then of the Rosicrucians argued to have been founded by Sir Francis Bacon, and the “rose” quotation from Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. It is not that Bacon and Shakespeare are one man, but rather that they are representatives of one Order of the Quest, working toward the same goals from various positions and in various roles, utilizing the same Magic.

The Eye and the Owl 26
Perseus in his Helm bearing his totem of petrifaction

The concepts being discussed in the ancient myths are part and parcel to the Secret Language, and we must not overlook that Perseus wore the Helm of Darkness (Invisibility) worn also by Athena, who advised him and guided him in his adventures, much as she warded the greatest of mythic heroes, Odysseus. The helm referenced in the extremely occult “Knights of the Helm” is therefore this very helmet, which served metaphorically to remind the members that they must conceal themselves in order to foment and encourage Democracy. Men cannot be led and be free at the same time; yet they must, for this is the nature of Divine Truth. The conflicting ideas must exist in perfect balance, bound one to the other as always and functioning in dichotomies, debates and processes to derive higher truths. From this conflict and resolution we derive direction and praxis – the energy of action. Madison – one of Athena’s finest men – wrote of this openly as Publius in Federalist Number 10. His factions are these very forces, and they are the very engine of American representative democracy.
If Illuminati wizards think they rule America and the world, they have another thing coming. One or another of Athena’s men in removing the helm may get themselves into trouble, as Bacon eventually did, but this is hardly ever the whole of the body of our order, and the remainder will remain concealed. Spymasters have long sought our roster, only to be confounded. We have no roster, and we do not appear in anyone’s census. If you have joined the Knights of the Helmet, neither Gorgon nor God will be able to find you. This is largely because Athena binds us together. We do not know each other save by our works, and one cell or another may contain a dozen or so Sorcerers, but that cell will not be directly aware of any other. It is via Magic that we communicate, not by conventional and traceable means. Athena aids us in this: She is not strictly speaking a true “goddess” by the terms commonly perceived, but she is a form taken by a discarnate intelligence capable of aiding us in our Quest to keep faith with the God that we may set human beings free.
Those who wear the Helm know their fellows.
If one doubts our presence, consider this:

The Eye and the Owl 27
The Owls are Watching for Tyrants
The owl is clearly there, and even if it were removed tomorrow, the fact would remain that it was slipped in and maintained in archives, history and memory.Some argue that this is the tip of one of the nearby leaves, poking out from behind the border of the “1”. This is obviously not the case, since the leaves are pointed. Moreover, a close analysis makes the Owl’s presence absolutely clear. This symbol is present in precisely the manner intended by Athena’s Men – it is subtle, difficult to see, and easy to dismiss. It is also looking over the shoulder of the “1” – the number that best describes the true nature of the One, the Creator.
Invisibility is Athena’s gift to us, conveyed via her Helm. As her Aegis shields us, her helm conceals us. But that does not mean that one of our number did not decide to remind the Illuminati that we are still here, still watching, still working our ars arcanum.
It is equally worthy of note that the Owl is watching on the obverse side of the dollar from the Illuminati pyramid with the blasphemous bounded Eye of Providence. There are many theories that argue that this Owl represents Moloch, but that is intentional obfuscation and confusion promoted by Illuminati agents, who were probably horrified to discover that one of Athena’s Men had found his way into the Treasury. The reality is that this Owl is the Opposite of the Illuminati symbol, both literally and figuratively.
We are the Owls. We are watchers in the Night, guardians of the True Way. Learn our ars arcanum, and become a servant of the One God, the Creator of the Cosmos. Embrace sacred Athena – symbol of freedom, wisdom and civilization itself – and know that you are not alone.

And then ask yourself what divinity the Statue of Liberty really depicts.

The Eye and the Owl 28

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