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The Exsanguinators: Tales of Fortean Blood-Suckers

Recent news from Puerto Rico has divulged a sudden rash of reports of the alleged “chupacabra” creature, as reported recently by José Pérez at Scott Coralles’ Inexplicata blog. One of the more striking reports discusses “a dark figure resembling a short-statured man who appeared to be crouching,” with red eyes that reflected light, and “something strange on its head and back, resembling quills.”

Contrary to many modern reports of “chupacabras” that discuss dog-like creatures, this recent Puerto Rican report is more in keeping with early reports of humanoid beasts that reportedly attack, kill, and exsanguinate their victims–that is, they drain the victim’s body of blood in vampiric fashion. While the Chupacabra phenomenon of Latin America is only a few decades old, stories of alleged “vampires” are rife throughout the history of Forteana, in which the alleged blood suckers take a number of different forms.

The Bladenboro Vampire

In a rather sensation news headline from January 6, 1954, a story out of Bladenboro, North Carolina discussed the attack of a woman by some variety of large cat-like creature (see excerpt above). The story, though sensationalized and reporting the beast as being a “vampire,” nonetheless relates some peculiar facets in relation to the animal’s behavior; namely, the creature was purported to have not only attacked its victims, but suck their blood just as well, much like the modern reports of chupacabra.

According to one eyewitness, Lloyd Clemmons, who reported during the initial time of the Bladenboro “vampire” story, the creature was said to “look like a cat,” and was described by newspaperman John Gause as being “apparently some species of the cat family that is a blood sucker.” Clemmons gave a description of the animal as being about 20 inches high and three feet long, with a tail almost the length of the body. The creature was dark in color.

While the creature in question sounds similar to a mountain lion or other big cat, the exsanguination is odd; mountain lions and panthers don’t drain the blood out of animals they kill (and that, of course, is based on the assumption that the reports were accurately relating the cause of death in the 1954 Bladenboro story). While modern alleged “chupacabra” reports also deal with this phenomenon, there are other stories that go even further back; Charles Fort discussed a case where sheep were found drained of blood back in 1810s:

“In the month of May, 1810, something appeared at Ennerdale, near the border of England and Scotland, and killed sheep, not devouring them, sometimes seven or eight of them in a night, but biting into the jugular vein and sucking the blood….Upon the 12th of September, someone saw a dog in a cornfield, and shot it. It is said that this dog was the marauder, and that with its death the killing of sheep stopped.”

A similar story was also recounted by Fort, dating back to 1847. For all we know, these very sorts of tales, going much further back, that involved the inexplicable loss of blood in relation to strange animal deaths, could have inspired older legends associated with vampires in parts of Europe.

The Case of the Cattle Killers

Cattle mutilations also deal with this phenomenon on occasion. I recall a cattle mutilation case that occurred near Madison County, North Carolina, many years ago. Taking interest in the case, I was able to speak with a biologist who had been with a group from the Asheville area WNC Nature Center that dealt with the case. Off the record, she told me that she felt the official explanations for the death of the cattle–which had been that a “large dog” had been attacking them by biting and holding onto their snouts and suffocating them–was absurd. and I agree. The manner in which this “phantom dog” had allegedly attacked the cattle sounded uncharacteristic of the manner in which any canine, wild or tame, would seek to attack a larger animal, though this was apparently what area police claimed they had observed taking place following a stakeout in the area just after the cattle deaths and mutilations occurred.

A more telling instance of cattle mutilation was related to me personally by an old rancher, originally from out west, who had been put in touch with me because he had a “troubling” story he had expressed interest in sharing. We met one day during a visit I made to the leather shop where he now works, and he began to tell how he had investigated a similar animal death/mutilation many years ago on a large Indian reservation in the midwest. In the field where the animal, a large prize bull, was found lying, there were three football-sized rounded impressions in the ground, forming the points of an equilateral triangle around the body. The implication here, of course, was that some sort of aircraft must have been involved with the killing of the animal, which he also noted that, in addition to being drained of blood, was void of any insects one would expect to find crawling over the corpse of an animal that had been lying in a field for several hours.

What is it about these odd killings that results in so much blood loss, or are there truly any parallels to be found between reports of chupacabras, cattle mutilations, and alleged “vampires” from the annals of Forteana?



Mysterious lights in the sky scare Arizona city dwellers

Mysterious lights hovering over the valley east of Mesa, Arizona, make residents wonder if they had a close encounter.

Mysterious lights in the sky scare city dwellers in Arizona - USA

D.J. Maier and Kerri Burnett describe what they saw:

It started moving kind of diagonal across, I was trying to figure out which way it was heading, and that’s when we noticed it started dropping things from it.

The couple say they saw the phenomenon outside their home in Mesa on Sunday around 9 pm.

They say the object seemed to come from the southeast.

Burnett said:

Began to move diagonally, I was trying to figure out where it was going, and that’s when we realized that it started dropping things from it.

The object captured on two cell phones looks like a bright orb hovering silently in the sky. Every few moments, the object appears to drop what looks to be flares towards the ground

Maier said:

And it wasn’t just us, our neighbors next door they were out, they weren’t even filming. They were more in amazement, like statues, just watching it.

And it wasn’t just us, our neighbors next door they were out, they weren’t even filming. They were more in amazement, like statues, just watching it.

Maier said:

Some said it may be an aircraft, others said aliens or a comet.

The whole event dates back to 1997 and the mysterious phenomenon known as The Phoenix Lights – a mystery that remains debated today.

The ABC15 channel team contacted several aviation experts who theorized that the lights seen on Sunday could be from parachute flares used by the military or even helicopters or other aircraft dropping flares during training.

In fact, the Outlaw Military Operations Area sits not far from where the video was shot. But video found online of those types of exercises just doesn’t seem to match.

Meier said:

There were no navigation lights. Even the military has to have navigation lights on. That’s an FAA rule.

ABC15 contacted the Federal Aviation Administration, Luke Air Force Base, and the Army National Guard, but no one knew for sure what it was.

This leaves the answer to what was captured on camera for anyone.

Maier also said:

I know what I saw, and I don’t think it was from here, and I think it was definitely something else.


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NASA has photographed a UFO in Antarctica

This new discovery is undoubtedly of great global impact for those who believe in the existence of UFOs and Extraterrestrials on our planet. The image of NASA depicting a UFO on the Antarctic continent was published on Google Earth. Antarctica has constantly aroused many mysteries, from the entrance to the Hollow Earth to the discovery of alien bases and the discovery of pyramid structures.

Even so, today all its secrets are hidden, although it begins to reveal some clues that amaze geologists, archaeologists, scientists, popularizers and even great personalities of the world. Whatever the mysteries of Antarctica, they will have to be discovered little by little. Who is not fascinated by the secrets of the most arid, windy and cold continent in the world? What is the truth about this unexplored and frozen continent? In the images provided by Google Earth we can see a silver circular object that has nothing to do with the rest of the surface.

It is clearly an artificial object and very similar to the classic flying saucer. This discovery was made by Argentine researcher Marcelo Irazusta and published by Sandra Andrade on her YouTube channel. This new discovery is undoubtedly of great global impact for those who maintain the existence of UFOs on our planet. The image is from NASA published on Google Earth. With this new discovery no doubt, it is of great global impact for those of us who believe in UFOs and extraterrestrials on our planet. We know that they discovered internal structures similar to the ruins of a technologically advanced ancient civilization, and it was also leaked that some frozen bodies of non-human beings appeared.

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The Mystery of the Taman Shud Case

The mystery of the Taman Shud case has puzzled law enforcement and intelligence agencies all over the world for more than half a century now.

Also referred to as “The Mystery of the Somerton Man”, this unsolved case refers to an incident that took place on December 1, 1948 where and unidentified male body was found dead at 6:30 a.m. on the shore of Somerton Beach in Adelaide, Australia.

Police found his body after a handful of various witnesses reported what they suspected was a man who was either drunk or asleep, reclining on the sand with his head resting against the seawall.

He was clothed in fine European attire, but all of the labels had been deliberately torn off from his clothing, indicating a possible attempt to conceal his identity. His dental records did not match any known individual in Australia.

Police searched his pockets in an attempt to find some type of identification, but to no avail; their search only produced a redeemed bus ticket, an unused second-class railway ticket, a half-empty pack of Juicy Fruit gum, some cigarettes, and a partially empty box of matches.

After several unsuccessful attempts to confirm the man’s identity and potential cause of death, police turned to an autopsy.

According to Sir John Burton Cleland, a noted University of Adelaide pathologist, the man’s body had all of the signs of a death by poisoning, including severe congestion in the liver, kidneys and brain.

The man’s spleen was enlarged about three times the normal size, and a significant amount of blood was located in his stomach as well.

Interestingly enough, several toxicology experts attempted to determine what type of poison was used, but it was completely undetectable in his body.

Authorities ruled the death a suicide by an unknown poisonous substance, but after a careful re-examination of the body by Sir Cleland, a small rolled-up piece of paper was discovered deep within a small fob pocket inside of the deceased man’s trouser pocket.

The paper contained the words “Taman Shud” (meaning “ending”, “finished” or “the end” in Persian) printed on it, and the reverse side was blank.

Public library officials were able to determine that the phrase came from the text of a collection of poems known as The Rubaiyat by Persian philosopher Omar Khayyam.

Police conducted a widespread campaign to find the book that the text was torn from, circulating images of the piece of paper in the press all over Australia.

A man whose identity has been kept anonymous by the police came forward and revealed that he had discovered a very rare copy of The Rubaiyat in the backseat of his parked, unlocked car on Jetty Road in Genelg about two weeks prior to the discovery of the body.

The man said that he had no idea that the book had any connection to the case until he read about it in the newspaper.

The book was missing the phrase “Taman Shud” on the very last page, and microscopic tests confirmed that the small piece of paper found in the Somerton man’s trouser pocket was indeed torn from the final page of the book.

Five lines of all-capital letters were scrawled in pencil in the very back of the book, delineating what authorities have ruled as some type of code.

Investigators first conjectured that the lines represented a foreign language, but that was later ruled out in favor of some type of cipher or cryptographic message. The five lines are as follows:


MLIAOI (this second line was struck through in the original message, indicating a possible mistake due to its similarity to line 4)




A phone number was also written in the back of the book, which police later discovered belonged to a woman who resided on Moseley Street in Glenelg, only about a quarter of a mile from the location where the body was discovered. (Side note: Glenelg was also the destination listed on the bus ticket found in the Somerton man’s pocket.)

After being questioned by police, she stated that she did own a copy of The Rubaiyat during the time when she worked as a nurse at the Royal North Shore Hospital (in Sidney) during the second World War, but that she had given her copy to an Australian Army lieutenant named Alfred Boxall in 1945.

Police were now certain that the dead man could be identified as Alfred Boxall, until the real Alfred Boxall surfaced later with a different copy of The Rubaiyat (a 1942 edition), with the last page containing the phase “Taman Shud” intact!

The woman and did not claim to have any connection to the dead man discovered at Somerton beach. She asked to remain anonymous since she was newly married with a toddler, and did not want to be associated with a murder mystery or Boxall.

Amazingly, the police agreed to grant her anonymity, although she was considered to be the best lead in the case.

To this day, the identity of the Somerton man has not yet been confirmed, and the meaning of the cipher (if any) has not been determined.

Many have speculated that the mysterious man may have been some type of spy since his death occurred during a particularly intense period of the Cold War.

Several intelligence specialists, cryptanalysts, mathematicians and astrologers have attempted to decipher the code, but no one has been successful as of yet.

Perhaps the enigma of the Taman Shud case will never be solved, but it still carries an air of mystery and intrigue that fascinates people all over the world.

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