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“The Eternal Book” of the Black Spider predictions: “Countries will disappear, continents will disappear”

"The Eternal Book" of the Black Spider predictions: "Countries will disappear, continents will disappear" 1

In 1972, in one of the monasteries in Bologna, a manuscript was discovered, which was called the “Eternal Book”. It is believed that it was written by the Franciscan monk Federico Martelli, nicknamed Ragno Nero, which translates as “Black Spider”, who lived in Florence in the 14th century. It describes the history of all mankind, including the future.

According to book sources, Ragno Nero wrote that the father rector forbade him to make predictions but then he started having mystical dreams, he decided to document them in his book, consisting of 800 pages.

Predictions of the "Black Spider", monk Reno Nero

If we recall medieval demonology, one of the names of the devil was Beelzebub or Baal Zebub, which in Hebrew means “Lord of the Flies.” This is probably why the author of the “Eternal Book” calls himself the Black Spider and sets as his task “to catch flies” that are carriers of all kinds of disasters, infections, diseases, and generally black events.

The goal is to “catch” these “flies” and show humanity which paths cannot be taken.

Predictions of the "Black Spider", monk Reno Nero

The literary style of his manuscript is reminiscent of older prophecies: in particular, one of the oldest books ever written by man, The Bundahishn, or Ground of Creation. This book is an integral part of the “Avesta” – a collection of sacred Zoroastrian texts. Ragno Nero narrates in the same strange recitative, almost in hexameter.

Unlike Nostradamus, Nero very often gives an alternative, suggests other ways of developing the future, as if providing an opportunity to choose future events. In his opinion, change, correction of fate is possible not only for an individual, but also for entire nations, as well as the whole civilization. 

There is always an opportunity to turn things around for the better, but it is given to people for a reason: they can earn it with the help of conscious efforts, the collective work of mankind on themselves, on their astral code, so as not to “fall into the web of evil.” And in this respect, Nero’s book was and remains more valuable than the works of Nostradamus, who left a host of inevitable and apocalyptic prophecies.

The interpretation possibilities of Nero’s prophecies are almost unlimited. However, a significant part of what was predicted in the 15th century is already a fait accompli for us, and we have the opportunity to look at the facts without prejudice. So are there real predictions?

Looking for matches

In the light of these considerations, many of the medieval monk’s visions are remarkably accurate. Of course, he designated events not by those names or names that have developed in history, but after all, when he wrote his work, this history did not exist at all!

For example, he wrote that “at the beginning of the 16th century there will be a schism in the Church, led by Martin L.”. Indeed, Martin Luther became the leader of the Reformation.

Reno Nero described in detail the assassination attempt on the Pope, which actually happened in 1981. He also wrote predictions about Stalin, whom he called “the man who came down from the mountain and blew smoke out of his mouth.” 

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He called him a “terrible tyrant” and “a black shadow that covered a third of humanity”, “a terrible black beetle”. He said that because of him many would be killed from a strike (fatal gunshot) to the back of their head.

In Anna Marianis’ book “9 signs of the Apocalypse have come true. What awaits us next? Vanga, E. Casey and other prophets about the events of the near future” you can find out about his predictions regarding World War II:

“A terrible bloody whirlwind is forming in the middle of Europe. Like a spider, it will crawl on three sides – to the west, south and east. And this will last seven years.” (World War II lasted 6 years, from 1939 to 1945).

In the same place we read that 2 terrible poisonous mushrooms will rise over 2 cities, there will be 7 in total.

Predictions of the "Black Spider", monk Reno Nero


There is also something not very pleasant about Tartaria (as the monk called Russia):

“At the end of the 20th century, the whole world will worship Satan. Many white people will be seduced by this religion. Tartaria will become the main center of seduction.”

A black mushroom that will be taller than human growth. He spoke about 3 terrible explosions. Two of them were supposed to be on the land where the goddess Aurora is born. This is the goddess of dawn, i.e. we can say that we are talking about the Land of the Rising Sun, Japan. Everyone remembers Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The third was supposed to be in Tartaria, as the monk called the territory of Russia, most likely it could be Chernobyl.

“I see a terrible cloud over the Black City, about which no one will know for the time being and which will bring unprecedented diseases.”

Ragno Nero wrote that in the period when deadly force is invented, there should be an era of darkness and lack of spirituality in Tartaria:

“I see the victorious march of the religion of Satan. Almost like a temple, but there is no light in it. And around there are only pig snouts.

“Tartaria will become a stronghold of peace between greedy and small peoples for several centuries. Tartaria will conquer the heavens and will rule in them for the benefit of the future world for many centuries. There will be a breakthrough to the stars in the mirror year of the mirror age. (1961 can be called mirror: 19 and 61).

He called the next period “the time of ashes”, “damned times”, which all will be sadly experienced.

Voice of the Prince of Darkness

The first decade of the 21st century was supposed to be “a time of fear.” It is followed by a “decade of madness”, then there should be a “decade of appeasement”, and everything will end with a “decade of uplift”.

Predictions of the "Black Spider", monk Reno Nero

“When humanity enters the end of the millennium, the top of the mountain pass will be reached, the disasters of the era will be visible from above, and the path to the Earthly Paradise will open. The first generation that follows this path will be a suffering generation, since the path of gaining the joys of the spirit will be difficult.

“Riders of steel will ride the clouds, proclaiming from time to time the words of the Prince of Darkness. And the seed [of his words] will sprout. And this seed will make a man fight with a man…”

Even then, the Antichrist will appear, he will constantly win until the “new Judas” appears, who betrayed him.

Here are his words about the future, he calls these times gloomy:

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“Difficult times will come, first of all for those who do not know how to understand the language of the spirit. First of all, those who are dressed in clothes woven with gold and power, those who cannot live without power and without wealth, will perish.”
“A power on the shores of two oceans will be the strongest on Earth. It will be ruled by rulers for four years, the 44th of which will be the last.” (the prophecy has not come true, the 45th president is Trump, the 46th is Biden).

Predictions of the "Black Spider", monk Reno Nero

These troubled times should last half a century, until the history of the “carnal man” ends and a new one, the “spiritual man” begins. This will be the beginning of a new era that will last 2500 years, people will live in harmony with nature, after which people will again be mired in sins.

“Mankind is destined to survive three floods: the first is water, the second is fiery, the third is stellar.”

After the 3rd flood, the sky will go out forever, and humanity will disappear.

And here is how the monk’s predictions are described in the book of Anna Marianis’ “9 signs of the Apocalypse have come true. What awaits us next? Vanga, E. Casey and other prophets about the events of the near future.” 

Which one is trustworthy is hard to say. To do this, you need to study the original, but on the Internet there are links only to various books about Martelli’s prophecy.

“A terrible cloud is seen over the East at the end of the 20th century”

“At the end of the 20th century, deadly diseases will begin to rage in Europe, which will wipe out half of the population. There will be 5 new diseases in total, but one of them will be for the benefit of people.”

There will be two suns and two moons in the sky. There will be no night. The earth will turn into a burning hell, and it will be impossible to live on it. Salvation can only be found in the air and underground. People will build 8 underground cities. Soon it will be possible to live only on the mountains, and the peaks will be cut down from the mountains. Many people will go blind from the light of two suns.

It remains to be hoped that humanity will get a happier fate than the one that is destined by the Black Spider, who spread his web to near and distant earthly epochs.


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