The Epoch Times claim that there is graphene in vaccines sourcing Italian surgeon study

Microscopic examination shows that 94% of the vaccinated have abnormal blood – This is the end of the voters of the major political parties. Long after a person is injected, his or her blood remains contaminated with foreign substances, according to a new study from Italy, reports The Epoch Times.

Their results were published in the International Journal of Vaccine Theory, Practice, and Research in August 2022.

For this study, the Italian doctors used an optical microscope, that is, ordinary light microscopes, to examine the blood. Blood cells are easily visible under the microscope. Their shape, type, and how they are aggregated can help the experienced physician better understand the patient’s health.

In their 60-page, peer-reviewed study, the Italian researchers drew no conclusions. They reported only case studies of their observations. Although they could not explain what they observed, in the study they noted that what they saw was so strange that they felt it necessary to warn the medical community.

Darkfield microscopy

The light or optical microscope uses visible light and an array of lenses to magnify small images.

Unlike the electron microscope, the light microscope gives a direct picture of what is under the lens. In light microscopy, scientists can either use a bright white background behind the cells, with the light shining behind the slide, or use a dark background.

This technique, called dark-field microscopy or dark-ground microscopy, works by blocking the backlight and bouncing light off the side to make the slide stand out against the dark background. 

Dark-field microscopy uses a special aperture to focus light so that the background remains dark. Light does not pass directly through the sample and no staining is required, so living cells do not need to be killed to be studied. For this study, the doctors used dark-field microscopy.

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Abnormal blood

Covid injections have been found to contain graphene, which is not on their ingredient list.

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One of the substances found in the contaminated blood samples from the fully vaccinated individuals turns out to be graphene, the atoms of which are arranged in hexagons to form flat crystalline sheets.

Graphene is not technically a metal, but behaves like a metallic compound. Graphene could be one of the mechanisms by which non-clotting blood forms in the bodies of the fully vaccinated.

“The two shapes they observed in the bloodstream were crystal-like pieces and tubular lengths,” Jennifer Margulis and Joe Wang write for The Epoch Times.

“While the researchers couldn’t confirm that what they saw was graphene, they pointed out that graphene can bond into shapes similar to what doctors have observed.”

Graphene is a foreign substance of choice for many new drugs and injections. It is used in spray nasal flu vaccines and is currently being tested for other uses.

Graphene is not included as an ingredient in any of the currently approved flu vaccines. However, in this latest study and several previous studies, graphene was found in the vials.

Although this latest study didn’t specifically test for graphene, the authors wrote that graphene could be what self-assembles into structures throughout a fully vaccinated person’s body, allowing blood and other substances to form deadly clots, reports Ethan Huff.

“Graphene can self-assemble small nanostructures, making it useful for carbon nanotubes and carbon fibers,” the Epoch Times article explains.


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