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Apocalypse & Armageddon

The Enlightened may be persecuted in winter, but at what year?

The Enlightened may be persecuted in winter, but at what year? 1

With the beginning of apocalyptic events in the world, which gradually began to call everyone and everything by their proper names, among psychics, clairvoyants, mystics, eschatologists, political scientists and other people who predict or believe they predict the future of humanity, almost none of the illustrious elders have seen future vaccinations, which seem to be some important part of the New World Order. And since all these people did not see this, then all their past and future prophecies are worthless.

In this difficult situation, some are modestly silent and others are trying to predict today’s events more or less accurately. And such people, as it turns out, are among us. For example, the famous American sensitive Anna Mendes Ferrel reported the following in 2012:

I saw how a million demons with thorns in their hands came out of the abyss and injected people with a substance that caused severe pain and destroyed their organs. In spirit, they wore golden crowns, which were a symbol of the glorification of scientific research. 

Their faces were like people, they were polite and benevolent, although they were murderers. They made a lot of noise with their deceitful advertisements on TV and other media. They made people addicted to drugs that they did not need at all and were not for treatment. 

They had breastplates for protection and were protected by the government and insurance companies. Their goal was not to heal, but on the contrary – to destroy, since their leader Apollyon is a destroyer. I saw how God judges those who placed all their trust not in Him, but in science. 

Anna Mendes is a very tough woman, the real Sarah Connor. She previously lived in Mexico and was a renowned sorceress of the Haitian Voodoo cult. In the end, she became insane and the woman ended up in a psychiatric clinic in Mexico City. Then the following happened to her: 

“Jesus showed me His glory when I, a mad woman, became a recluse in a psychiatric clinic. I brought repentance and the Lord filled me with the Holy Spirit. In the first 14 days after my repentance, almost 80% of the inmates in this hospital received complete release from God’s hand. I was not a famous preacher, only a few days as a believer, but demons came out of the sick, paralyzed and people with terrible diseases were healed.”

Now Anna is the  pastor of the “New Anointing” church in Mexico City and about six million adepts are listening to her with extreme respect, but it is still unknown what are her views on covid right now. Meanwhile, less well-known people, but not with less psychic abilities, warn that some wild persecution of Christians will happen in one of the coming winters. 

Some people describe seeing in their dreams some kind of winter city, covered with high snowdrifts, which indicates the period of January-February. Hungry and ragged people roamed the city, trying to break into the windows of houses. But the task was not easy, since all the windows were welded with metal strips or boarded up. And on the first floor of one of the houses there was a kind of catacomb church, where the secret liturgy was held. 

Since more and more people around the world see similar dreams, the dream is most likely another small revelation sent down to ordinary people about the future. But is this the future of 2022? 

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However, in fact, it may not be winter, but some kind of climatic disaster, so the apocalyptic picture from a dream may already be quite close. 


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