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The end of the world will come in November 2020. Astrologers named the moon as the cause of the next doomsday

American planetary scientist Jason Barnes informed the world community that hypothetically, the Moon could fall to Earth.

According to astrologers, the end of the world may occur in November 2020. They reported that at this time the influence of the moon may be so strong that it can lead to catastrophic events. Internet users noted that the next prediction is quite original when compared with similar ones by Vanga, Edgar Cayce or Nostradamus.

What event will herald the end of the world in November 2020

The new doomsday scenario, which will happen in November 2020, has an event that will be its foreshadowing. According to domestic astrologers, trouble should be expected if the full moon, which should occur on November 23, never comes. According to the predictors, this may happen, since the Earth’s companion can change the trajectory of movement. Thus, a different gravitational interaction between celestial bodies can lead to disaster.

Astrologers believe that this will cause floods, climate change, Earth’s gravitational field, melting glaciers, the disappearance of coastal cities and even entire continents. It is not known what research the predictors are based on, but they report that the end of the world in November will be accompanied by an epidemic. Users of social networks Twitter and Facebook noted that the script is quite original when compared with the next “unpublished” predictions of Nostradamus or Vanga.

Upon closer examination of the forecast, it becomes obvious that this version of events is only a variation on the theme of the end of the world due to the sudden appearance of the planet “Nibiru”. Unlike Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and other celestial bodies, it has such an elongated orbit that once every 3.6 thousand years it is near the Earth, after which it again goes beyond the Kuiper Belt. Thus, the scenario of the end of the world in November 2020 is similar, but without the intervention of a non-existent planet, and the alien race living on it.

What happens if the moon begins to rotate in the opposite direction in November 2020

Modern science suggests whether the end of the world will happen in November 2020 if the moon begins to rotate in the opposite direction. It is known that it, like the Earth, always rotates in one direction around its axis. It is worth noting that this is not the rule for all objects in the solar system. For example, Triton, which is a satellite of Neptune, unlike the planet itself, rotates in the opposite direction. In astronomy, this rotation is usually called “retrograde”.

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The rotation of Triton has practically no effect on Neptune due to the difference in the mass of both celestial bodies. The planet is 5 thousand times heavier than its satellite, which cannot be said about the Moon and the Earth. It is assumed that the tides would change due to the retrograde movement. The reverse rotation of the moon would also change the length of the day on Earth. If we consider the influence in the long term, then sooner or later the distance between the planet and the satellite would begin to decrease.

According to modern scientific data, the Moon, like the Earth, rotating around its axis in the same direction, annually moves away from the planet by 3.8 cm annually. Thus, we can say with complete confidence that a change in the rotation of the satellite could not cause the end of the world. In turn, the appearance of a new trajectory for the Moon, which has a certain orbit, is not possible without the intervention of a celestial body capable of exerting a significant gravitational effect.

Could the moon fall to Earth according to the November 2020 doomsday scenario

American planetary scientist Jason Barnes informed the world community that hypothetically, the Moon could fall to Earth. But such a scenario of the end of the world is impossible in November 2020, since it will happen in 65 billion years. Barnes argued his point of view by the fact that over time the speed of rotation of the Earth around the axis slows down, because of which the Moon will not start repelling from the planet, but will be attracted.

Also, this can be facilitated by the Sun itself, on which hydrogen will run out in 5 billion years. As a result of this event, the star can become a red giant. As the celestial body begins to increase in size, emissions into the atmosphere can change the solar system. Thus, the orbit of the moon can change, which could cause a disaster.


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