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Apocalypse & Armageddon

The end of the oil age: The prophecy of Enoch on deliverance and human greed

The end of the oil age: The prophecy of Enoch on deliverance and human greed 1
Photo: REUTERS / Christian Hartmann

Among the prophecies of the Book of Enoch, there is one amazing prophecy that heralds the end of the oil era and the punishment that is being prepared for the abuse of oil privileges.

The Book of Enoch is one of the oldest surviving books, to which the Apostles, the authors of the New Testament, refer more than all other Bible books. In that part of the book of Enoch, which deals with the events of the last times, with the arrival of the forerunner, and then with the Second Coming ofJesus Christ, interesting details are given about this time, its events, and even the sources of economy – and their downfall.

In particular, the 65th chapter of the book of Enoch speaks of some “flaming waters” that come out of the ground and “feed” the economy of the powerful. We will begin to quote some excerpts from this chapter:

5. [5] I saw this valley (underground ), in which there was great excitement, and I saw the disturbed waters.

6. And when all this was fulfilled, from the liquid mass of fire and excitement that was in this place, a strong smell of sulfur arose, which mixed with the waters. And the valley of angels, guilty of seducing people, caught fire under the ground.

7. [7] Through this valley, where the condemned angels who seduced the inhabitants of the earth, flowed rivers of fire.

Pay attention to a few points. First, according to Enoch, these “flaming waters” continue to be produced. They are not some complete appendage, but the product of a complex chemical reaction. Interestingly, only today scientists are beginning to understand this. As it turned out, the book of Enoch was ahead of the understanding of scientists by thousands of years. But this oil production mechanism is not the purpose of the prophecy. Its purpose is to show what role oil will play in the crisis on the eve of the Kingdom come.

Secondly, the prophecy of Enoch connects these flaming waters with the condemned, fallen angels who, from the time of the Great Flood, were hidden by God under the earth, until the time of liberation from there at the end of time. 

Apostle Peter writes:

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“For if God did not spare the angels who had sinned, but, having bound them with the bonds of hellish darkness, handed them over to be watched for judgment for punishment; and if he did not spare the first world, but in eight souls preserved the family of Noah, the preacher of righteousness, when he brought the flood on the world of the wicked” 2 Peter 2: 4-5.

The revelation of John tells us that the release of four of these fallen angels will take place at the end of time, that is, “at the sound of the sixth trumpet”:

An oil rig resembles a scale.  Scales of justice.
An oil rig resembles the scales of justice.

“The sixth angel sounded his trumpet, and I heard one voice from the four horns of the golden altar standing before God, saying to the sixth Angel who had a trumpet: release the four Angels bound by the great river Euphrates. And the four Angels, prepared for an hour and a day, were freed, and month and year, in order to kill a third of the people.” Revelation 9: 13-15

Here is the flaming water, about which Enoch speaks, it is somehow connected with the places where these fallen angels are imprisoned and the book of Revelation, describing the events that begin to unfold at the sound of the sixth trumpet, says:

“The second angel poured out his bowl into the sea: and it became blood like a dead man, and all that was animate died in the sea.” Revelation 16: 3

Ever wondered what kind of “like the blood of a dead man” that is poured out in huge quantities into the sea and poisons it, kills life in it? That’s right, it’s oil. This is the blood of the dead. It owes its origin to the Flood and all those countless dead bodies that were collected underground. But the oil reproduction response, according to Enoch, did not end there. It continues. And it is somehow connected with the location of the fallen, that is, dead, but living angels, these ghouls, capable, however, of making others dead.

The End of the Oil Age: The Prophecy of Enoch
Oil spill

So, the other day news came out about Darvaz, the “Gates of Hell” – a 9 metre wide and 30-metre deep gapping crater in Turkmenistan, which appeared in 1971 at the site of an accumulation of underground gas. Before that, there was an oil rig, but it fell into an underground void. To prevent the gases from escaping and poisoning people and livestock, the authorities decided to set fire to the crater. 

It was assumed that the fire at the field will go out after a few days, but the fuel has continued to burn for 50 years. Now the President of Turkmenistan wants to extinguish it – but he cannot.

Darvaza crater
Darvaza crater.

But, again, the most important thing in Enoch’s prophecy is not in the mechanism of reproduction of oil, this flaming water, but in the influence that it has (even before the ecological catastrophe) on the elite:

The End of the Oil Age: The Prophecy of Enoch

8. But in those days, these waters will serve for kings, for princes, for the exalted and for the inhabitants of the Earth, for the healing of the body, but for the judgment of the spirit.

9. Their spirit is full of lust, which will lead them to punishment in their own bodies. Because they have denied the Lord of spirits, and although they see their condemnation every day, they do not believe in His name.

10. And as the inflammation of their bodies will be great, so their spirits will undergo changes forever.

13. In those days these waters will change, for when the angels are judged, then the warmth of the springs of these waters will change.

15. Because these waters of judgment serve to heal the bodies of kings and the lusts of their bodies. But they will not understand or believe that the waters will change and become a flame that will burn forever.”

They will not understand or believe that the oil pipes can become a trap for them. That, having pumped them with gold, “healed” their bodies, saturating them with blessings and miracles that were previously unthinkable for the greatest kings, this black liquid will harm their souls. And if the soul of the rulers of the people is damaged, anointed with black, then all the fish of the state begins to rot and their soul will become a prisoner of these waters, because “the waters will change and become a flame that will burn forever.”

The End of the Oil Age: The Prophecy of Enoch
Oil pipelines.

God said to Ezekiel, and with him to all who read the words of the prophecies:

When I say to the wicked: “You will die by death!” And you will not admonish him and speak to warn the wicked from his wicked way so that he may live, then that wicked will die in his wickedness, and I will require his blood from your hands. But if you admonished the wicked, and he did not turn from his lawlessness and from his lawless way, then he will die in his lawlessness, and you saved your soul. Ezekiel 3: 18-19

Oil production distribution map
Oil production distribution map.

Since the beginning of the twentieth century, oil has redirected civilization in its final destination but this does not mean that oil should be abandoned, that some kind of curse rests on it. It was given for the benefit of man, for the “healing” of their material condition, health, standard of living – all that oil brought to a handful of supranational corporations and governments.

The End of the Oil Age: The Prophecy of Enoch
Nikola Tesla.

It is interesting, by the way, that at the same time such a strange techno-prophet as Nikola Tesla appeared which presented more than a fantastic alternative to oil. Alas, he was miraculously rejected and “lost”. God sometimes does such things to show the absurdity of human choice and the fidelity of prophecy.

Those, whom the whole world was not worthy, wandered through the deserts and mountains, through caves and gorges of the earth. Hebrews 11:38


God gave resources such as oil to the world. In this case, oil will be black gold for people. But due to sin, something happens that must surely occur in a sinful world: rivers of oil flow, in the words of Enoch, to please “the bodies of kings and the lusts of their bodies.” But these same rivers will turn against them if they do not repent.

By the way, the builders of New Babylon are well aware of this prophecy (or they have other channels of information), and urgently switch to electricity – they realized that the air literally smells of gray. It’s not about oil, not about gas, not even about electricity. It’s about human greed.

If we want to be something more, then we must first remember – who we are.

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