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The economist’s Christmas gift to humanity in the year 2012: A chronicle of the alternative foreclosures of the Armagedonian challenge

The economist's Christmas gift to humanity in the year 2012: A chronicle of the alternative foreclosures of the Armagedonian challenge 1

On December 22, 2012, many blindly believing experts, vigilantly awaited the End of the World – allegedly prophesied in the Mayan calendar. The end of the world, as was quite obvious, did not happen, so instead of the promised Apocalypse The Economist published an issue with a classically strange cover.

Of course, it was not the first, or the only time that the magazine in question assumed with its covers the role of “prophesying”, that is, of announcing agendas pre-decided by dark circles, which were subsequently imposed. 

Let us notice the relevant detail of the performance, which presents the prefect of hell overseeing the proceedings in an unprecedented sea of ​​blood and destruction. 

The economist's Christmas gift to humanity in the year 2012: A chronicle of the alternative foreclosures of the Armagedonian challenge 2

But unfortunately this is far far from the only occasion, which the devils of hell publicly announce with sadism the trouble that appears under humanity’s weight. Through methods, in fact, which are impossible to escape from the great public attention. 

With this process, on the one hand, the masters of terror anchor messages in the form of thought forms in the fields of information, while on the other hand, with the uncompromising revelation of their designs, they make humanity captive to its indifference.

Some expressed their surprise at the “unexpected” unleashing of the terrorist rampage by Hamas, with the secret services and the government of Israel being the first, but let’s first turn our attention to some characteristic details of the cover in question, which in 2013 turned out to be scientifically uninterpreted. Meanwhile:

Here Hamas is shown attacking with a mechanized glider. Therefore, many now regard the picture as an encrypted prophecy, which should be considered in more detail as some Hamas executioners used gliders on October 7th:

The economist's Christmas gift to humanity in the year 2012: A chronicle of the alternative foreclosures of the Armagedonian challenge 3

Another thing that attracts attention is that the opponent of Hamas in the picture is Netanyahu. Could anyone have known in 2012 that Netanyahu would lead Israel in 2023, that is, at the time of the hang glider attack? 

In addition, could anyone have known in 2012 that the fight to save the climate would become the main global agenda in 2023? What kind of “hackers” will appear, constantly attacking one thing or another?

Thus, the picture seems prophetic – except that it does not reflect COVID-19 in any way. However, as conspiracy theorists think, the cover does not give an overview of the events of 2013-2023, but exclusively the events of the period 07.10.23 – 25.12.23, that is, it all starts with Israel (top of the picture, starting moment) and further down in order until Christmas (The Christmas issue of Economist). 

If so, the world will soon see the following: 

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1. Volcanic eruption and strong earthquake, presumably in Greece. 

2. Stock market crash, banking crisis, Euro default and everything in between. It will start with a crisis on Wall Street, most likely it will have something to do with oil. The foundation under the White House will skew, but it will not completely collapse. For some reason this will not affect England at all. 

3. There will be a series of overthrows, who will, in turn, share the fate of Gaddafi, who is already floating in the river of fire. If we count from him, then the next is Iran, then Putin, then the Syrian president or, if the sequence must be looked from top to bottom, the order of overthrow will be reversed. Kim Jong Yun will live and juggle missiles for now. Lukashenko, apparently, too – a character similar to him stands under the bridge (a serious Masonic symbol) and reads something. 

4. An event related to electronics is symbolized by horned creatures with buttons and computers at the bottom of the picture. Perhaps this is a hint of a stock market crash caused by hackers, but this is unlikely – the hackers are very far from Wall Street in the picture. Electronic events will not be the cause of the crisis, but rather its consequence – according to the picture’s logical structure. Perhaps we are talking about a single global digital currency, or even AI, which will ultimately rule the world. 

The whole “synthesis” of the orgy of blood and destruction that is presented on the Economist’s cover, apart from being extremely repulsive, reflects in detail the agenda that was imposed in the years that followed until today. Mass media, which unloads waste, energy crisis due to the greed of multinationals, great pollution of the environment with the center of reference being the “industrial” development of China, bankers, who are hypnotized by excessive drinking and are led to destruction. 

From the bowels of hell, labeled “hedonism” emerges a six-leg frolic with a provocative female form, singing contests, in which the first prize is awarded to a demon, while the election committee is chaired by Ronald Reagan, the first failed Hollywood soap opera actor, who emerged as a “superpower” president. 

North Korea’s Kim plays chess with rockets as Assad and President Putin bathe in blood next to him. Here, however, the script writers fell completely out, because in Syria, in the following years, the unleashed jihadis were drowned in blood. 

Even the Capitol has been reduced to rubble, next to other destroyed tall buildings, while in the background Big Ben is covered in a sea of ​​blood. And people have been demonized, transfixed in front of screens, as sold-out shareholders in a script that enforces and subjugates evil.

Unfortunately, there have been no major insights in the interpretation of the picture up to this day. Everyone saw Netanyahu on a hang glider and a bald man in the pits of hell, but so far no one sees or knows what the rest means. The situation should somehow become clearer by December 25th. 

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