The earth was covered with a blood red sky and perhaps its now imminent before Nibiru appears in the sky

On the evening of November 5, 2023, a G3 class magnetic storm occurred on Earth, causing strange auroras around the world. How strange they were is demonstrated by photos from Turkey, Italy, Greece as well as numerous Balkan countries – the southernmost countries of Europe, where there have been no northern lights, especially crimson ones, since the times of Ancient Rome. The atypical for the European region optical phenomenon was also noticed in several regions of Ukraine. 

Last night the extremely rare Red Aurora phenomenon gave an unprecedented sight to the residents of many countries, giving them the opportunity to experience images resembling a huge fiery front, an extremely rare phenomenon, which becomes visible for the first time as far as the Balkan countries and eventually becoming visible as far as Greece. The cause, according to the first estimates, was an extremely strong solar flare which had the effect of noting a particularly strong geomagnetic storm that is underway over the Northern Hemisphere.

Statistically, it is practically and scientifically impossible for the Northern Lights to reach the southernmost latitudes of the Northern Hemisphere, as it is generally an event only visible in the Nordic countries, as they are closer to the North Pole. And yet, for the first time, the Northern Lights became visible in almost the entire Old Continent, thus creating images of unique beauty, but one would also say to a certain extent, eerie.

On the same evening of November 5, bloody northern lights were also observed In a number of regions of Ukraine.

Scientists have previously warned that the Earth is experiencing the peak effects of a recent solar flare this evening. Our planet is covered by powerful geomagnetic storms – they would last until the end of the day and can seriously affect our health.

In addition, auroras would appear in places where they practically do not exist, and electronics may malfunction. They claim that this effect has a physical nature similar to the northern lights.

In 1859, a phenomenon known as the Carrington event occurred – the Sun hit so hard that northern lights were observed even in Cuba. Cuba is located at the latitude of Mexico, on the border with which there was a bizarre crown of light yesterday:

Thus, the aurora was so bright that it was visible even in daylight. If at the same time, if not the Carrington event, but at least half or even a quarter of it had happened, such a migration of Auroras could be explained and understood. But there was nothing.

Therefore, if auroras migrate so much to the south, and even turn red, which indicates a very deep passage of radiation into the atmosphere, one might think that something is wrong with the planet’s magnetic field. This field practically does not exist and no one really knows how it will end; there is no historical experiencial data. Maybe the planet’s core will stop rotating, maybe it will change polarity and all people will become deranged, turning into mindless zombies.  

However, this is all reasoning within the framework of generally accepted paradigms. More broadly, we have no evidence that auroras were observed on the evening of November 5th and everything could be completely different. 

About a month ago, a notification appeared in conspiracy circles that in three to four weeks a so-called “lighting up event” would occur, which would be associated with the heating of matter in the Nibiru system and its shells. In NASA telescopes, this system now looks like this:

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Earlier photo and video from the 30th of October:

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This strange band, which is supposedly resembling a protoplanetary disk, is possibly heating up like a comet and in a couple of weeks it will appear with a bright glow that will no longer be hidden – the whole sky will turn red both during the day and, even more so, at night.  

It may well be that  in the middle of the month we will experience that same “lighting up event” or even “three days of darkness”.

The nuclear winter scenario

There is another opinion suggesting that the arrival of Nibiru and the global processes currently taking place are somehow interconnected. And although at the moment Nibiru cannot be seen by anyone from the balcony in the evening, long-term webcam monitoring brings curious results:

This is a screenshot from a webcam installed in Norway. In the Netherlands in real time it looks something like this:

News comes from Florida about the sighting of strange sunsets. The sun sets there in the West, as it should, illuminating the sky above the horizon. But meanwhile something strange is rising from across the sea:

In the UK, for some reason the sky is illuminated with a bright yellow tint. This may be caused by atmospheric deposition:

But the most interesting observation for a very long time was shared by @Digitalni07:

At first glance, there are no apparent signs of something sensational — we’ve all seen double suns a multiple times before. But let’s take a closer look at the video:

On the water and on the wet sand, the reflection of the second sun is clearly visible. So this is not a “camera flare”, not a “atmospheric play”. There really is something there. And, unfortunately, this is an astronomical question at the least. 

The incomprehensible leaders who rule our world know everything very well; for about 15 years now they have been actively spraying chemtrails to “fight global warming.” For some reason, the arrival of the second star in the system is hidden from people.

But the process is underway and the question arises: are we seeing the appearance of a new star in the solar system? Will scientists try to hide all this from people again? Could nuclear winter be a responsible option for Nibiru’s disguise?  


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