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The earth is preparing for changes: Nibiru may arise unexpectedly while in the meantime alien ships are everywhere

As the global course of events preparing countries and peoples for the Great Reset, everyone wonders where else to expect adventures from. Some are realizing that Nibiru is the root of all changes now. 

Officials also, while looking towards the Sun, are noticing anomalous activity there every day. For example, on July 10, the famous Portuguese photographer Miguel Claro set up his telescope and beheld something that is now being discussed in the most famous scientific journals:

In general, changes are growing in the Atlantic, plankton even began to die from these changes and people are now next in the stack, since plankton is oxygen. However, we, as eschatologists, are much more interested in the testimonies of people who are shown visions from the future by some forces.

They share impressions of the sudden arrival of Nibiru – with a strange rumble, from which the Earth itself vibrated. And there, in the sky, a huge ball will appear of red-orange color. Its angular size will be much larger than that of the Moon and the Sun, but it will not be so bright and you will be able to look at it. 

People are experiencing en masse thousands of such dreams, and only hundreds of them are posted on YouTube – that is, several moons appear in the sky and among them a huge red object. Then the full Apocalypse begins. 

No one will ever name the exact day and hour of arrival, but, judging by this kind of evidence, Nibiru will hide to the last and appear as if suddenly. it could look like this:

Earth is preparing for changes

On July 14, one of Scott C. Waring’s readers was flying to Las Vegas, and during the flight he noticed the following over the desert:

According to Scott, this is either the takeoff and landing of alien ships, or the work of some kind of ground equipment that sends energy beams into space.

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At the same time, what is interesting is that it was just in the area where, according to UFO legends, there is an alien base, which is called Tall White in UFO literature. 

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Skeptics speak about the sun glare, hallucinations and pseudo-reminiscences, but in fact, we have seen quite often such occurrences recently:

The following was filmed in India the other day:

Naturally, all this can be explained by the illumination of the Sun and a special angle of view, but here is what was filmed the day before in Arizona:

When a very clear lenticular cloud appears over a mountain, at that moment there is nothing else in the sky around. So in nature it does not happen that a lonely lenticular cloud floats among cumulus clouds, because they have the same height and atmospheric conditions are similar. So, it was definitely not a cloud in Arizona, just as it was definitely not a cloud in India. 

Thus, some large alien craft became slightly larger in the sky, although small devices also entertain the natives and do not let them get bored:

Another group of fast lights that were seen in England and Brazil the day before:

We will not guess what it was in each individual case. 

Perhaps the can even be harvesters preparing to harvest from planet Earth – who knows:

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We think that the frequent UFO sightings is a clear sign of change, which, by all indications, is in full swing. Obviously, there will be more changes in the world soon while Nibiru unveils.


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