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The Dreaded House of Boleskine

Near Loch Ness stands the dreaded Boleskine House of infamous Occultists and Rock Stars alike. Within lies a harrowing history of demonic madness.

One thing is for sure. The old country is a spooky place. Something that will always separate Europe from America is the difference of having thousands of years of relatively well-known and documented history.

Not all of it may sit well with the faint of heart either. Through bloodshed and misery the castles and streets have become havens for ghostly apparitions of the restless undead.

However, it is the mystery of the countryside, especially the cryptic and beautifully bleak countryside of Great Britain that can share histories of unparalleled horror. With its old names and enigmatic backgrounds these haunts are breeding places for untold terrors.

The southern bank of Loch Ness in Scotland is no different. In fact, it has a tale to fill the stoutest heart with ice that is less than one hundred years old.

The House of Demons and Sorcery

It is like any other Scottish country mansion. Beautiful and old, a mysteriously majestic quality the same of which cannot truly be found anywhere else in the world. Yet inside the salmon stucco walls of Boleskine House a horrible secret is kept.

For starters across the courtyard on the other side of a rural road rests a graveyard that is over a century old. It was built in the late nineteenth century by a man named Archibald Fraser. Its neighbor, macabre resting place, predates the house by decades. This is because before there was a house at Boleskine there was an old church. One that burnt to the ground– with everyone inside it.

Not a happy place to put up a lot. Rumor has it that a tunnel was built to connect the graveyard to the house, but that is only the beginning of the tragedies that would soon fill this place with dread.

In 1899, the house was acquired by the infamous magician Aleistor Crowley for a very specific purpose. It was Crowley’s intention to use the house’s remote location to summon the hordes of demonic spirits as listed in the grimoire The Book of the Sacred Magick of Abra-Melin the Mage.

This sort of hocus pocus may sound like nothing more than a standard game of Dungeons and Dragons, but Crowley was more than deadly serious. To quote him:

“The first essential is a house in a more or less secluded situation. There should be a door opening to the North from the room of which you make your oratory. Outside this door, you construct a terrace covered in fine river sand. This ends in a ‘lodge’ where the spirits may congregate.”

With the proper house obtained Crowley set about the task of completing a complex six-month ritual that would end in disaster.

Aleister Crowley

Throughout his life, Crowley mentions a continuous personal goal to make contact with his holy guardian angel. To do this he would first have to summon the forces of darkness. Strange occurrences began happening in the area, hushed whispers of it being bad luck to go near the house began to circulate. The terrified locals stayed as far away from Crowley and his house as they could. Some even stated that the impression of the cloven goat hoofs of Lucifer himself could be seen on Crowley’s river sand terrace. A couple people even went mad.

Then it happened. The crumbling leadership of the Occult order of the Golden Dawn requested the help of Crowley to bring stability to their lodge. Despite his qualms of what was surely going to happen, Crowley left Boleskine house with the ritual unfinished.

By the time he would return a canopy of perpetually dark clouds hung over the house. The man Crowley had left in charge of the house had fled and no one in the local village dared come within sight. Crowley himself soon fled too.

Madness at the Lake of Loch Ness

It has been pointed out by a few that the early sightings of the fabled Loch Ness Monster ironically coincide with the fleeing of Crowley from the house. Yet what would happen inside the house near its southern bank in the subsequent years to come would, shall it be said, blow the odd little creature out of the water.

It is recorded knowledge that most who took up residence at Boleskine either went insane or left quickly. Like the house in Amityville, there were many who could only take the oppressive and frightening strangeness for a month.

A young man left his blind wife calling out and groping through the halls as he wandered out into the hills. A military officer with no determined history of mental illness committed suicide.

The bad vibes and bad luck of the place would continue until it came into the hands of the perfect owner. The guitar god and life long Occult practitioner, Jimmy Page of the band Led Zepellin.

The Nightmarish Account of Malcolm Dent

In the early 1970s, Boleskine house came into the possession of Jimmy Page the rock star whose life is quite chronicled. What some don’t know about Page is that he really was and still is into the practice of Crowleyen magick.

Any fan of the music need not look too far to discover that throughout his life Page has spent countless hours and dime in the search of Occult relics primarily having to do with Crowley. Accompanying this hobby, despite his admittance to it, is the absolute silence Page has kept over the years regarding the matter or anything similar in nature.

Though Page admitted to encountering the spirits within Boleskine himself, it is not he who the stories come from. These events were handed down by his childhood friend, Malcolm Dent, who Page made caretaker of the property.

Dent was the perfect choice for the job. He was not to be found in the rock music scene or any scene for that matter. A down to earth man with no vice for substance Jimmy placed him in charge of the grounds while he was away.

While the master of the house was gone Dent spent most of his time trying to ignore the bumps in the night as well as fight off the not-so-peace loving Crowley hippies who would stalk the house grounds.

Did Dent know what he was getting himself into when he first came to the house and found a Pentagram, sword, and ritual room floor covered in river sand? Probably not too the extent that he would soon find out. One night he woke up to the sound of rolling crashes outside in the hall.

A thumping, thudding sound that went back and forth down the hallway. He expected the cats, but later found out he was not the first to hear these sounds. They dated back to a beheading that had taken place there some time ago. The rolling sound was the man’s head scuttling about on the floor.

Another time Dent woke up in the clutches of fear. A thing sat outside his bedroom door. It sniffed and scratched, pulling at the lock. Dent sat upright with his pocketknife and did not venture out of his room until noon the next day.

He later stated that it was the most horrifying experience of his life and that he knew beyond the shadow of a doubt that whatever hunted him that night was pure evil.

Dent would go on to marry and raise a family in Boleskine house till 1991 when Jimmy Page sold the property. This brave soul passed away just last year.

Boleskine House Today

The house still stands and is open for visitation by all. For a while it was a reputable bed and breakfast where according to the new owners nothing out of the ordinary seemed to happen. It is a peaceful place now surrounded by the beautiful Scottish countryside.

Ever so often throughout the years the house does come back on the market. Keep an ear open for its listing.

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What is a Talisman? – Magical Talismans

Dating back to the days of ancient Egypt and Babylonia, a talisman is an inanimate object, symbol or drawing which said to possess supernatural powers. A common talisman is an engraved metal disc featuring astrological or magical figures.

Talisman Power

Generally speaking, there are three ways that talismans get their power. One is through nature, which can be associated with some form of gem. Another is through the power of the gods or supernatural entities. The last is derived from some form of magic.

Many objects are considered to be a talisman. For example, the mythical sword of King Arthur is alleged to be one, as well as magic wands. In Jewish tradition, the tephillin is seen as a talisman.

Talisman Energy

Many claims have been made with the so-called energy that a talisman is said to possess. With some tied to astrological signs, the Talisman of Venus is credited to forming strong bonds of love with wives and husbands. It is also believed to change an enemy’s thoughts of hatred into love.

For those involved in business transactions, the Talisman of Mercury is believed to bring prosperity to a business. In addition, it allegedly prevents death by poison or murder. The Talisman of the Sun is said to prevent heart disease or an aneurysm.

How to use a Talisman

The most common way to use a talisman is to wear one around the neck. This can be in the form of jewelry. Pieces range from low end costs to high quality pieces made of gold and diamonds. However, jewelry isn’t the only way to use this special type of charm.

Take a gemstone with special qualities and carry it around in your pocket. To enhance the power of the gemstone, hold it in your hands and meditate on it. Find a quiet location, close your eyes and take long deep breaths, while envisioning the stone in your mind and the powers associated with it.

The use of a talisman is said to be able to acquire wealth and power. How true are all of these claims? That would depend on who you ask. With the use of these items throughout man’s history, there are many who absolutely believe in the power associated with talismans.

On the other side of the coin will be skeptics and debunkers who will claim there is no type of scientific evidence to back that these talismans even work.

Talismans are known for many things including help with relationships, medical powers, as well as supernatural powers. Considered magical by some, these objects or symbols are credited to everything from a successful love relationship to the medical prevention of certain illnesses.

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How to buy a Crystal Ball for Scrying.

Crystal balls were once, years ago, much more common in occultist practices than they are today. The typical type of crystal ball is a very large, thick, heavy solid glass sphere that would be set upon an extremely dark; a blackish huge square-cut piece of wool, cloth, or satin. A person would stare intently into the circular glass and concentrate on seeing visions of the future, or even conjure spells.

Divination using a crystal ball or other light reflective object or surface, even upon water, is known as scrying. When scrying is practiced with crystals or any transparent body, it is known as crystallomancy or crystal gazing. The crystal ball is said to become misty before the future scene is visually displayed. A crystal ball is also known as an orbuculum or a crystal sphere.  Some people, over a century ago, would stare in the crystal ball on a bright, sunny day; but actually doing so is harmful. A large crystal ball reflects the sunlight to such a high degree that the sunlight hurts and damages the eyes and hands if held, and may burn the cloth or such material around it. So that activity soon becomes terminated.

The established method is to use at the crystal ball at night; in the darkness or a dimly lit room for scrying.  Many people have tried to see the future in a crystal ball only to see nothing paranormal and have turned skeptical and disappointed.  Other people, when trying to see the future while crystal gazing, soon get nervous and frightened; feeling they should not try to see future events in case some type of horrible tragedy and even death reveals itself. Their fear can be based on a terrible incident to occur that these people feel as though they cannot stop it. Thus, with these individuals, their minds have produced a blocking effect to see ahead in time which neutralizes any type of psychic precognition ability they might really have.

Nowadays, many people who continue to look toward crystal ball precognition desire their crystal balls to be bit mere glass that has a small amount of mineral, such as lead, in it, but an actual crystal ball made from quartz crystal. Lead can be added to originary glass and the higher content of lead is also known as “crystal” and is common in antique glasses, dishes, candlestick holders, etc. Lead in glassware results in a smoother, more lustrous finish. Quartz crystal balls are on today’s occult supplies market but are very expensive. Quartz is known to have a certain amount of stored electricity inside of it. If two pieces of dry quartz are rubbed together, flashes of light are seen because of electrical discharge. This phenomenon is called triboluminescence, or also called “cold light” because no heat is produced. The flashes of light are best seen in the dark.

An American Indian tribe, the Uncompahgre Ute, would fill a translucent rattle, made of rawhide, with bits of quartz. When the rattle is shaken, the quartz particles would glow.  Other divination balls have been made using amethyst: a precious stone consisting of mainly a violet or purple variety of quartz. The violet; purple quartz variety, in Europe, since ancient times has been considered a special stone with virtues associated with royalty and was used to decorate English regalia. Some forms of quartz derived amethyst are red to vanter lilac hue. Amethyst is the birthstone for folks born in the month of February.  There are crystal balls made of black obsidian which is volcanic lava harden glass. Many people in hot Western states-California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico like the black obsidian crystal balls. Native American Indians in such states, as well as other warm-weather places, were very fond of creating jewelry, arrowheads, spears, and knives from black obsidian. A common misconception is that obsidian is a mineral, but it is not, due to the lack of a crystalline structure obsidian is sometimes described as a mineraloid. Some feel what obsidum lacks in structure it makes up for in sheer beauty and origin making the substance a valuable addition for the physic.

One of the uses of the natural black glass was to polish it to create early mirrors. Ancient peoples who did not understand the properties of light reflection thought these black mirrors were magical. A black obsidian so called crystal ball is of course not made from real crystal and makes it a glass ball for divination.  Beware of occult suppliers who claim to sell crystal balls claimed to be quartz, amethyst, or black obsidian but are really just colored glass.  The most common kind of glass is soda lime or plate glass, which is most often clear. This type of glass is often found in your home and is used to make windows. If you go to a hardware store you can look at its edge which has a greenish hue. This cast, however, is more difficult to see once it is made into a crystal ball unless there is a flat spot for it to rest on, crystal balls have no edges!

To tell quartz from glass: with quartz, there is usually no additional tinted colors when staring through it. Glass, however, you can see a green tint when looking through it in strong light near the perimeter of the glass. Crystal will often show lines or cracks where glass has a tendency not to. Also, check for air bubbles which generally mean the object is glass. In any case, you may need to use a jeweler’s 10x magnifying loupe to look for any of this.

To tell colored ordinary glass, from real black obsidian is generally hard to do. Fake obsidian can be more translucent than real black obsidian but remember on rare occasions, black obsidian can be nearly clear. Even though real black obsidian is, of course, glassy looking, it is also very smooth, and very shiny. Often times, real obsidian has a conchoidal fracture: a curved break-off point where it has been chipped away and these fracture surfaces are very sharp.

Lastly, a very interesting method to create a crystal ball is possible using ordinary ice. The method suggests a balloon is filled with water and placed into a freezer for several days. The shape should take on that roughly of a sphere. After the ballon solidifies, simply cut the neck end off with a pair of scissors and peel away the rubber. Ice can successfully be used as crystal balls. Some clairvoyants prefer to have a clear type while others prefer to use cloudy ones. There are ways to make ice clear for scrying attempts.

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Divining Rods, Water Witching, and Pendulum Divination

For centuries, families who live on homesteads, farms, and ranches would experience, in certain parts of the world, droughts. Crops began to fail and the supply of fresh, safe drinking water became scarce. At such times, certain people would engage in the activity known as “water witching”. A forked stick; a branch that resembles a big letter “Y” was found or cut off from the limb of a tree. One of the bent ends were held in one hand; the other bent end was held in the other hand.

The extended, vertical part of the branch was held mainly upright but somewhat angled downward. The person would slowly walk over the land, at times muttering incantations or prayers for this rod to reveal where water is underground. If the vertical part of the rod sharply went downward; that is believed to be an indication of the spot or area where underground water is. Then, a shovel was used to dig downward to try to find this buried water supply. The person using the divining rod for water was called a “water witch”.  The activity of using divining rods evolved into trying to find all sorts of things under the earth-gold nuggets, gold coins, silver coins, very rare old copper coins, loaded up treasure chests, oil reserves, petroleum deposits, natural gas reserves, grave sites, among various other things.

In various cases, a diviner would take an inexpensive ring, put a strong thread or cord being very lightweight through the circle part, tie tightly thereto, and hold the ring downward, walking slowly and looking for the ring to twitch, swing from side to side or move in a circular motion to indicate that which is being sought is allegedly right there underground. In other cases, a pendulum, like the type seen on an old, old “grandfather clock” or a metronome would be attached to a string or cord held by a single hand to use for the seemingly magical underground detection according to where the pendulum would gravitate to.

Some people have had very good experiences, on various occasions; in finding lots of water, coins, treasure chests, etc. with their divining rods, rings, and pendulums. But consider this: large amounts of land can have quite a number of huge water deposits beneath the soil. According to the United States Geological Survey, more freshwater is located underground than there is in all of the earth’s freshwater lakes and rivers.  Earth’s “underground oceans”, trapped in minerals and located hundreds of miles underground, could have 3 times more water than the water on the surface of our planet.  Also, long, long ago people did not trust banks for security and some people then buried their gold, silver, and copper coinage in containers, at times even valuable jewelry was put in glass jars with tight lids, then buried underground.

Scientific researchers who studied divining rods, divining rings and such pendulums discovered such items have no power of themselves. The operator thereof is using his or her subconscious mind to make these objects move by slight hand action that seems as though these so called detectors are moving by themselves. The subconscious mind also uses clues in the terrain to make what are educated guesses as to where a desired item to discover is lying unseen underground. Consider that water has a greater chance of existing in areas of depression, such as a valley, rather than a hilly area. The presence of various plants and trees that gravitate toward water can also be a clue to where deposits of underground water are. Even in dried up riverbeds, ponds, or streams there is often underground water just below the surface.

And at times, accidental movement of a divining rod, ring, or pendulum has occurred being mistaken for the ‘detector’ picking up a ‘signal’. Some people have used their ‘ divining tools’ over a large, opened outward map to look for special things, marking the so called location allegedly revealed with an ink pen.  Over a whole lot of years; many people who claimed to have special dowsing abilities have been rigorously scientifically tested and then discovered to do no better in results than by random chance.

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