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The Deception of the Falling Dominoes

The Deception of the Falling Dominoes 3

by Chautauqua, Augureye Express

Back in the good old days when the global threat was communism, the warmongers sought to justify endless war with the domino theory which proposed that if Vietnam fell to the commies, so would the other southeast Asian nations – like a row of dominoes falling over.

Since that time the same idea has been applied to numerous other areas of conflict.

I’ve always enjoyed watching those elaborate and intricate demonstrations involving hundreds of falling dominoes.

Hours and hours of preparation go into something that is over in mere seconds. When the patterns are being created, the artists always create a few intentional gaps as a guard against an accident ruining all the effort, kinda like a circuit breaker.

Those dominoes remind me of the human belief system where nearly always we place our core beliefs in close proximity to one another, since one belief is often the offspring of those which preceded it, linking them together.

The trouble shows up when one or more core beliefs are challenged or shaken up by the smoldering reality paradigm we’re traversing. You know what happens then?

When we see our core beliefs shaken and stirred it puts the ego in survival mode and before long those beliefs are wearing emotional armor.

So someone comes along and keeps shaking you out of your comfort zone, challenging your beliefs.

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In this instance many will indeed counter with an emotionally charged defense when they perceive a threat to their belief system. It’s almost as if they feel others are personally attacking them instead of a belief or opinion.

Traditionally when a core belief is challenged there are a few options. One might re-assess their belief in the light of new evidence, and modify it as needed to keep up with rapidly changing times.

Or, one might refute problematic new evidence with facts and data to substantiate their views, also known as a debate.

The last few years or so we’ve seen the increasingly popular option of calling whatever we don’t believe in wrong, yet without offering so much as a dollop of evidence in support of such denial.

“It’s wrong because I said so” belongs in the make believe world of the playground; not so much in the intellectual public discourse on todays most pressing subjects.

As a society I think we are just not ready to tell people how terribly fearful we feel about the future. We’re not prepared to be that transparent and vulnerable, not by a long shot.

We dislike thinking about things like Fukushima’s legacy and all that free range radiation.

We don’t like thinking about the GMO food-like-products we consume, and what it is doing to your child’s DNA. So when we hear things that trigger such fearful thinking and rattle our beliefs, out comes the emotional armor of denial.

It seems that my style of Heyoka journalism has recently set some dominoes to teetering with some gentle readers who are not shy with their comments.

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Some have even requested I dial back my message, you know the one,

“Sitting on our hands and inspecting navel lint is an inappropriate response to pending extinction.”

Hey, I get it, the subjects I write about scare me shitless too – it’s why I write about them: not to scare you shitless as well but hopefully, to spur you into acting instead of just waiting to see how it all ends.

I say unapologetically; don’t ask me to turn my light down because it makes you uncomfortable.  I will not legitimize your fears and inability to deal with reality by watering down my message.

It’s not the Heyoka way!

Now, I’m just fine with denial, in fact bring it on. Just be sure to bring along some facts and credible research data to support your denial; otherwise it’s just hollow, empty and without voice or merit.

Evidently, the more disruption I cause to the belief systems of a few, the more  emotionally vicious their comments become… some of which are not fit for publication.

When it comes to all things Fukushima, we simply don’t have the luxury of emotionally defending our ignorance and fear.

Traditionally turning a deaf ear and ignoring the problem has always worked for things like pedophile priests, wars of conquest and psychopathic leaders.

With issues like Fukushima, such dismissive attitudes seem fatalistic, like everyone has already given up!

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The Deception of the Falling Dominoes 4

All the while government makes the denial syndrome so much easier by not permitting any Fukushima news coverage. The blackout is almost total across the propaganda media matrix.

Have you never wondered why Fukushima doesn’t get the same wall to wall media coverage as Ebola, or Isis?

Every news cycle they beat us down with all the things we need to be afraid of, so why don’t they want us to be terrified by Fukushima and the growing radiation plumes circling the globe.

If our controllers want us in a perpetual state of fear maybe they should run stories every day about how the pacific ocean is a dead zone where the orcas no longer sing because all of their young die before their first birthday.

All of the observed orcas are sick, emaciated, and dying. Orcas are an apex species, and they’re going extinct because their food chain has collapsed from radiation poisoning.

If the news carried the stories with video every night of the beached whales, the dying sea lion pups and a radioactive ocean; wouldn’t that scare everyone?

Indeed it would, and although the controllers want us in a constant state of fear because we are so very much easier to manipulate in said frame of mind; they need to carefully control the dosage.

Too much of the wrong kind of fear could result in a chain reaction panic sweeping the globe, fueled by millions with nothing left to loose. That’s what the controllers fear, is the day we all come for them with blood in our eyes; so no Fukushima news.

Most of my friends dislike discussing subjects like Fukushima but the ones who do discuss it all have said nearly the same thing, which is that these days the world feels very surrealistic and almost dreamlike at times.

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An excellent description of being in 4th dimensional time/space; having only recently left 3D reality behind us. We’re in the gloaming time now; between what was and what shall be. Everything is in flux, and that alone has many dominoes teetering on edge.

If the nightmares currently passing for normal have some of your dominoes dancing the jitterbug these days, perhaps your belief system could use some updates.

Believe me, almost everybody is feeling inner misgivings about the present not to mention the future; some are just better at hiding it than others.

Belief systems and techniques for navigating life are all undergoing stress and distortion by the very nature of this transition into 4D time/space.

Many things that once got us by no longer function, or have just gone away altogether when we need them the most.  Instead of emotionally defending outdated belief systems we could all do well to adopt the motto of the navy seals: Adapt, Improvise, Overcome.

Suppose someone tells you your garage is on fire, and when you look, you see that it’s true. Who among us would at that point go back to what we were doing without addressing the fire?

Who would go back inside confident the fire department will handle everything? Who of us would totally ignore it in the emotional belief it would never reach the house?

Yet let someone remind you that the entire ecosystem of the planet is being irradiated with plutonium, and the human food chain will collapse just as the orca’s did; and you shut you mind to the knowledge, forcing yourself not to think about it.

If you think about the implications of Fukushima it starts a little tremor off under all your dominoes of belief, and they get dangerously close to tipping over.

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Fukushima is that first domino of denial. If it falls and hits the next one your belief system will cascade down just like the pacific food chain.

Maybe better to do some preventative maintenance on the old belief system, considering it is such a key element in how you create your reality… and destiny!

We used to feel insulated in our lives and sure of our futures under manifest destiny; but that was way back there in 3D timespace, feels like a lifetime ago.

In these days of trauma based mind control it sometimes feels like time itself is warping, twisting and stretching; and the throttle is set to ludicrous speed.

There is so much high order wrongness in the world today, that Fukushima is just the top of the list. The upscale horrors and rapid fire pace are tools of pacification and submission.

It’s like the controllers slipped the world a little liquid-X so we’d be sleepwalking thru this dystopian nightmare as the future is outsourced before our very eyes.

As always it seems to come back around to that old knowledge-ignorance thing. I always knew that the potential for a nuclear disaster existed, yet I also believed that it wouldn’t happen because life was just better that way, easier too.

Then there was three mile island in 1979, and Chernobyl in 1986, so I had to modify my belief system accordingly for not to do so is to invite madness of the certain variety.

Even after several nuclear plants were constructed on fault lines at the oceans edge, I continued to believe that the worst case scenario possible would never happen.

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When given a chance or choice I tend towards the optimistic but choice & chance went away just under four years ago, leaving us with a very different future.

Once again I had to restructure my belief system to include the new reality and everything after. Not doing so just isn’t an option for me.

It really does a number on my head to see humanity taking after the ostrich, or the child hiding under the blanket over the Fukushima legacy we all stand to inherit. The only thing accomplished by ignoring it is wasting time you’ll never get back.

Better I think to face the reality of the ugly truth, then plan and act according to your heart. You can be doing something, you could be helping others.

I think I’ve come to a point of peace with it all. Understanding that the universe is unfolding as it should and that my understanding is not a requirement.


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