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The death of the legendary actress Marilyn Monroe associated with aliens and John F. Kennedy

The death of the legendary actress Marilyn Monroe associated with aliens and John F. Kennedy 1

According to British researcher Nick Redfern, Hollywood star Marilyn Monroe was allegedly killed because of documents about aliens that were accidentally declassified by US President John F. Kennedy.

The famous Hollywood actress Marilyn Monroe was killed after she became aware of the secret information about aliens. With reference to the book by British writer Nick Redfern “Diary of Secrets: UFO Conspiracies and the Mysterious Death of Marilyn Monroe”, the official version of the death of the star is only a cover.

Redfern, according to The Sun, has no doubt that the actress Marilyn Monroe was aware of the UFO incidents. The celebrity knew, in particular, about the bodies of aliens, with whom experiments were carried out at American military bases. 

“The CIA leadership did not want the information that President John F. Kennedy accidentally declassified, became the property of the general public, so the actress was eliminated by intelligence agents ,” the British writer explains.

According to the author, the drug overdose was just a cover, rigged by CIA agents to hide the truth about ” crashed UFOs and strange bodies stored at US military bases “, which she could learn from US President John F. Kennedy.

Marilyn Monroe (real name Norma Jeane Mortenson) was an American film actress, sex symbol of the 1950s, singer and model. She become one of the most iconic images of American cinema and the entire world culture.

In 1961 she met US President John F. Kennedy. There were rumors about their romance, as well as about Marilyn’s romance with his brother Robert Kennedy. However, there is no clear evidence of these links.

Monroe’s body was discovered on August 5, 1962. According to the official version, she committed suicide by taking large quantities of barbiturates. However, there are several alternative versions, the most popular of which are the political assassination by the Kennedy brothers, as well as the medical error of the psychotherapist actress Ralph Greenson.

It is not yet known whether the authors of the new biopic about Monroe, which will be released next year on the Netflix platform, will shroud the death of the actress. The picture will be called simply – “Blonde”.

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