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“The days of great catastrophe will come”: what has been predicted for the world in 2024. Which city will be completely flooded

“The days of great catastrophe will come”: what has been predicted for the world in 2024. Which city will be completely flooded 1

Have you noticed that nature is starting to behave rather strangely? According to many predictors, humanity will have to face large-scale natural disasters next year. What could the world be like after 2024? 

According to some clairvoyants and psychics, 2024 will be the year that some volcanoes awaken. The danger of an eruption will cause mass evacuation of people and by the summer several waves of earthquakes will occur, which will cause the death of thousands of human lives.

In addition, the world will face extreme flooding. A huge tsunami will hit Europe, something that has not been seen before in the foreseeable past. The causes of the water cataclysm lie in space. Dangers approaching from the depths of outer space could also be considered as perhaps we are talking about a meteorite or an asteroid. 

According to seers, the main blow will be in the Middle East region and Africa. Israel, Egypt and Morocco will suffer the most. All this will cause a humanitarian catastrophe. The survivors will be deprived of housing and sources of food. The situation will be aggravated by the invasion of poisonous insects, against which scientists will be powerless. On the other hand, In China, the collapse of mountains will destroy many temples.

2024 will be one of the most difficult years of this century

And although volcanic activity is not uncommon for some countries, psychics claim that the Iceland event will become a warning for all humanity. This is how the volcano evokes retribution and reminds us of how important it is to maintain justice. Any volcanic activity should be taken as a warning, they say.

The eruption will only be accompanied by the release of ash into the atmosphere. Thus, nature gives us an additional chance to stop and think about our behavior. Each person will need to look into himself and realize what he did wrong and what he sinned. It will be necessary to show more care for loved ones. And here we are talking not so much about the Icelanders, but about all of humanity. Otherwise, the world may perish.

European tsunami

Andrzej Czeslaw Klimuszko, a monk from Poland, who lived from 1906 to 1980, also spoke about a tsunami that would hit the European continent.

According to his forecast, waves the size of mountains will sweep away the transatlantic wall like a husk. Many residents of Gibraltar will die. The Sahara, like the Po River valley in northern Italy, will sink to the bottom.

Rome will be completely flooded. According to the monk’s forecast, 5-10% of the Polish population will become victims of the cataclysm. This is a lot, but many more will die in Germany and France. The most terrible consequences await Italy.

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After this, an era of poverty will come to Europe while prosperity and well-being will soon become well-forgotten.

Floods and hurricanes are harbingers of death

The collection of prophecies of the “The Third Millennium” spiritualists of Argentina, published in 1956, could reveal to us the secret of what the future of the Earth will be. The publication says that the days of a great catastrophe will come to the planet. Raging hurricanes will literally sweep away cities from the surface, fire will reign everywhere, and rivers will turn red with human blood.

The air will be filled with toxic gases, germs will fall from above. Entire countries and peoples will disappear from the face of the Earth. Europe will turn into one big cemetery, and Asia and Africa into deserts. The American continent will change beyond recognition. Brazil and other South American countries will fall into ruin.

France, Italy and Germany will be enveloped in smoke. The British Isles will go under water. The same will happen to Japan, Australia and other island countries. No European state will escape the consequences.

Central South America will also be flooded, but most of Brazil will remain above water. Massive flooding will cause the earth’s axis to shift. Judging by forecasts, the land area will decrease by 2/3.

Is this possible? 

Scientists believe that worldwide sweating is quite real. For example, a planetary-scale flood can cause a huge accumulation of energy in underground stress zones, which can trigger devastating earthquakes. If the shock occurs underwater, a huge wave will rise that will sweep away everything in its path.

Of course, a flood of this magnitude will completely change not only the surface of the Earth, but also the entire system of existence of human civilization.

In addition to the water threat, there is also a volcanic one. According to research, volcanic activity is increasing alarmingly. For example, Kilauea in Hawaii and Etna in Italy are waking up. Each of them is capable of throwing out enough ash to change the entire Earth’s biosphere.

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