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The day that NASA caught a terrifying message of the year 2057

A year ago a video began circulating on the Internet that revealed an alleged message from the year 2057, in which a man is heard requesting urgent help to survive.

terrifying message of the year 2057

Apparently, the world they are in (ours) has been devastated by radiation, the water is contaminated and there is nothing left to eat. He mentions the VTR virus as one of the guilty sources of the worldwide debacle.

In addition, the issuer states that they need doctors and vehicles to find a safer place to survive. The video ensures that this message was captured by NASA and obtained through the Deep Web.(terrifying message of the year 2057)

The audio of 2057

We are here … we are down here … I repeat we are down here … base alpha, base alpha 101, answer … base alpha 101 please answer, change.

For whoever is listening to this, we do not have more communications, we only have this old radio, I repeat, we only have this old radio. All our other communications are down.

We need support here, we need support here, we are dying. I repeat we are dying. We do not have more food or pure water, we only have pure water for 2 or 3 days maximum.

I repeat, we only have pure water for 2 or 3 days maximum. All the water in the area is contaminated. I repeat, all the water in the area is contaminated. All the people are dead, they all died.

terrifying message of the year 2057

Soldiers and civilians, even animals are dead. We are only 250 survivors underground. I repeat, only 250 survivors were left underground. I’m risking my life by coming to the surface now. Radiation makes it difficult for me to communicate through the device.

There is too much radiation, I repeat, there is too much radiation here. We have vaccines for some infections, but we do not have anything against the VTR virus. The VTR virus is contaminating everything, it is infecting everything. I repeat, the VTR virus is all over the area.

For whoever is listening, please send some help here. For anyone who is listening, I repeat, please send some help here. I’m going to give you our location. So that they find us so that someone finds us. Please help us

I’m going to give you our coordinates now. Our latitude, I repeat, our latitude is 33,018. Our length, I repeat, our length: -116.301.

But how could a message sent from the future reach us? Curves and time travel are one of the great mysteries that scientists have faced.

No one has yet discovered that sending a message from the future or traveling from it is possible, so for science that phenomenon remains a pending task to discover.

NASA has not responded to this supposed message. What do you think? Nothing more than an urban myth or something created on the Internet? Leave your comment below.


Fact or fiction

Meteorological Radars record three “Huge Anomalies” in the Texas skies

The images we show you have appeared through the American media, where there was talk about an Alien Invasion. On November 2, 2019, three huge anomalies were recorded in several Texas cities. Ufologists said they were giant mother ship UFOs . The UFOs showed up on the meteorological radar recording mysterious concentric waves with a diameter of a few miles on Texas late at night around 9:45-10:30pm. The UFOs were so large that the radar bounced off on each of them … causing a series of rings around the UFO. Each UFO had six thick refracted rings around it, caused by the radar bouncing of of them. 

Social media, especially Twitter, was lit up by messages from people who tweeted @wfaweatehr that looked like an alien invasion. They were worried about the rings seen over the cities of Waco, Austin and more. Now the WFFA news is trying to convince people in the video that they have the answer to this phenomenon. According to weather experts, not knowing how to justify these anomalies, they said it was a super refraction. But people do not believe in this version, also because there have been hundreds of UFO reports that evening on Saturday 2 November, not surprisingly when these mysterious radar echoes were appearing.

Alien UFOs do sometimes get caught in weather radar maps. This is 100% proof that several huge UFOs were over Texas this week “They are large enough to cover an entire county. UFO motherships must have remained in place for up to 15 minutes … allowing them to be seen on the radar. I believe they came from the Gulf of Mexico from an alien submarine base. I also believe they were testing their cloaking devices against our human technology to see if they would be noticed … and yes, our technology is reaching them fast. Doppler radar makes larger ships visible. Where did they go then? Probably straight and out of our atmosphere” Said Scott Waring.

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Fact or fiction

Former NASA employee: “I saw some humans on Mars”

Any person claiming to have seen humans on Mars could be considered crazy. But what if there are very reliable testimonials? Could these statements be real and sincere? Follow this story. Jackie, a former NASA employee involved in the Viking mission, said he saw two men working on Mars in 1979.

human on mars coverup

Mars: this image taken by the Rover Curiosity has been deliberately retouched by NASA making it out of focus. What is the US Space Agency hiding from us?

Former CIA pilot John Lear said that humans are most likely on Mars. Moreover, Andrew Basiago, the most famous chronicler in the world, has incredibly supported these statements by stating that a colony of human beings has been working for years on the planet Mars.

domed buildings on Mars

Domed buildings on Mars

John Lear said that the humans that Jackie saw in 1979 were most likely cleaning up the Viking rover. In fact John during his mission noticed a very curious detail that seems to support this whole story. John had noticed in fact that the solar panels had been covered by a lot of dust and a few days later they were completely clean, as if someone had approached and removed the dust.

humans on Mars

humans on Mars (1)

There seems to be more and more clear evidence of the presence of humans on Mars and a further confirmation would come from the images taken by the Opportunity probe that seem to show two human figures. Looking at the photographs published in this article, the questions seem to increase: is it a game of shadows? Or is the American Space Agency hiding from us something big? Will we ever know the truth to the end?

Following the service of Fernando Correa, dedicated to this story of the Cosmic Top Secret on Mars. The document was broadcast on TercerMilenio TV, broadcast by UFO journalist and investigator Jaime Maussan.

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Fact or fiction

Mysterious and huge object in the shape of a “pyramid” appears in the sky above Philadelphia

A few days ago a woman named Venice identified a bizarre pyramid-shaped object suspended in the night sky over Philadelphia (USA) on which she was able to capture an image.

Was this part of some kind of holographic projection project? It would be the only rational explanation but so far nobody is coming forward about it.

A researcher from Youtube known as MrMBB333, uploaded a video about this and mentioned a woman only known as “Venice” snapped a photograph of the sky pyramid.

This strange object would be categorized as some kind of UFO at this point. Some speculate it is a kind of alien mothership. Anything is possible but imaginative nonetheless.

This photograph seems to show a kind of orange looking light surrounding the pyramid, which almost looks like it is on fire. This isn’t the first time something like this has been seen before. Other strange appearances such as this have been seen in other locations around the world.

The pyramid in question, resembles something from a science fiction movie. It just doesn’t seem real. We need more information about it. Perhaps someone else out there captured a video or more pictures of it.

Speculations are this pyramid could be a black triangle UFO or TR-3B Anti-Gravity Spacecraft. Often these objects have been seen hovering slowly or moving at low altitudes across cities and highway areas.

They have been reported as being silent and could be probes of some kind. The real question is whether or not they were man made or from somewhere else. Sometimes these kinds of objects have pulsating lights on them. In the photograph, it is difficult to see that kind of detail. However, the pyramid is quite interesting.

There appears to be illumination coming from behind the object, which reveals the shape of the anomaly. Could it be some kind of alien or artificial aircraft?

Some people have suggested that the pyramid-shaped object may actually have been a secret triangular plane like the TR-3B. But a TR3B is not of these proportions. The object photographed by the witness shows a huge triangular aircraft, whose distance and diameter cannot be evaluated.

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