The curious case of a man remembering being Reincarnated 16 Times, including as an alien!

Dr. Frederick Lenz, the famous American expert on reincarnation, in his most famous book “Lifetimes: True Accounts of Reincarnation”, describes a lot of reincarnation cases, during which a man named Alan Lee, can recall in detail 16 past reincarnation lives. Frederick Lenz’s investigative report once made a sensation in the scientific community.

Alan Lee‘s life experience

Alan Lee was 38 years old at the time. He was born in a wealthy home in Philadelphia. When he was a child, he liked to wear a robe and a crown in his house and play the role of the Egyptian pharaoh. He didn’t like to study, and he left school only in the 10th grade. After that, he worked in any industry but later, he was involved in business and became quite wealthy.

A troubled and confused Alan Lee decided to be hypnotized by Dr.Irving Mordes, a well-known psychiatrist in Baltimore, Maryland. Under the inquiry of Dr. Modes, Lee, in a state of sleepwalking, recalled in detail events of his 16 lives. Not only could he tell the story, but also write in detail specific languages for each life, Including ancient Egyptian script, ancient Roman script, Italian script and so on. He could even foretell the future in a state of hypnosis, and he predicted the name of a new medicine for cancer.

Some past life identities has been verified

Among the 16 reincarnations described by Alan Lee, many of them were just ordinary people. There are no records in the history books, so it is difficult to verify, although the genealogical records have been confirmed.

Alan Lee recalled that he had been the Pharaoh Kallikrates of Ancient Egypt in his life, and he ruled the ancient Egypt from 341 to 344 BC. During the hypnosis situation, Alan Lee spoke fluent the ancient Egyptian language and wrote ancient Egyptian “hieroglyphs”. Although he was hypnotized, he spoke with a very arrogant attitude and dignity like an emperor.

“Egyptology” scholars from Maria State University and Catholic University were invited to study the hieroglyphs written by Alan Lee, and they confirmed that they were indeed ancient Egyptian scripts. After listening to hypnosis session tape, they also confirmed that the language Alan Lee spoke was ancient Egyptian.

After verification, there was indeed a pharaoh in ancient Egypt who had only been emperor for three years, and his name was correct. The strange thing is that this pharaoh is not a famous historical figure. How did Alan Lee learn the story of this pharaoh? Moreover, he left school in middle school and did not study much. How did Alan Lee learn ancient Egyptian characters and languages? Experts can’t explain all of this, and it feels surreal.

During hypnosis, Alan Lee said that for one lifetime, he has been Jamie Brewster, a Southern soldier during the American Civil War, born in Georgia in 1847 and died in the war in 1863, at the age of 16. This incident was confirmed by experts based on the history of the Civil War and the roster of officers and soldiers. What puzzled the experts was that Brewster was just an ordinary soldier, not a celebrity, and there was no media report on this soldier’s life. Alan Lee was also well aware of Brewster’s life experiences.

Alan Lee recalled that he was a Native American Indian named Sequoya in another life. Although there is no way to confirm this, during hypnosis he described in detail the mountains where the natives lived. Experts verify that it is roughly consistent. The truth.

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Once, Alan Lee said that for a lifetime he was a Jewish Hebrew slave named Yosepheus. He lived in the time of Jesus two thousand years ago. He once witnessed the persecution and death of Jesus being tried and nailed to the cross.

Once an alien named “Nolan”

In Alan Lee’s 16 reincarnations, it is surprising that he has also been an alien. He said that for a lifetime, he was a lifeform of Neptune in the solar system. It was originally “spiritual energy”, and came to the earth to live in the flesh. 

At that time, human beings on Earth had not yet been created. He said he later died in a nuclear explosion. His outer space person’s name was “Noran”. He spoke fluently a high-pitched strange language in a trance like sleep and when awoke, he wrote a large piece of “Neptune” text, which looked like shorthand symbols. 

When Alan Lee recalled this life, many of the knowledge mentioned were unheard of by experts, and they were stunned with surprise.

A famous movie star in modern times

Interestingly, Alan Lee mentioned that he was a famous movie star in modern times in one life, and he also provided a lot of verifiable evidence.

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According to his recollections, the previous life before his life was Rudolph Valentino (1895-1926). Valentino was one of the most popular stars in the 1920s and one of the most well-known actors in the silent film era. Although the films he starred in are not very famous at present, Valentino’s is one of the most well-known actors.

Valentino’s father was Italian and his mother French. In the hypnosis, Alan Lee told many secrets of Valentino’s private life and many insider trivia taking during filming. He even wrote a letter in Italian as a letter from Valentino to his mother.

It was very easy for experts to verify the authenticity of Alan Lees reincarnation. After all, Valentino is a famous actor in modern times. There are data and evidence. The experts specially invited the veterans of Hollywood to question Alan Lee. It was shocking that the veterans asked some questions that only Valentino and the people present at the time knew, and Alan Lee could give one by one, the right answers.

The photographer who used to shoot Valentino’s trademark movie, “The Sheik”, asked Alan Lee:

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“During the first day was filming, how many people drove to the venue together to start shooting? What accident happened?”

Alan Lee replied, “I (Valentino) drove with 3 of you, a total of 4 people. The car had an accident on the way, and the front right wheel fell off and rolled off to the roadside.”

An answer is in line with the year facts!

Alan Lee also cited the names and content of the three people in the same group, all of which were consistent. Of the four people at the time, only the photographer was still alive, and the other three were long dead. The photographer never told outsiders about these trivial matters. Therefore, Alan Lee’s answer surprised him, to say the least.

A handwriting expert called Alan Lee to sign Valentino’s name, and then checked Valentino’s official signature on a document during his death, and was surprised to find that the two signatures were actually a perfect match! What’s more shocking is that the handwriting can be imitated so vividly. After verifying the two signatures, the handwriting expert said that Alan Lee’s handwriting and Rudolph Valentino’s is exactly the same, not imitated.

Fingerprints, in terms of contemporary medical common sense, are unique to each person and will remain the same for life. No two people’s fingerprints are exactly the same in the world, so fingerprints have become one of the important evidences in criminal investigations. What is incredible is that after expert verification, Alan Lee’s fingerprints were exactly the same as those of Valentino who died in 1926.

However, it is curious that although Alan Lee’s fingerprints are exactly the same as those of Valentino, his appearance looks is different to Rudolph Valentino.

Certification from a psychiatrist

The psychiatrist who hypnotized Alan Lee, Irvine. Dr. Modes, said that he had studied Alan Lee for 5 years and believed that he had not made any fraud in this process. 

“What this man said under hypnosis is incredible! I can’t explain what it is about.”, Dr. Modes said

A psychiatrist from India, Dr H N Banerjee, has studied reincarnation for more than 25 years. After reading Alan Lee’s report, he said:

“The story of Alan Lee’s reincarnation is the strangest case. There is no scientific explanation.”


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