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The craziest forecast for 2023: “Champions” will rule the Earth, only 8,000 of us will remain

Another self-proclaimed “time traveler” from TikTok published at the very end of 2022 one of his craziest prophecies about epoch-making events that supposedly await humanity this year.

TikToker Eno Alarik, who goes by the name “radianttimetraveler”, warned on his account of the imminent end of the world and that only a few people will be saved. On December 30, he told his 129,000 followers that an extraterrestrial species known as “Champions” had arrived.

He “spiced up” the drama with a graphic representation and “clarification” that they originate from the year 2671.

“The end of the world will come soon. An extremely hostile alien species is coming to reclaim Earth, we will not win. Some more aliens, whose world was destroyed by enemies, will save some of us. On March 23, 2023, about 8,000 people will be taken to another habitable planet – he wrote.”

By the way, in previous posts, Eno said that a group of four teenagers would discover some ancient ruins on February 6 and that the device would open a wormhole to other galaxies.

And in May, a mega tsunami of 750 meters will hit California, affecting especially San Francisco.

But the ‘time traveller’ was also ‘charged’ by his followers after they said his previous ‘predictions’ had not been confirmed.

One of them said, “What about the 10 people who got superpowers? That didn’t happen.”

“What about that big meteor that was supposed to hit Earth this month?” remarked another.

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A third joked: “I’m a time traveler and I want to inform you that Sunday is the year 2023.”

“If it’s going to end soon, then how come you were alive in 2671?” asked a fourth.

Eno responded without elaborating, saying, “No, no, no… Like I said, 8,000 are taken to another planet.”

Eno isn’t the only ‘time traveller’ making terrifying predictions about the year ahead, others have released similar warnings on TikTok to share ‘future events’ but as time traveler commentators rightly point out, it’s pretty hard to imagine a real time traveler deciding to use TikTok as their official broadcast platform.

However, what is better than Facebook, YouTube and other platforms from which various kinds of ‘enlightened’ broadcast? 

Taking another perspective, we notice that all short of cryptic messages appear to the heads of crowds of people. A certain percentage of the ‘affected’ share their thoughts using accessible platforms and judging by all these psychic broadcasts, something is really coming to the world. Meanwhile, little green men have already rolled out the Eye of Sauron to keep an eye on the process:

They know this is a prison from which we will never escape, because we cannot even see its bars and fences. But of course, no one forbids dreaming and hoping, but it’s just pointless and it will all be broken against the harsh reality of being in this hell. 

Brace yourself, for some reason they pushed us all here and we need to rewind our term here. So try to persevere through all this tangled up planet. We don’t seem to have any other choice.

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