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The crash of a UFO or Time Traveler in 1790 in France

This strange case surfaced back in 1975 and could have been the first official historical evidence that aliens flew on Earth or traveled in time on Earth in past centuries.

However, alas, having slipped through several newspapers, this story was safely forgotten and now you will not find any mention of it even in Wikipedia.


So, a certain Italian ufologist named Antonio Fenoglio in the 1960s visited the archive of the French Academy of Sciences in Paris and came across an interesting report about the crash of a spherical apparatus with a human passenger inside. In 1975, astronomer Jacques Vallee told reporters about this discovery of Fenoglio.

crash of a UFO in France 1970

What was this report talking about? The fact that in 1790 the Paris police inspector Libefe was sent to the city of Alençon to investigate a highly strange event that happened there. Libeff visited the city, interviewed eyewitnesses and compiled this very report.

“At 5 am on June 12, several farmers saw a huge balloon in the sky, which was surrounded by a flame of fire. At first they decided that it was a balloon ( several years earlier, the Montgolfier brothers had caused a sensation with their first balloon flights ). However, this balloon flew much faster and made an unusual whistling sound.

Flying over the top of the hill, the ball slowed down and fell down, destroying a field of vegetables. The heat emanating from him was so strong that the grass and the tree on the edge of the field caught fire. The peasants began to extinguish the fire and prevent it from spreading to other fields, but even by evening, this ball was still very hot.

And then an extraordinary event occurred, as evidenced by two mayors, a doctor and three other respected local residents, along with dozens of ordinary peasants. This area was completely unaffected by fire and fall and was large enough to accommodate a large crew. The gawkers surrounded her from all sides, and suddenly the door opened in the sphere and from there above the people.

He was dressed in a strange way in a body-fitting suit and said a few words that the crowd did not understand, after which he rushed to the forest and disappeared into it. The peasants dodged the sphere when it happened and it saved many lives, as the sphere soon exploded and its burning debris scattered across all fields. And when they burned, nothing was left of them except grayish powder.

Measures were taken to find this mysterious man, but he seemed to have dissolved in the air. ”


The existence of this document was announced by astronomer Jacques Vallee, a respected scientist and ufologist, who once even spoke at the UN. According to Valle, all this is very similar to modern cases with UFO sightings.

Jacques Vallet crash of a UFO

The only question is whether the report itself exists? Valle reported that ufologist Fenoglio submitted his report on this discovery to him in 1967, but he himself did not see the original document. And it is not clear what kind of Italian ufologist this is and why he did not make a statement about the sensational report in the press.

The last time the mention of this report of Libeff flashed in 2006, it was allegedly delivered to the custodians of the archive of the French Academy of Sciences for special storage. However, later there appeared information that allegedly this report does not exist at all and everything is just falsification.

Anyway, it turned out that apart from the ufologist Fenoglio, none of the other people had seen this document and could not confirm its existence.


Aliens & UFO's

TR – 3B ASTRA – From Myth To Reality

If you have any idea about the sightings of UFOs (unidentified flying objects), you probably just stare at the sky and wonder what aliens control these things. For, TR-3B Astra, it is not what you’d expect at all.

To understand the truth about TR-3B Astra is to catch a glimpse into the world of Aurora, one of the best kept secrets by the government today. To clarify this, Aurora is not a planet of aliens or an invading army of cyborgs. As a matter of fact, this is happening right here on the U.S. soil.

So, what is this TR-3B Astra?

The TR-3B Astra, also known as the black triangle, is a nuclear-powered anti-gravity aircraft secretly built and maintained by the U.S. government.

It all started in 1982 and is part of the Black Program, a secret Air Force project funded with what is known as the Black Budget (estimated to be worth about $3 billion).

The technology behind this aircraft is considered beyond everyday technology. Some even point out that it might as well have been inspired by alien technology. For example, this aircraft can move stealthily, a feat uncommon during those times.

The TR-3B Astra is extremely lightweight, giving it the ability to easily outmaneuver other aircrafts. This is possible through a technology known as the MFD technology. The MFD is a short form of a circular plasma-filled accelerator ring, called a magnetic field disruptor.

This technology designed by the Sandia and Livermore Laboratories is so powerful that it was totally kept a secret by the government, making it officially non-existent. As you would expect, a lot of money goes into this research.

A good amount of citizens’ taxes go to fund this project carried out at the Area 51 Groom Lake Air Base in Nevada. To understand how massive the operations going on in Nevada are, know that the government owns about 80% of all the lands in Nevada.

Source: Matrix World Disclosure

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Aliens & UFO's

UFO Lands On A Mountain In Trinidad And Filmed By Witnesses

On the evening of January 14, 2019, Ms. Dorothy Romero, who lives in the city of Trinidad, Colorado (United States), witnessed with her husband the landing of an unidentified flying object on the historic Simpson’s Rest mountain. Then the video sent by the witness claiming UFO Lands On A Mountain In Trinidad.

«My husband was outside to wash our porch when he saw a UFO flying directly over our house … At first I didn’t believe him and I thought it was just flashes and lightning. However, my husband insisted and claimed that the object had landed at Simpson’s Rest, on the mountain directly behind our house. When he landed, he produced sparks that seemed to come out of the bottom of this mysterious object, ”Dorothy related.

«I had my phone in my hand and started recording what was happening. I regret that the quality of the video is not the best, but you can see very well the bright UFO behind the roof of our house, which later disappeared without a trace, as if it had vanished.

To clear up any confusion, it should be noted that the UFO in question is spherical and can be seen somewhat below the luminous sign of the city of Trinidad (as specified by the witness in English in the video).

UFO Lands On A Mountain In Trinidad Simpson's Rest Mountain, in the background, during the day.
UFO Lands On A Mountain In Trinidad
Simpson’s Rest Mountain, in the background, during the day.

The mountain where the UFO would have landed owes its name to George S. Simpson, a famous explorer, merchant and pioneer who settled in what is now the city of Trinidad in 1848. History tells us that the explorer survived an attack by the Ute natives when hiding in a recess of the mountain for three days. When he died years later, he asked to be buried in that place.

The landscape from Simpson’s Rest is amazing, from there you can see the entire city of Trinidad, the Purgatory River and its valley. Would the UFO be there for this view?

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Aliens & UFO's

Video: Elon Musk’s SpaceX satellite camera captures UFO around it!

US billionaire SpaceX’s Amos 17 satellite camera Elon Musk recorded an unidentified flying object approaching the spacecraft and then disappearing.

The ‘thirdphaseofmoon’ channel on YouTube specializing in genre revelations has uploaded a video featuring an unidentified flying object (UFO) allegedly approaching the SpaceX Amos 17 satellite.

The strange object resembles a light sphere and appears to be moving rapidly in front of Elon Musk’s satellite camera and eventually, turning left, disappears.

Blake and Brett Causins, who runs the YouTube channel, claim that UFOs could not be a space debris because of the orbit that followed.

“How could he turn left in space unless he had a propulsion system,” Blake emphasized, pointing out that many internet users estimate that the UFO was “tracking the satellite”.

“The whole idea that these are just space debris is not valid. If it were, you should see it follow a straight path. But he is carrying out this strange maneuver that defies all logic, “said Blake Causins.

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