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The Controversial Viral Meme That Compares Forced Vaccination To Rape. What Are Your Thoughts?

The Controversial Viral Meme That Compares Forced Vaccination To Rape. What Are Your Thoughts? 1


Earlier this week, a meme denoting forced vaccination as comparable to rape went viral around the web, igniting an array of passionate responses from the public.

For those who may not be caught up with modern-day internet lingo, an internet meme is a relatable phrase or idea made into an image, usually intending to inspire people in some way. If you are a user of any particular social media platform, then you are likely inundated with memes on a daily basis.

Sometimes memes can be funny, while other times they can be motivational, but either way they almost always deliver messages in a simple yet powerfully effective manner.

This notion, that memes are effective messengers, was likely the reason why someone created the meme that is currently causing uproar around the web.  The picture, seen below, reads “FORCED PENETRATION really – no big deal, if it’s just a vaccination needle, and he’s a doctor. do you really “need” control over your own choices?”


The meme takes a shot at the current hysteria surrounding proposed forced vaccinations, drawing a parallel between forced vaccinations and rape.

Naturally, responses to the touchy meme were quick. Here’s what some people had to say about it:


As always, the topic of vaccinations has created public polarity, pitting strong believers of both ‘anti-‘ or ‘pro-vaccination against one another. Whether you agree with the meme or not, it has definitely done its job of creating strong public discourse.

The fear of forced vaccination isn’t just a conspiracy, unfortunately, as many parts of the world are riding the fear-wave and imposing these mandates upon a large unwilling population.

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Should we have the choice of what we put into our bodies and our children’s bodies? Or should we be forced to inject substances into our body with known detrimental risks? This is the burning question of debate, and we can only hope that the answer of these questions comes down to sovereignty and autonomy over our own bodies.

What are your thoughts on this controversial meme? Do you feel it speaks truth? Or do you feel it is extremism at its best? Share with us in the comment section below!



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