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“The Conflict Has Been Initiated”, what did the teenage astrologer from India predict for 2022 and 2023?

Abhigya Anand is one of the best fortune tellers in India. As a small boy, he showed his talents in astrology. However, he is not a clairvoyant, he accurately predicts the future through the analysis of astrological data.

What has already come true from Anand’s predictions:

The Indian boy published an accurate forecast about the beginning of the pandemic and the virus back in mid-2019. In 2021, he also pinpointed the month when one of the state leaders would be assassinated. He made an accurate forecast of floods and weather anomalies.

The situation in the modern world shows how rapidly everything around is changing. After all, this event too was foretold:

An event will soon take place that will affect everyone and everyone. Its scale is incomparable to a pandemic.

He also said that it could be something completely unpredictable or something expected in connection with the rapid transition of the world to a new way of life.

There is a chance that a new virus will appear, which will be many times more powerful than the previous one. It may also be some kind of anomaly that led to changes on the planet.

But even at the beginning of the year, the world was expecting something grandiose and not in a positive way. The consequences of some global event, according to Anand’s forecasts, will have an impact on the whole world.

Today we see what is happening and how right he was.

Vanga was also right

She called the day of five deuces – fatal. On February 22, 2022, a decision was finally made that changed the whole familiar world. The consequences of this decision are already having adverse effects on all world powers and of course the common people.

What can we expect next?

A few days ago, Anand made another stunning prediction about the future, in connection with the events that are currently taking place:

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The most important thing to know is that the war between Russia and Ukraine is a conflict that was initiated with one specific goal – to cause as much suffering and harm. The goal extends to the entire globe. They seek to reach the most vulnerable segments of the population.

If you think that some people and nations will remain on the sidelines, then you are mistaken. The impact will be on ordinary people, wherever they are geographically. In a clear advantageous position will be those who are not dependent on the economy of the state, live in subsistence farming, far from civilization. Such people are more likely that their life will not change.

The Indian astrologer said:

I feel like the situation with Ukraine is being used to make this war-torn region like Afghanistan. They create for people a situation of despair, lack of food and water. The purpose is to exploit ordinary people in various ways.

Anand states:

Those who thought that this is mine and that is yours were fools. Wisdom is that the world is one and belongs equally to everyone.

This forecast applies exclusively to the near future – the present and the next 5 – 8 years. But Abhigya argues that at the end of the decade, humanity expects another powerful event in its impact. It is not yet known what exactly is to come, but in the coming years it will already be possible to make predictions.

Long term forecast

Preliminarily, from 2029 to 2032 there is a high probability of the start of the Third World War, because Jupiter and Saturn will be in opposition to each other and this is a sign of a powerful confrontation. The world map of the future will be redrawn. The political influence of the past will come to naught. And if, God forbid, a nuclear confrontation awaits us, then the climate on Earth by 2050 will be radically different than it is now.

If this happens, people will start to live again. Much of the heritage of the past, including historical documents, books and knowledge, may be completely or partially lost. A completely new era will begin for humanity, which will survive the cataclysm and remain on Earth.

Soon we will see many interesting events, the main thing is to remain a spiritually pure person. We need to take care of each other, only in this way we can withstand all negative situations.

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