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The claim that “Aliens are demons” is wrong – that’s why

Are aliens really demons? It sounds like complete nonsense, but the Pentagon and Congressional officials seriously feared that UFOs would be the work of devilish hands.


This was told in a big interview by CNN, Luis Elizondo, the former director of one of the secret departments of the Pentagon. Until October of last year, it was he who headed the government program to study the potential threats of UFOs.


A former member of the Enhanced Aerospace Identification Program claims that several senior officials undermined his work because they were afraid that unidentified flying objects were of “demonic” or “divine” origin.


Investigation of the very existence of UFOs is impossible, because it is contrary to the faith of senior members of the US Congress: either you believe in God, or in the existence of extraterrestrial life. There is a third option – even some Pentagon warriors are convinced that UFOs and aliens are manifestations of a demonic entity.

Numerous proponents of conspiracy theories are convinced that America is deliberately throwing information about the existence of UFOs. This sets the stage for the official recognition of alien life.

The Alien-Demon theory has been spreading and growing over the last two to three years. There are religious people who strongly believe that aliens are demons – and they are right. Some aliens are indeed demons, but not in the religious sense.

Let’s explain.

Human history actually began before, when we existed in a non-physical form, on a non-physical planet, but I think it would be easier to understand if the Sumerian story began.

The hidden history of our species

The following historical narratives have been given to us in the form of clay tablets from the Sumerian civilization that originated about 6000 years ago in the historical region of southern Mesopotamia, in present-day Iraq.

The Sumerians describe in great detail how a species of High White “gods” came to Earth from another planet in search of gold – a metal that could disperse as fine dust (nanoparticles) into their atmosphere to repair it.

They called these “gods” Anunaki, which literally translates to “those who came from heaven on Earth.”

Initially, the Anunnaki brought with them their own slaves to dig for gold, but because the work was difficult and apparently endless, slaves raised a weapon against their rulers. Unfortunately for all, most of the slaves were killed in the riot.

The Anunnaki rulers had to find a way out and decided to genetically design a slave species by combining their DNA with that of a local primate. The new species had to be smart enough to work with machines, but also stupid enough to accept the heavy duty of working without rebelling.

A difficult trial and error followed, and it lasted a very long time. During this time, many human versions were created, and we are only the latest version of these previous prototypes – Homo Sapiens Sapiens.

It is worth noting that we are not necessarily better than previous versions, but overall we are better suited to serve our creators because they have, therefore, bothered to design us genetically above all: to use us for works.

For example, Homo Erectus, which had more primate genes than anunak genes, was more suited as a species to survive in the harsh conditions of our planet. They could navigate the harsh landscapes without having to cover their feet and palms to protect them, climb trees and gather food with ease, and their fur protected them from the sun as well as from the cold.

But they were not intelligent enough to drive advanced machines, nor powerful enough for laborious labor.

Probably the best slave the human species created by the Anunnaki was Homo Sapiens Neanderthalensis (Neanderthals) and Homo Sapiens Denisova (Dennis Man). Both species have larger skulls and larger brains, which made them smarter.

They were also better suited to living independently on Earth because they were overall stronger. Their skulls were thicker, and their bone density was larger. They were generally stronger and more intelligent than Homo Sapiens.

Of course, modern science will never accept this claim. According to Darwin’s “natural selection”, the fact that we are here and the above two species have disappeared can only be due to the fact that we are higher – but this is not the case.

In fact, the Neanderthals and the Dennis man were most likely to have been wiped out by their creators because they were too intelligent and too powerful for their purpose as obedient slaves.

So it is up to the Neanderthals and the Dennis Man that we can see a sustained effort on the part of the Anunnaki to improve their creation, and then a sudden decline to us – Homo Sapiens Sapiens.

Back to origin

As stated at the beginning of this article, the history of mankind actually begins back in time when we existed in a non-physical form on a non-physical planet.

The first stories about human origins come from the Wingers, who present themselves as a future aspect of the human species. Generally we, of the future.

According to them, a group of aliens who were later identified as Anunnaki had indeed come to Earth to seek gold, but initially they came here much earlier than claimed in the Sumerian plates. Then the Earth was in the process of compaction and was inhabited by us as non-physical beings.

These were the original Atlantic times, and the first Atlantis were non-physical beings.

The original Anunnaki were also non-physical beings and in need of gold because it modulated the frequency of their bodies and therefore it was the essence of their species. It had a property that was vital to their survival, similar to what food is to us now.

After reaching an agreement with the Atlanteans, they began to take gold from our planet.

Over time, the Earth began to materialize more and to become more compact. And gold with it. The mining of gold would soon become impossible for the Anunnaki, since their bodies, like ours, were ethereal, while the gold had a dense, physical state.

And then the Anunnaki asked the Atlanteans for help, as well as other alien species, to create a physical medium that could be used to mine gold.

The Anunnaki quarreled with the Atlanteans, or maybe they didn’t care about them at first, and began conspiring with other alien species against them.

The Anunnaki already had a human body and only needed to feed it with vitality or soul.

Because the Atlanteans were directly involved in the creation of this planet from the beginning, they were naturally interested in living it as solid beings. So they agreed to try human carriers / costumes / bodies.

The bodies were exceptional and functioned really well, so at first they really enjoyed the experiment of living on Earth as physical beings, but with each incarnation, the Anunnaki secretly degraded human bodies. At the same time, with the help of other alien species, they began to design a prison for the non-physical Atlanta.

At the time the last version of the prison was completed, the human carriers that were provided to them were only a fraction of what they were before.

These bodies were smaller, smaller, and almost completely detached from the Source, which meant that they were already dependent on physical food for survival. And without any knowledge of what they were before, the Atlanteans became hopelessly enslaved, both physically and non-physically.

They could already be used as slaves by aliens.

It was then decided that some of the Anunnaki would also incarnate on Earth to rule over the Atlanteans, but they would use the original human bodies.

These Anunnaki introduced themselves as the creators of humanity, using a fictional story, and began using us for slave labor while continually adjusting our bodies to their needs.

Exposing alien enslaveers

The most visible aliens involved in our enslavement are the Anunnaki, but as I mentioned before, there were other alien species that worked closely with the Anunnaki, such as the Low Gray, the Reptiles, and a non-physical species that our ancestors called the Archons.

Reptiles come from another universe that has been completed. Which means that a whole universe has learned all the lessons and challenges and evolved beyond physicality, duality, polarity and many other concepts that we cannot even imagine, let alone understand.

The reptiles had evolved as the ultimate warlike species. 4 meters tall and with natural flake armor, as well as strong muscles, strong jaws and sharp teeth and long nails of the hands and feet, these carnivorous predators are the ultimate killing machines.

Reptilian extraterrestrial, as portrayed in the movie “Jupiter’s Path”

Combine their physical strength with that of a large brain, as well as opposing thumbs, and you will find out why they have become practically unstoppable.

But because of the path of extreme violence that they chose to follow, it was decided never to become souls. There were simply no lessons to be learned from a consciousness inhabiting their bodies and no prospect for spiritual evolution.

Whole planets and their native species were completely obliterated by the Reptiles, until they somehow reached an agreement with the aforementioned Archons.

Archons are non-physical beings believed to inhabit the lower fourth dimension. By nature, they are parasites and feed on the negative energy generated by their carriers. Reptiles can never be soul bearers, but they can be bearers, in a sense, of something much darker: the Archons.

Because the Reptiles have no souls, they are basically detached from the energy of the Source, so the Archons cannot feed on them directly, but they can feed on the negative energy generated by the species tormented by the Reptiles.

To make sense of this, you must understand that all beings who have souls attached to their bodies (including human beings) are connected to the Source from which they receive non-polarized energy. It depends on the beings to polarize energy and use it as they need it. Positively polarized energy can be used as a food source and there are human beings who can live without eating physical food.

Archons not only use this negatively polarized energy for fuel, but they also do drugs with her. And in return for the services provided by the Reptiles, the Archons share some of the thrill with them.

Their strategy was to enslave the Reptiles to “drugs” and the two species became integral allies.

At that time, it was the way in which the Reptile warfare was transformed from total destruction to the enslavement and brutal torture of the prisoners.

(When beings with souls are tormented, they inadvertently give the negative polarity to the energy they receive from the Source. That is why, for example, serial killers enjoy such great pleasure in mistreating and tormenting their victims. Their non-physical, parasitic patches feed on that energy and share some of the thrill with them.)

When their universe was complete, this cold-blooded – literally and metaphorically – species of supreme warriors was sent to our newborn universe. They immediately crowned themselves as the supreme rulers of this universe – the owners, if you will.

Since then, many species in our universe have been enslaved by the Reptilian / Archon Union, including our own species. Over time, some of the species decided to resist, and so the Galactic Federation probably appeared.

The negative energy we generate daily as a result of hatred, death from conflict, torture, hunger, grief, etc. is used to both power the Prison Matrix and feed our guards.

You also need to know – and I’m not sure if I should mention this at all – that there are endless human farms (very similar to our animal farms) in the underground bases where these Reptiles live.

According to sources in the enlightened community, the only way to escape from the grip of the Archons is through collective spiritual evolution. If we evolve spiritually and elevate our vibration beyond their frequency of control, we will stop generating negative energy and the Archons will be deprived of their food source.

But we must know that this means that we will also deprive the Reptiles of their strong drug, which means that both species will fight with all their might to prevent this from happening.

Earth is one of the last planets in our universe that they still control, since most of the others have already evolved beyond their frequency of control, and here they will make their last defensive position. According to Alex Collier, they are aware of this and have prepared accordingly.

Fortunately, the Galactic Federation is here and ready to intervene and help us when the time is right. They are already very much involved in our awakening and focused on helping us achieve enlightenment.

It is also important to know that only about half of living people today have souls attached to their bodies. Ever since the Anunnaki decided to retreat into the shadows and let their servants rule us (also known as “royalty”), it had always been that way. The other half are human bodies, not human beings, and their purpose is to maintain the status quo – to continue things as their masters want. So even though they may look like us on the outside, they are not like us inside. They have no conscience and prospect for spiritual evolution. They are simply vessels, remotely controlled by the Anunnaki according to their needs.

Low Gray are some of the most underrated aliens in the enlightened community. Because they do not have an impressive stature or fierce appearance, we are quite neglectful of them, which is a serious mistake as they are just as dangerous as any of the above types.

This is a photo of an actual Gray Alien. His body is coated with an antispecific solution and his eyes are covered with thin black lenses.

The Low Grays are masters of genetics and masters of mind control. They are extremely intelligent (beyond anything we can imagine), telepaths, they can manipulate matter, the fabric of time-space, and they can even enter into multiple dimensions.

In fact, there is much evidence to suggest that they are the minds behind the dimension of the Prison Matrix and the whole trap of rebirth.

Are they aliens?

The first religions of humanity began as dark cults of worship and ritual sacrifices dedicated to our enslaved people who were worshiped as “gods”. Some, like the physical Anunnaki, were worshiped as living gods, and all had temples dedicated to them.

Others, such as the Reptiles and the Grays, were worshiped as “gods of the underworld.” They were the ones who demanded constant human sacrifices (especially for children).

The primary role of the first priests was to carry out these human sacrifices and bring fresh blood (filled with secretions of the adrenal glands) and the still beating hearts of the victims of their Reptilian “gods”, who took these contributions from specially designed chambers that connected their world with the outside world. Often, the Reptiles would like to bring their babies alive.

You have to understand that Reptiles and humans are not compatible at all, since we cannot tolerate their appearance and smell, and because they are cold-blooded creatures, they need large amounts of external heat that we also cannot tolerate.

According to contact with extraterrestrials such as Alex Collier, as well as many people who have had close encounters of third and fourth species, Reptiles emit a really bad body odor that can be compared to rotten eggs or sulfur.

While delivering live babies or the blood and organs of the victims, many priests saw these “gods of the underworld”. Just imagine you are in a dark room with these massive predators that smell like rotten eggs.

Imagine seeing them swallow a human baby, or listen to their screams as they fight for fresh blood and the victims’ organs. This is how the darkest stories of the underworld began, and why the priests were the ones who spread them.

This is the reason why we have so many statues depicting reptilian humanoids, nowadays statues of dragons all over the world, legends of reptilian demons (including the legend of St. George and the Serpent), as well as pictures of devils / demons being depicted with a reptilian appearance. It is also important to know that, in at least several languages, the devil and the serpent are synonymous.

So, yes – the Reptilian Aliens are the ancient “demons”, “devils” and “gods of the underworld.” Also, the calling of other malicious alien “demons” can also be accepted, as they are also directly involved in the enslavement of our species from the beginning.

But it is not true that all aliens are demons. There are numerous well-intentioned alien species that have experienced a similar fate to ours in the hands of the Reptiles and their allies, and they can truly be considered our Cosmic Family.


Aliens & UFO's

Ancient Astronomical Code Found on Alien Mountain in Sri Lanka

In Sri Lanka, a team of astrobiologists and exogeologists led by Dr. Aravinda Ravibhanu Sumanaratna, while examining the famous “mountain of aliens”, discovered forgotten and previously unknown ancient petroglyphs, which, according to researchers, are closely related to astronomy.

 Photo: CCF-Polonnaruwa / EASL
Photo: CCF-Polonnaruwa / EASL

Scientists have already published their report in a specialized journal entitled “Encoding on Mount Danigala in Sri Lanka”, and Ancient Origins briefly tells about the discovery.

In a letter to this publication, Dr. Sumanaratna of the South Asian Research Department of Astrobiology and Earth Sciences writes that his team was the first to discover petroglyphs associated with Neolithic humans in Sri Lanka.

The discovery was made in the caves of Mount Danigala, which is revered as a sacred site. In the world, it is better known as the “Alien Mountain”, since it was allegedly observed over it many times by UFOs. For scientists, this mountain is of great interest, since petroglyphs have been found in its depths before.

In the new study, the team describes both previously unknown petroglyphs and engravings found in the 19th century by British officer Fossett. However, scientists have forgotten about them for more than a century. The petroglyphs are located in Edakkal Cave on the western slope of the mountain. Overall, they are comparable to other similar archaeological sites in Sri Lanka.

Ancient authors engraved both geometric patterns and primitive images of people with weapons in their hands, animals and plants. The drawings are tentatively dated 5500-4500 BC. Scientists point out that this is the first time that “special types of symbols” were linked to each other.

They write that in the cave almost all the available space was covered with petroglyphs. The largest of them are 7.5 meters long and five meters high. Researchers believe that some randomly carved sets of geometric symbols are in fact an ancient “glue code” representing the “lost astronomical counting system.”

However, this is just a hypothesis, and it is possible that it was put forward to attract tourists to this region. Nevertheless, the work deserves attention if only because the petroglyphs of Mount Danigala are still poorly understood. Given the practice of other ancient peoples around the world, some of these images may indeed have astronomical connotations.

Note that there is still debate in the scientific community regarding the period of settlement of Sri Lanka. Recent discoveries indicate that humans may have arrived here about 300,000 years ago. Some believe that this could have happened 500 thousand years ago. However, the age of the oldest human site found near the Danigala Mountain is about 125 thousand years.

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Aliens & UFO's

David Fravor, a Former US military pilot spoke about the encounter with a UFO

Former US Navy fighter pilot David Fravor said he saw a UFO in 2004. He told Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) researcher Lex Friedman what a flying object looks like.

Fravor stated that he and his colleagues saw an object resembling a tick-tock shape on a clear day. Then they carried out a monitoring mission in the region, where they had previously recorded anomalies.

“I saw lights in the sky and they went out,” the pilot said. The words of the ex-military were broadcast by Fox News.

When the military tried to catch up with the alleged UFO, it disappeared. According to the former pilot, the object was behaving aggressively. It disappeared, changed altitude and blocked the radar.

“This is technically an act of aggression,” added Fravor.

Earlier, the US Department of Defense created a working group to investigate unidentified flying objects. The Pentagon has repeatedly reported that it has spotted UFOs. For example, in April 2020, the agency published several videos showing small drones moving at a fairly high speed.

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Aliens & UFO's

Prince of Liechtenstein: How one of the richest rulers in the world launches millions to search for UFOs

Prince Hans-Adam II of Liechtenstein. Keystone / Gian Ehrenzeller

The Prince of Liechtenstein is considered one of the richest rulers in the world. His family’s fortune exceeds $ 7.6 billion, and his personal fortune is $ 4 billion. And this despite the fact that during the Second World War, his relatives lost almost 90 percent of their possessions around the world. 

The monarch tries to live modestly and help his subjects: he repairs roads at his own expense and annually opens the doors of his castle, inviting people to breakfast. He also spends hundreds of thousands of dollars on UFO research. 


“The prince of Liechtenstein, Hans-Adam II, lives in a castle located on a rock in the Alpine principality. This castle bears his name. 38 thousand subjects call the monarch “Your Grace”, he owns a collection of masterpieces of the Renaissance, he owns two palaces in Vienna. According to the Bloomberg Billionaire Index , he is included in the list of the 500 richest people in the world,” Bloomberg describes the European ruler.

The princely family of one of the smallest states in Europe is truly fabulously rich. The ruling dynasty owns the private bank LGT Group, founded in 1920, and other types of business: agricultural and forestry in Lower Austria and Styria, energy and wine. Hans-Adam is personally involved in winemaking, however, his vineyard is quite small – only four hectares, where on average about 10 thousand liters of wine are produced per year.

Ballroom of 165 square meters at the Royal City Palace in Vienna
Ballroom of 165 square meters at the Royal City Palace in Vienna
The Princely Collections, Vaduz – Vienna

In addition, the ruling dynasty has a lot of real estate. The exact number of castles and residences is carefully hidden from the public, but only according to official data, the prince and his family have at least ten castles and palaces. Some of them are home to members of the princely family, others are used as museums.

The most beloved are Vaduz Castle in Liechtenstein, two palaces in Vienna – Garden Palace and City Palace, a family museum in Lower Austria, six more castles scattered throughout Austria, as well as 76 acres of land in Texas. And this is taking into account the fact that after the Second World War the prince’s family lost almost 90 percent of the possessions – 54 castles outside the principality, in the Czech Republic and Austria.

The princely family has learned to extract money from everything that it touches: the monarch and his relatives rent out their Viennese palaces. For several hundred thousand euros, everyone can rent a luxurious room for a reception, wedding or concert

Most of the time, the prince and his wife spend at the Vaduz Castle, where they occupy the eastern wing. On the outside, this medieval building may seem rather gloomy, but inside it is very comfortable. Here, antiquity peacefully coexists with modernity: beautiful elevators – with spiral staircases, large rooms with air conditioning and Wi-Fi are decorated with tapestries and paintings of the 17th-18th centuries. The cellars are meticulously stocked with cupboards and dishes with Chinese painting, a collection of ancient weapons and armor. The prince said more than once that most of all he loves the picturesque view from the window – of the Alps and the Rhine.

Modesty Above All

The Prince of Liechtenstein was born in Zurich, Switzerland, and attended primary school in the Liechtenstein capital Vaduz. After graduating from the Higher Economic Gymnasium, he worked as a clerk in one of the London banks, the name of which is still carefully hidden. After the internship, the prince went to Switzerland, where he entered the commercial university at the faculty of business and economics.

The knowledge gained was very useful to him later. The prince’s family fortune exceeds $ 7.6 billion, and his personal fortune is $ 4 billion, which makes him one of the richest heads of state in the world. In addition, Hans-Adam owns a huge collection of works of art on display at the Liechtenstein Museum in Vienna. The collection began to collect the ancestors of Hans-Adam back in the 17th century, now it contains more than a thousand works of great artists such as Rubens and Van Dyck, Rembrandt and Bruegel.

Prince of Liechtenstein Hans-Adam II and his wife Maria at the celebration of the 300th anniversary of Liechtenstein at Vaduz Castle
Prince of Liechtenstein Hans-Adam II and his wife Maria at the celebration of the 300th anniversary of Liechtenstein at Vaduz Castle

This collection is one of the largest in the world, second only to the collection of the British Windsors. The prince speaks about this rather evasively: “Somewhere we have an advantage, somewhere they have. It is very difficult to judge whose collection is more expensive. For me, these are just assets that should generate income. I myself prefer contemporary art. “

Despite the huge fortune, representatives of the princely family do not boast of wealth, trying to live modestly. Thus, the wife of Hans-Adam II, Princess Maria Kinski, herself looks after the garden in the main castle.

There is no Bentley, Bugatti, Maserati, Ferrari or even Rolls-Royce in the princely garage. All family members drive regular Audi without chauffeurs

In addition, Hans-Adam II and his wife raised their children on their own, without teachers and governesses. True, they always had a housekeeper and a nanny who took care of the children when their parents were away. Three sons and a daughter of the princely couple went to an ordinary school in Liechtenstein.

Hans-Adam II married his cousin, Countess Maria Kinski von Whinitz und Tettau, while still a student. Subsequently, the prince claimed that he fell in love with his future wife at first sight, as soon as she entered the room, and from the first minute he knew that they would get married. Marie did not pay attention to the crown prince, because he was five years younger than her. Moreover, then she was in love with another.

Wedding of Hans-Adam II and Maria Kinski von Wchinitz und Tettau
Wedding of Hans-Adam II and Maria Kinski von Wchinitz und Tettau
Photo: Werner Pfändler / RDB / ullstein bild via Getty Image

But the future prince did not give up, and his persistence was rewarded: Marie’s relatives gave permission for their marriage. The wedding ceremony in July 1967 attracted the attention of all of Europe.

Marie ordered a dress from a Parisian couturier – in the Empire style, made of white silk, with embroidery from pearls and beads. Her head was adorned with the Fringe tiara belonging to the Habsburg family. Among the guests are emperors, queens, princes and princesses, representatives of ancient German-speaking nobles. For the subjects of Liechtenstein, the tables were set right on the street – and they were bursting with various dishes. The tradition of treating residents, and there are about 32 thousand of them in the country, has survived to this day. Once a year, Vaduz Castle opens its doors for everyone to have breakfast with the prince. This is how Liechtenstein’s National Day is celebrated.

To rest

As a member of the aristocracy, Hans-Adam constantly emphasizes that he is very close to his people. Among his entourage, they say that the monarch loves to run barefoot in the forest, goes downhill skiing, diving, is interested in archeology and loves science fiction.

The Franco-American ufologist Jacques Vallee published three volumes of diaries called Forbidden Science. In them, he told about a meeting with Hans-Adam II and his family at Vaduz Castle in November 1989. “We dined in a small living room with his wife, sister and two children. Until late at night we discussed UFOs and other paranormal phenomena, ”the scientist recalled.

According to Vallee, the monarch was convinced for many decades that aliens were visiting Earth, so he sponsored international UFO research for many years, spending millions of dollars on it.

The prince told the ufologist that he saw a UFO in childhood, and also that his aunt saw the UFO in Munich in the 1950s. Most of the money was received by American researchers. So, the ruler laid out 200 thousand dollars for a study called “How many Americans were abducted by aliens.”

Facade of Garden Palace
Facade of Garden Palace
The Princely Collections, Vaduz – Vienna

According to the constitution, the prince is the head of state, he represents Liechtenstein abroad and has the right to pardon, his signature is necessary for the entry into force of laws adopted by parliament. In addition, financially, he is independent from the state – he lives on his own funds, and all roads of the principality are repaired on them. Hans-Adam II tried to expand his princely powers, receiving the full support of the population – however, the parliament still retains basic rights.

Officially, Hans-Adam II is still considered the ruling monarch, but he actually retired from business, transferring the day-to-day administration of the state to his son, Crown Prince Alois. He explained his decision as follows: he and his wife usually did not make large state visits, limiting themselves to only modest trips to Switzerland and Austria, but now is the time to see the world.

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