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The CIA, the Page 25 Mystery, and the Universe as a Hologram

The CIA, the Page 25 Mystery, and the Universe as a Hologram 1
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Old documents retrieved from the secret archives of the secret services regularly surprise researchers. As a rule, these surprises are associated with a rethinking of the events of history known to us. But sometimes it also happens that you have to rethink the scientific picture of the world.

One of the basic ideas at the heart of our world is both strange and indisputable – is that the humanity of our planet has two fundamentally different sciences.

One – the so-called “open science” or official – already knows almost everything about the world around us (as it believes), but in principle it is not able to give answers to simple children’s questions like “Who are we? Why are we here? Where are we going?”.

And there is also a fundamentally different science, the so-called “secret”. The scientists of which, although they are partially aware of the real structure of the world in which we live, we still need to learn a lot of very, very important things, but even what has already been established reliably is enough for them to understand the main thing: how deeply and fundamentally mistaken “open science” is in relying on its Standard Models of the structure of matter and space.

That is why not only answers to simple children’s questions, but even the basic understanding of how our consciousness works and how it relates to the structure of matter remain always unattainable – like a horizon – for open “official” science.

Speaking aloud, however, in our divided science, according to a long established tradition, is considered impermissible. Who exactly and when exactly this strange tradition started will not be considered here – because many facts and examples have already been provided in other articles.

But what is always interesting to consider in detail again and again is the next emergence of some old and curious documents from secret archives. For an important aspect of any serious activity (including secret science) is the bureaucratic side, which leaves behind a huge trace in the form of reporting documents. And for bureaucracy, most often it doesn’t matter whether the documents declassified according to the law correspond to the dogmas of open science, or, on the contrary, outrageously encroach on its taboos and “sacred foundations”.

Secret documents of a particularly explosive nature, however, may disappear without a trace from the archives or be “lost” before they are disclosed. This happens – and happens often, as you know, especially in cases around UFOs. But since the number of documents in secret vaults has long been running into the millions, it is probably understandable that a lot of things still leak into the public domain in the process of mass declassification. And if any of the curious documents of this “anti-scientific” kind are managed by Internet enthusiasts to track down, then really interesting things begin to happen.

This whole story around one of these events is completed when launched by a document forty years ago.

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CIA Report on the Gateway Project

Actually, the document from the secret archives received the name “CIA Report on the Gateway Project”, and it tells, no less, about the universal hologram of the cosmic superintelligence in the basics of the world in general and, in particular, how this fact of nature can be used spies for the practical needs of intelligence work

If you find and download this document, several important points immediately become clear.

Firstly, the report was prepared not by the CIA, but by one of the intelligence agencies of the US Department of Defense. Secondly, this document does not carry any standard secrecy or access restrictions. Thirdly, it was “declassified” not from the archives of the Ministry of Defense, but really from the archives of the CIA, and it was made publicly available almost 20 years ago, in 2003. Fourth, and finally, in the declassified 30-page document, one obviously important “lost” page number 25, which summarizes the analytical study, is noticeably missing.

In order to make it clearer not only why all these moments in this story are significant, but also under what circumstances such a document could have been prepared in the US military intelligence service, it makes sense to briefly outline the chronology of those events that are directly related to the appearance this report.

Brief chronology of events “before and after”

1950s. Robert Allen Monroe, formerly a radio engineer, and at that time already the owner and vice president of a broadcasting company, in the course of experiments on himself began to obtain results according to which sound signals of a specific structure have a tangible effect on the state of human consciousness and its abilities. Causing such, in particular, effects as a relaxed-drowsy state, an active-alert state, an expanded state of consciousness, etc.

1956 Robert Monroe created a research and development division as part of his company RAM Enterprises to study in depth the discovered effects of sound on human consciousness. Monroe was particularly interested in the phenomenon of “sleep learning”, or hypnopedia.

1958. Experimenting with the effects of sleep learning, Monroe discovers another unusual phenomenon. He describes it as a feeling of paralysis of the body and vibrations accompanied by a bright light. Over the course of six weeks of experiments, this sensation was repeated nine times, and its culmination was the experience of the exit of consciousness from the body or OBE (out-of-body experience), as Monroe began to call it.

The CIA, the Page 25 Mystery, and the Universe as a Hologram 2

1962. Monroe RAM Enterprises moves to Virginia and is renamed Monroe Industries. It develops a noticeable activity not only in the field of radio broadcasting, but also in cable television, and somewhat later in the market for the production / sale of audio cassettes. On such cassettes, in particular, the lessons of teaching everyone who wished to those applied technologies that were created during the development of the research division of the corporation began to spread. Which, accordingly, separated into an independent structure called The Monroe Institute.

1971. Robert Monroe publishes the book Journeys Out of the Body, which is entirely devoted to the popularization of OBE, that is, the phenomenon of out-of-body experiences he discovered. The book attracted the attention of scientific researchers, medical specialists and all those people who are interested in the phenomena of consciousness.

The CIA, the Page 25 Mystery, and the Universe as a Hologram 3

1972. In the lobby of the US military and intelligence agencies, a secret report is actively circulating, which collects and analyzes information that the Soviet Union is investing heavily in research on psychic phenomena and psychokinesis for espionage purposes.

1975. Robert Monroe files the first of several patents for audio technology to stimulate brain functions that synchronize the left and right hemispheres of the brain. This specific state of the brain is Monroe’s name “Hemi-Sync” (from hemispheric synchronization – synchronization of the hemispheres), and its usefulness, as stated, is that it promotes mental health, and can also cause altered states of consciousness.

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Between 1978 and 1984 U.S. Army veteran and part-time psychic Joseph McMoneagle is involved in approximately 450 secret “remote surveillance” missions as part of an intelligence project that later became known as “Stargate” (Project Stargate). In the relevant secret reports, it appears as “Remote View No. 1″. But this, however, is a completely different big story.

1983, June 9 On this day, the intelligence report Analysis and Assessment of The Gateway Process appears, in which Robert Monroe’s audio-psycho-technologies are examined in detail by the US Army intelligence officer, Lieutenant Colonel Wayne M. Mcdonnell. In this document, the author provides a variant of the scientific and physical basis for understanding such phenomena as the experience of out-of-body experiences, expanded and altered states of consciousness. It is to this report, in fact, that all this material is devoted.

2003. McDonnell’s report on the analysis and assessment of the Gateway Process is quietly and unobtrusively declassified from the CIA archives. Since at that time both the United States and the rest of the world were completely absorbed in the events of the war in Iraq, almost no one paid attention to the appearance of this document in the public domain.

2017. About 12 million pages of declassified documents from the CIA archives at a time were posted to free online access, fixing the work of the special services for half a century – from the late 1940s to the 1990s. Among the ocean of these documents, according to the testimony of the researchers diving there, there are many that are devoted to working with psychics and with altered states of consciousness. Notable analytical reviews from enthusiasts, however, have not yet been observed on this topic.

2020. Reddit’s online discussion boards are seeing a lively discussion of McDonnell’s Intelligence Report “Analysis and Evaluation of the Gateway Process” combined with the impressions of people who have personally experimented with Robert Monroe’s Gateway technologies.

2021. In the TikTok platform, a viral distribution of a series of materials dedicated to the same document, but already under the name “CIA Report on the Gateway Project” begins, which describes not only the secrets of the device of the consciousness of the universe as a hologram, but also experiments of spies with out-of-body travel through this hologram through space and time… At the same time, a mass campaign is unfolding with the demand of the Internet community to declassify the hidden and especially interesting “page 25” of the Report.

One of the most curious episodes of this story is that, despite the stubborn resistance of the CIA, the “lost” page was still found and widely published, and without the help of spies at all. But in order to understand and appreciate the importance of the information withheld, it is advisable to first read what is – in the most general terms – the actual Report of Intelligence Lieutenant Colonel Wayne McDonnell. Who, directly at the Monroe Institute, not only experienced the “Gateway experience”, having personally convinced himself of the reality of the incredible, but also managed to formalize the experience in generally accepted terms of science.

For the sake of preserving the proper “color of the intelligence report”, some of the informative pages of the document – the very beginning and the end – will be provided here. In the gap between them, it is convenient to build in a few comments clarifying a simple and indisputable fact related to a single holographic device of the universe and consciousnes.

The CIA, the Page 25 Mystery, and the Universe as a Hologram 4

“You tasked me to provide an assessment of the Gateway Experience in terms of its mechanics and ultimate practicality. As I set out to fulfill that tasking it soon became clear that in order to assess the validity and practicality of the process I needed to do enough supporting research and analysis to fully understand how and why the process works.

Frankly, sir, that proved to be an extremely involved and difficult business. Initially, based on conversations with a physician who took the Gateway training with me, I had recourse to the biomedical models developed by Itzhak Bentov to obtain information concerning the physical aspects of the process. Then I found it necessary to delve into various sources for information concerning quantum mechanics in order to be able to describe the nature and functioning of human consciousness. I had to be able to construct a scientifically valid and reasonably lucid model of the time-space dimension and the means by which expanded human consciousness transcends it in achieving Gateway’s objectives. Finally, I again found it necessary to use physics to bring the whole phenomenon of out-of-body states into the language of physical science to remove the stigma of its occult connotations, and put it in a frame of reference suited to objective assessment.

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I began the narrative by briefly profiling the fundamental biomedical factors affecting such related techniques as hypnosis, biofeedback and transcendental meditation so that their objectives and mode of functioning could be compared in the reader’s mind with the Gateway experience as the model of its underlying mechanics was developed. Additionally, that introductory material is useful in supporting the conclusions of the paper. I indicate that at times these related techniques may provide useful entry points to accelerate movement into the Gateway Experience.”

To use catchy phrases from TikTok video clips dedicated to this topic, an intelligence researcher-scientist “literally explains the following” further on the pages of this report:

  • Where do we go when we die;
  • What is consciousness;
  • That the universe is a hologram;
  • How time travel works.

The most important difference with the US Intelligence Report is that the basic source of information when recreating a new-old picture of the world (a picture that is very different from what official science paints for us, but without any problems pairing with physics and mathematics) are traditional psychotechnics and meditations of mystics.

In the Gateway Experience project, the basic foundations for the reconstruction of the picture were provided to the intelligence analyst not by yoga breathing exercises and meditation sessions, but by Robert Monroe’s audio technology lessons. Which, in order for people to acquire new information, transfer their consciousness to a similar altered state, but only do it much faster and based on modern technical achievements.

When, in the course of such lessons, the experimenter receives not only personal experience in obtaining information in an unusual – purely intuitive – way, but also actually samples of new unexpected information, then the time comes for additional research in order to somehow clearly explain to yourself and others how all this can happen at all.

And in the course of such additional research, it inevitably turns out that throughout the entire history of mankind known to us, they have always been able to do this. That is, among people always and everywhere there were those who not only knew how to receive a lot of valuable information in an intuitive way, but also coherently present the information received in those terms and concepts that were available to them in the corresponding period of history.

Approximately all these things – in close conjunction with the religious and philosophical searches of the mystics of antiquity – are also spoken of on the last pages of the Report, when it approaches “page 25”. That is, a page that was not only completely lost from the document in the CIA version, but also allegedly absent from there initially (according to the assurances of the intelligence service, which, however, few people believed).

Belief system considerations

The classic description of the universal hologram is found in the Hindu sutra, which reads:

“In the heavens of Indra, they say, there is a network of pearls, arranged in such a way that if you look at one, you will see all the others reflected in it.”

This quote demonstrates the concept of the universe and that at least some physicists are now beginning to accept it is identical in its most important aspects to that of the universe that was known to the enlightened elite of certain civilizations and cultures of the ancient world.

The theories and concepts presented in this report do not diverge from the basic principles of Judeo-Christian thinking. Let us mention the concept of the reality we observe (that is, the “created” world) as a kind of generation, emanation of an omnipotent and omniscient deity, the Absolute, completely unknown to us in its primary state of existence.

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In order to reach the state of self-understanding, the consciousness of the Absolute must have a projection-hologram of itself, and then perceive it. This hologram is a mirror image of the Absolute, which is in infinity, it also exists still outside of space and time, but it is one step separated from the Absolute and is an intermediary between it and all creation (all reality).

And so, accordingly, that eternal thought or concept of I-am, which comes from this self-awareness, serves |…

On the last word of the last line of page 24, the report, declassified from the CIA archives, suddenly breaks off, and then continues from page 26, where the final “Conclusions and Suggestions” of the document are formulated.

It is quite natural that the current curious public, which was very interested in such an unusual intelligence report almost 40 years ago, unanimously decided that the withdrawn 25th page certainly contained something extremely important – since they decided to hide it from everyone. But neither additional requests to the CIA, nor online collection of signatures demanding that the missing page be declassified – nothing helped. “Yes, this page was not there,” the spies sounded firmly in response to the public.

And just then – as is often the case in mystical films and romantic books – a small miracle happened. The missing page, which excited the public so much, appeared itself from where it never occurred to anyone to look for it – from the archives of the Monroe Institute. As it turned out, Wayne McDonell’s report was sent at one time not only to colleagues in related intelligence services, but also to the institution whose instructors directly trained the intelligence officer under the Gateway program.

And now, in the wake of the public’s soaring attention to the audio technologies of the Monroe Institute, they rightly decided that their own publication of the Report in its entirety would certainly contribute to the growth of sales of their main product now released on more modern digital media.

The CIA, the Page 25 Mystery, and the Universe as a Hologram 5

As for the content of page 25 itself, it looks like this:

“And so, accordingly, that eternal thought or concept of I-am, which comes from this self-awareness, serves] the Absolute as a model around which the entire evolution of space-time revolves, in order to ultimately achieve full reflection and union with It. This mental model, which perfectly captures the essence or “spirit” of the Absolute, is fully consistent with the metaphysical description of the Holy Spirit in Christianity.

Finally, our description of this entire universal hologram, or “Tor of Creation and Evolution,” is neither new nor original. Its application as a form of the universe, as a creation that develops through evolution, is found in the numerous and stylistically diverse representations of almost any of the religious systems of antiquity, whether in their Eastern or Western variations.

Whether it has a stylized view of the labyrinth once popular in the Greek world, or a coiled version of the Tree of Life of the Jews, or is it a Hindu version of the same, or a Chinese spiral of quaternary forces – the ultimate meaning of all these images is the same. Mystics around the world seem to perceive the universal hologram in the same spiral form and build this intuitive knowledge into their religious writings from ancient times to the present.”

Left hemispheric limitation

Twentieth century physics seems to be going back to revisiting discoveries that have been known to mankind since writing, at least. The only difference is that 20th century physics uses a left brain, linear logic and mathematical type of approach to the same knowledge that the mystics of antiquity apparently acquired through right brain intuitive and holistic approaches.

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As a tool in the hands of our left-brain culture, the Gateway technique appears to be a promising approach for achieving the intuitive, holistic type of interface between human consciousness and the universal hologram that is required to provide the context needed to find a solution. Such a context, for example, that thinkers like Einstein tried to find in their writings in search of a unified field theory in physics.

For people of a profession, whose concerns are centered around strategic issues, tactical issues and tasks in terms of system management, access to a new world of intuitive perception and self-immersion in oneself can, apparently, offer in the long term such means when knowledge is obtained in a truly objective way. .

This is so because the restrictions that we impose on ourselves on balanced perception and objective logic, the restrictions that our cultural and personal-psychological subjectivity dictates when relying on exclusively left-brain thinking – all this can be pushed aside by that holistic form of perception, which associated with altered states of consciousness. It has been pushed back to such an extent that we come to perceive ourselves completely in such a context, where we find ourselves a fragment of the universal hologram, which is a reflection of ourselves. Pushed back to the point where we find ourselves freed from the prison of subjectivity.


It was an axiom for the mystical philosophers of antiquity that the first step on the path to personal maturity could be summed up in a short aphorism: Know thyself.

For them, the education of man meant, as a primary step, the attainment of a focus of vision turned inward, so that what was within might be known before attempts were made to reach anything in the outer world. They quite correctly implied that a person cannot effectively evaluate and cope with what is happening in the world until he fully understands how to maintain his personal psychological balance.

The discoveries made in this context by the psychology of the 20th century – through the use of various methods of testing personality – look like a confirmation of these ancient intuitive insights. But no psychological test, not even a series of such tests, can ever replace the depth and completeness of such self-perception that can be achieved when the mind changes its state of consciousness to such an extent that it is able to perceive the actual hologram of itself – projected onto the universe in the appropriate context – as part of the universal hologram in a completely holistic and intuitively clear way.

This is what seems to be one of the main and real promises of the Gateway Experience, if you look at this program from the point of view of the possibilities for providing such a portal through which a person – who has spent months or years of training on mastering – in his search can come to find his true self, his personal self-realization and Truth in its most general sense.

After reading this fragment, each person is free to form an opinion for himself, what is there, in these lines, so “terribly secret”, why the page was torn out of the report and stubbornly did not want to show the people.

For in order to effectively manage the masses of the people, leaders always and everywhere require an obedient and preferably frightened herd of animals, and not a community of free people who know about their “divine origin” (or about the equivalence of their consciousness to the creative mind of the universe, if someone prefers such a wording).

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“Analysis and Evaluation of the Gateway Process” is a meaningful intelligence report addressed to the spy community with purely professional goals of improving the quality of espionage work in our “collective dream”. What the final part of the Report called “Conclusions” constructively and distinctly recalls.

We would like to draw special attention to the points related to the inevitable contacts of psycho-intelligence officers with “out-of-body forms of the mind” and to the methods of protection from the active influence of these “forms” – both on the spies themselves and on their project plans.


There is a strong rational basis for considering, in terms of the parameters of physical science, the Gateway program as being fully capable of achieving its main goals. Intuitive insights, not only of a personal nature, but also of a practical and professional orientation, are within the reach of reasonable expectations.

However, if you look at the task in terms of creating conditions for organizing a large-scale use of the potential of the Gateway, when it is desirable to reduce the time needed to achieve advanced states of altered consciousness to more acceptable limits, then it seems that a phased approach to mastering the Gateway Experience will be required. ) in accelerated mode.

The most promising approach proposed in this study involves the following steps:

A. Start by using the Gateway Hemi-Sync tapes to achieve advanced brain focus and trigger hemispheric synchronization.

B. Then add strong frequencies of REM sleep (rapid eye movement phases) to bring the left hemisphere into a state of rest and the body into a state of deep physical relaxation.

C. Provide hypnotic suggestions designed to allow the individual to initiate a deep auto-hypnotic state at will.

D. Use auto-hypnotic suggestion to achieve greatly improved focus concentration and motivation in exercises progressing rapidly to Focus 12.

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E. Then repeat steps A and B, following the auto-hypnotic suggestion that the effect of consciousness leaving the body should appear and be remembered.

F. Repeat step E until the out-of-body transition abilities are achieved while being in a controlled state of consciousness.

G. Achieve the goals of Focus levels 15 and 21 (going beyond space-time and interacting with new dimensions) from an out-of-body perspective.

H. Apply a multi-focal approach to addressing the problem of information corruption in terrestrial travel. This approach involves the use of three people in the out-of-body state. One observes the target object here in space-time, the other observes it from the positions of Focus 15 when the object is displaced into the near past, and the third observes it in Focus 21 when it is displaced from the near future. Interview all three and compare the data collected from the three perspectives. If care is taken that all three leave the body together, in the same environment, then their consciousness energy systems should resonate in a state of sympathetic oscillation. Then they will be able to tune in to the same goal in different plans (dimensions) with the greatest efficiency.

I. Encourage the acquisition of full self-awareness in all participants in the experiments to increase the objectivity of thinking and observations in the out-of-body state, as well as to remove those personal energy blocks that most often hinder rapid progress.

J. At the stage when the boundaries of space-time are overcome, be intellectually ready to respond to possible contacts with intelligent incorporeal forms of energy.

K. In order to protect against possible unwanted presences of out-of-body experience, organize groups of people in the Focus 12 state who have combined their altered consciousnesses to build protective holographic structures around sensitive areas.

L. Encourage more advanced Gateway participants to build holographic thought patterns that structure successful goal achievement and rapid progression to the advanced level to help colleagues progress through the stages of the Gateway system.

If these experiments are carried out, then there is hope that we will indeed find a portal to the effective development of the Gateway and to the world of practical applications of all the complex of techniques that make up this program.

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Our science, of course, should not be a schizophrenic split into “open” and “secret”. Not only for the reason that this is well understood by secret scientists who have a broader outlook and are not blinkered by dead dogmas for a long time. But also mainly, because of the applied tasks of secret science, the answers to “simple children’s questions”, which are vital for any normal people, are insignificant and simply uninteresting.

If the science of the military and special services is concerned only with how to find out the intentions of the enemies, how to find them all faster and more effectively destroy them, then it is probably clear that such a science has absolutely nothing to do with “Who are we? Why are we here? Where are we going?”.

On the other hand, this is exactly how – along with the beginning of understanding the simple answers to these questions – people will begin to realize the savagery of the situation in which the current official science finds itself. It seems to be open to everyone and everything, but at point-blank range it is not able to see or feel the gigantic world of consciousness of the universe. A single consciousness in which we all live and an important part of which we are.

And it would be really funny, of course, if the youth, albeit not very educated, but overwhelmed with enthusiasm and easily mastering everything new, hanging out in frivolous networks like TikTok, helped science learn to see all this.

Truly inscrutable are the ways to gaining a simple truth: “Know yourself – and you will be freed”.

Main sources:

Wayne M. Mcdonnell LTC, Subject: Analysis And Assessment Of Gateway Process. US Army Intelligence And Security Command, 9 June 1983 ( Full version from the Monroe Institute ; Declassified version from the US CIA )
TikTok users uncover 1983 CIA report about ‘Gateway Experience’ phenomenon . By Megan Sheets, Daily Mail, 17 February 2021
Found: Page 25 of the CIA’s Gateway Report on Astral Projection . By Thobey Campion, VICE, April 8, 2021
How to Escape the Confines of Time and Space According to the CIA . By Thobey Campion, VICE, February 16, 2021


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