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The Cannabis Conspiracy

The Cannabis Conspiracy 9

By Sam Leigh | whizba

There is a lot of propaganda targeted towards cannabis because of its male sibling (Hemp) and its potential to revolutionise many different markets and put a lot of corporations out of pocket.

The Cannabis Conspiracy 10

Hemp would have been revolutionary for numerous markets and industries, with applications across the board. It has the potential to put a lot of industrial giants in vulnerable positions. When we look at how it was made illegal in the first place, we can see that it was under the pretence of it being harmful for your health. The idea of it being harmful for your health, was based on bogus trials and studies which then begs the question… Why was it really made illegal?

The fact of the matter is that cannabis is beneficial to the health of the user, as long as it is not smoked with tobacco. Tobacco in itself is arguably the most damaging drug afflicting modern society.

Cannabis is often compared to Tobacco in terms of causing lung cancer. This is simply not true. The main reason tobacco smoke is so carcinogenic is because the smoke is irradiated. Cannabis smoke isn’t irradiated. The reason tobacco smoke is irradiated, and therefore so highly damaging, is because of the Phosphate fertilizer used to spray tobacco crops. It is called fertilizer but really it is little more than a dangerous compound, that is mined, then chemically processed using acid, and then sprayed on the plant throughout the growing process.

So, not only has mainstream science established that Cannabis is less harmful than Tobacco, the American Association for Cancer Research has found that cannabis works to slow down tumour growth in the lungs, breasts, and brain considerably. When applied as a concentrated oil, cannabis has been shown to dramatically shrink tumours and in some cases, heal terminally ill patients. Evidence for the latter is anecdotal, but it is documented evidence nonetheless.

The benefits and potential of both the male and female cannabis plant are exponential, and we are yet to discover just how therapeutic and useful they can be to society. One of the main challenges we face when looking to move this forward, are the legality issues that act as a roadblock for scientists looking to obtain the plant, and necessary funding for research.

Having looked at all the benefits of the cannabis plant, you should be wondering why it is still, for the most part, illegal. The answer is simple. Most, if not all, industries have, for a long time, been highly monopolised. Something as revolutionary as the cannabis plant would create vast opportunities for entrepreneurs, in turn taking a lot of money away from already established and monopolised industries, and result in upsetting a lot of people in some very high up places.

The Cannabis Conspiracy 11


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“The conspiracy lies in the fact we have been lied to..”

The tide is turning and there are grass roots movements popping up everywhere. The United States is ablaze with legalisation efforts on a state by state level. Also, many South American and European countries are beginning to relax the laws surrounding Cannabis.

The conspiracy lies within the fact that we have been lied to. There are powerful people who want cannabis illegal, not for the good of mankind, or for the health of your mind and body. But because there are industrial tycoons who will lose out on a lot of money if it is allowed to be traded as a free commodity. A lot of money has been spent on campaigning against the legalisation of cannabis.

The Cannabis Conspiracy 12

The amount of tax revenue a fully regulated and legal Cannabis market would generate is astonishing. That money could be used to enhance a lot of public services and reduce the need for so many budget cuts across the board.

If Hemp was legal it would abolish the need to destroy our rainforests for expensive timber, and replace the industry with sustainable hemp sources. If Hemp was legal, it would open the door to a lot of promising research into the field of bio fuels, which could revolutionise the energy market. If cannabis was legal, it would reduce the need for many addictive, harmful and expensive pharmaceutical drugs, that are currently prescribed to people suffering from diseases that could be treated safely and more effectively with Cannabis.

The Energy, Timber and Pharmaceutical industries would all suffer great losses if Cannabis was to be made legal.

This is why Cannabis is illegal. Furthermore, it is exactly why any laws surrounding the plant, which hinder or prohibit the use of it, for any individual, for any reason, should be abolished as soon as is reasonably possible.

The Cannabis Conspiracy 13

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