The British Army warned of the threat of a third world war

British Defense Chief General Nick Carter said global political instability and economic crisis due to the coronavirus pandemic could lead to a third world war. His words on Sunday, November 8, Reuters reports.

“We live at a time when the world appears to be very hectic and unstable, not to mention the familiar global competition between countries. Given how many local conflicts are unfolding across the planet, the risk of escalation due to miscalculation is quite real, ”Carter said.

In response to the question of whether the threat of a third world war is really realistic, the general said: “

I’m just saying that there is a risk and we need to take it into account.”

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He also called for remembering the victims of previous global confrontations in order to prevent their recurrence.

Earlier in October, Carter said that China and Russia are already waging a “political war” against the West to “break its will” through disinformation campaigns, cyber attacks and mass surveillance.

On October 2, Germany named the best tank for the third world war, if it had started several decades ago. It turned out to be a Soviet (Russian) T-72.


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