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Fact or fiction

The Bloodthirsty Indonesian Dolls – Fiction or Reality

The Bloodthirsty Indonesian Dolls - Fiction or Reality 11

Small Indonesia Monsters – Fiction or Reality?

Jenglot is a creature discovered in Indonesia. It looks like a small humanoid doll and appears to be a creature of modern times since its first reports of its existence were made in 1997. However, it is still not clear to this day whether the Jengloth is a truly supernatural being or simply a fraud, although many Indonesians they believe that the Jengloth possesses mystical powers.

The Bloodthirsty Indonesian Dolls - Fiction or Reality 12

The appearance

It is reported that for the first time a mysterious creature appeared in Indonesia, especially on the island of Java, in 1997. It is claimed that the creature can be found anywhere, such as underground, in tree trunks or even in the roofs of houses. It is commonly said that the Jenglot is several inches tall and looks like a tiny human being, though with sharp teeth, long nails and long hair.

The Bloodthirsty Indonesian Dolls - Fiction or Reality 13
Sometimes a creature is considered a vampire because it feeds on blood from an animal or a human. The owner of a Jenglot should supply it daily with drops of blood. If the owner does not provide this food, the people around him will be amazed. The blood should not be fed directly to the jug, but placed close to it. Some claim that the creature comes to life to drink blood when no one is around, while others claim that the Jenglot is able to get nutrients from the blood without even having to come in contact with it.

The origin

Some believe that dengue was once a human being. Tradition states that the creature was an ascetic or a hermit who practiced forbidden magic in an attempt to gain eternal life. When a person died, his body was thrown off the ground so that it would not decompose and then shrink to become a dwarf. It is believed that the Jengloth may be from local shamans after performing some magical rituals, although the creature may also appear on its own. Others believe that the dwarf is a supernatural creature that can only be captured and controlled by those who know how. There are also some who claim that Jenglot is a rare animal species that is unknown to science.

The Bloodthirsty Indonesian Dolls - Fiction or Reality 14

Others claim that jingles are nothing more than artificial objects. According to Muhammad Siakir Mohammed Azmi, a Malaysian Islamic practitioner, Jenglot can be made from ordinary materials. The price at which these objects are sold depends on how real they look, although, overall, they are cheap. On the other hand, the subject can also be made using animal fetuses. It is believed that the Jenglots made from this material are more efficient and therefore would bring a much higher price to the market.

The Bloodthirsty Indonesian Dolls - Fiction or Reality 15

The artificially made Jenglots are said to have no power of their own. Instead, through black magic, these beings receive their supernatural powers. It is believed that Jenglot can serve its master in a variety of ways – by providing protection, by acting as a talisman of luck, and may even take revenge on enemies.

The exhibitions

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The Bloodthirsty Indonesian Dolls - Fiction or Reality 16

One can see a Jenglot exhibited at temporary exhibitions in Indonesia and Malaysia. Those who do not accept that Jengloth is an artificial object claim that the creature can be killed. This will allow them to be exposed without being dangerous. To kill a Jenglot, one has to catch him in a bottle and deprive him of blood. Therefore, the jungles seen in these exhibitions should be dead.


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