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The Black Knight has been watching over our civilization for thousands of years

The Black Knight has been watching over our civilization for thousands of years 1

In the light of new projects to clean up the Earth’s orbit from space debris, ufologists have a hope that these “Augean stables” will finally be combed with the smallest comb. And they will find evidence of the existence of a mysterious object known as the “Black Knight”, which excites the minds for more than two decades. But if checking the near-earth space does not work and the legend is debunked, this is also a result.

There is only one known photograph of the “Black Knight” taken by cosmonaut Sergei Krikalev in 1998. According to the official version, it captures a piece of thermal insulation that astronaut Jerry Ross missed. But ufologists have a different opinion – the incident occurred during the installation of the first modules of the ISS, a historical event for humans. They believe that the “Black Knight”, being a spy satellite of an unknown civilization, could not miss it, but made a mistake and accidentally revealed itshelf.

"Black Knight"

Unknown forces are watching us from near space and evidence of this came throughout the XX century. The first was the scientist Nikola Tesla, who caught on his experimental receiver a radio signal coming from outside the atmosphere. In an interview with Albany Telegram in 1923, he claimed to have deciphered it, but that was where the story died down. It was continued in the 50-60s, when the United States launched the CORONA tracking system, and that, along with the launches of Soviet rockets, suddenly began to fix strange objects in the planet’s orbit.

In his autobiography, astronaut Gordon Cooper openly stated that he had encountered UFOs many times during his service. Later, he retracted his words, but decades later, the US military still admitted that such incidents did happen. Cooper was one of the pioneers, at that time humanity was rushing into space, and such activity could not be ignored by the “Black Knight”. But imperfect earthly technologies do not allow it to be discovered.

Some experts consider the legend of the “Black Knight” a project of the secret services, which is designed to inspire people to explore space. No wonder both words in the title are written with a capital letter – it is much more interesting to look for a mysterious object than cosmic dust and debris. Other experts believe that the Earth has long been under the observation of aliens, who for this purpose leave their satellites in orbit. And the “Black Knight” has been watching over our civilization for thousands of years, if not more.

Source – Popular Mechanics


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