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The Bizarre Tale Of The Old Car On Highway 167

The Bizarre Tale Of The Old Car On Highway 167 86

Larry Conrad and his business partner Charlie had just finished eating lunch at a small diner in Abbeville, Louisiana. The two men didn’t know it at the time but they were about to have an experience that would haunt and mystify them for the rest of their lives.

The date was October 20, 1969, the time was about 1:30 pm. The two men got in their car and began the trip of approximately 15 miles to Lafayette on Highway 167.

Traffic was very light with just one car ahead of the men and one behind. The car in front of Larry and Charlie was a long distance away when they first noticed it, but it appeared to be going at a very low rate of speed as the men rapidly approached the vehicle.

As they got closer they could see that the car was very old, they estimated it to have been late 1930s vintage. The old car was in perfect condition as if it had just been driven off the dealer lot, it even had an orange Louisiana license plate with the year 1940.

After admiring the old car for a couple of minutes Larry and Charlie decided to pass the slow-moving car. As they pulled up beside they could see that a woman was driving and there was a young child on the seat.

The woman was dressed in very old clothing, a style that would have been normal at the time the car was new but was very out-of-place in 1969. What bothered the two men though was the very frightened look on the woman’s face.

Thinking that she may need help, they motioned and mouthed words to the woman as the windows on the old car were rolled up.

Eventually, the old car pulled to the side of the road and stopped. Larry and Charlie pulled their car over and stopped in front of the woman’s car. The two men were shocked when they got out of the car and looked back, the old car along with the woman driver and young child had vanished.

The baffled men looked at each other not saying a word when the car that had been driving behind them arrived and stopped. The driver of that car was very animated and demanded to know what happened to the old car. Of course Larry and Charlie had no idea of what happened other than the car vanished.

The man told them he had seen the old car pull to the side of the road and saw Larry and Charlie park in front of the car. He said the old car blocked part of his view of the two men’s car momentarily, then it was simply gone.

The three Men talked about calling police but decided that would be pointless. The area surrounding the highway was flat open land, the woman could not have driven off the road.

There was no reason to search for her because there was no place for her to go. After some time the men, with no understanding of how, had to admit to themselves that the old car had disappeared right in front of them.

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Bizzare & Odd

The mystery of the “Mandalorian” with a Jetpack flying behind a plane is revealed

The mystery of the “Mandalorian”    with a Jetpack flying behind a plane is revealed 93

Documents have been released revealing the secret of a man with a rocket pack who flew behind passenger planes, according to The Drive.

The owner of The Black Vault, John Greenewald, took advantage of the US Freedom of Information Act to secure the publication of material relating to the rocket pack incident. From the records of the air traffic controllers’ conversations, which he received, it follows that the man maneuvering at an altitude of about 900 meters was noticed by several pilots. At the same time, the radars did not record a single object that would correspond to their description.

It also turned out that in early September 2020, government officials contacted David Mayman, the chief tester of the California-based company Jetpack Aviation, which develops rocket packs. Meiman said that the company had not flown for several months, and questioned the existence of rocket packs that would allow them to climb and hold at an altitude of 900 meters.

Another letter provided to Greenwald mentions that the FBI interrogated an American Airlines pilot who spoke of a man with a jetpack. During the conversation, he confirmed that the figure he noticed resembled a drone in the form of a man from a video filmed at the German Aircraft Modeling Festival in 2019.

This is a radio-controlled drone that was built by model aircraft designer Ralph Kayser. It resembles a life-size human figure, but weighs less than five kilograms. The Rotor Drone Pro website wrote that the device is made from a paintball suit stuffed with packing film and can stay in the air for up to eight minutes.

The incident leading to the investigation took place on August 30, 2020. According to press reports, an unidentified person with a jetpack flew approximately 270 meters from an American Airlines plane landing at the Los Angeles airport. In October, the man with the rocket pack was reported by several other pilots in southern California.

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Bizzare & Odd

An abnormal phenomenon on Earth captured from space: NASA and ESA have never seen such lightning

An abnormal phenomenon on Earth captured from space: NASA and ESA have never seen such lightning 94

The Atmosphere-Space Interactions Monitor (ASIM) observatory has recorded five blue jets , an anomalous type of lightning that strikes from the top of a thundercloud into the stratosphere. This is reported in an article published in the journal Nature.

On January 20, a video filmed from the International Space Station was posted on the channel of the European Space Agency, which puzzled all academics who study the atmosphere and build theories about how everything works there:

The 10 microsecond jets were sighted on February 26, 2019, near Nauru Island in the Pacific Ocean. One of the lightning flashes produced a jet that reached the stratopause – the boundary between the stratosphere and the ionosphere at an altitude of about 50 to 55 kilometers. In addition to the jets, “elves” were recorded, which are expanding rings of optical and ultraviolet radiation in the stratosphere, lasting no more than a millisecond.

Electrical phenomena in the upper atmosphere are poorly understood and attract a lot of attention from physicists from around the world. They are short-lived and vary greatly with altitude. 

Blue jets occur during electrical breakdown between the positively charged top of a thundercloud and the negatively charged air layer above it. As a result, a leader is formed – a conducting channel of ionized air, through which the discharge propagates. However, in this case, the radiation from the leader was weak, which indicates that the leader itself was short compared to the conductive channels of conventional lightning.

The blue jets belong to streamers – branched filaments of electrical discharges, similar to those generated by Tesla coils. In addition, blue jets are more likely to occur as a phenomenon than previously thought.

Some of the most mysterious are the “elves”. Their name comes from the abbreviation ELVES , which stands for “Emission of Light and Very Low Frequency perturbations due to Electromagnetic Pulse Sources.”. These phenomena reach four hundred kilometers in diameter and occur at an altitude of about one hundred kilometers. The list of optical phenomena associated with electrical discharges in the upper atmosphere does not end there. There are also TROLL , Pixie , Ghost, and Gnome , but their nature is even less understood. 

There is nothing like this, that is, such strange huge lightning has never been observed before. Something is happening in the Earth’s atmosphere, and it started quite recently. How it will end and what will result in – we do not know, since people living today have no such experience.

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Bizzare & Odd

Ancient asteroid sent dinosaur bones into moon

Ancient asteroid sent dinosaur bones into moon 95

The impact of the asteroid that destroyed the dinosaurs 66 million years ago was so powerful that it sent into space huge volumes of earth’s soil and rocks from the crash site. But together with them, he could send into orbit the remains of living beings, including dinosaurs.

Such a possibility is discussed in the book “The End of the World” by the scientific journalist and winner of several awards Peter Brannen, according to the Daily Mail.

It is known that an asteroid or meteorite about 10 km in size collided with the Earth 66 million years ago, forming the Chikshulub crater on the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. About 15 trillion tons of ash and soot were thrown into the air. Because of  this, during the day it was dark on Earth, like a moonlit night.

As a result of the lack of light in plants, photosynthesis slowed down, which could lead to a decrease in the concentration of oxygen in the atmosphere. Temperatures on continents dropped by 28 ° C, in oceans by 11 ° C. The disappearance of phytoplankton has led to the extinction of zooplankton and other marine animals. Other species died after them. 

This is one of the largest mass extinctions in the history of the Earth, which is called the Cretaceous-Paleogene. Brannen, trying to make the numbers more descriptive, points out that the asteroid (or meteorite) was larger than Everest and crashed into the atmosphere 20 times faster than a flying bullet. At the same time, the pressure of the atmosphere was so strong that a crater in the Yucatan began to form even before the asteroid fell.

The “response” release of soil into the atmosphere occurred only within a second or two after the impact and was incredibly powerful.

“So there are probably little pieces of dinosaur bones on the moon,” Brannen suggests.

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