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The Aztec UFO crash

The Aztec UFO crash 7

Despite the fact that in incidentology this incident is often called the “second Roswell”, very few people remember it. This incident does not even come close to the cult and popularity of the Roswell incident itself.

In March 1948, an unidentified object flying through the sky, abruptly changing course and falling somewhere in the desert rocky area of ​​Hart Canyon, near Aztec, New Mexico, USA.

The main witnesses of this event are two workers from the local oil platform – Silas Newton and Leo Gebauer. They were at work when they saw a “huge metal disk” in the sky.

The Aztec UFO crash 8
Shot from the X-Files series

The disc was about 30 meters in diameter and looked impressive, with no traces of joints and rivets on its metal surface, as if it had been poured. The disc fell to the ground, but there was no visible damage to the outside.

As Newton and Gebauer approached, they saw that there were several openings in the disk. When looking at one of them, they noticed that there were at least 16 bodies of low humanoid creatures on the floor. Their bodies were covered with dark soot, as if they had been hit by a fire, possibly when there was a fire in the disc.

The same day, the workers called the police and told them about the fallen corpses. Officers arrived and examined the drive for a long time. After that, they called the military. When they arrived, they quickly enclosed the entire territory, and then took the disk with them. They ordered everyone present to remain silent about what was seen.

For almost a year, Newton and Gebauer remained silent, fearing the threats of the military, but then broke their silence and told the journalist Frank Scully about all that had happened. In 1949, Scully published their story in the popular Variety Magazine and described the UFO crash near Aztec. Later, the journalist published a book detailing the incident, entitled “Behind the Flying Saucers.”

The Aztec UFO crash 9

Both the articles and the book are gaining popularity. But, at one point, Scully and the two eyewitnesses are indicted. Even some ufologists consider the whole story to be forgery and fraud.

The fact is that the two workers claimed to have succeeded in taking some of the objects from the fallen UFO and then tried to sell them as “alien technology”. There were rumors that they made up the whole UFO story to sell expensive ordinary parts from different machines.

One of these “artifacts” ran into a journalist from the San Francisco Chronicle. He submitted it to a research laboratory, where they determined that the “alien artifact” was made of a simple piece of aluminum.

Because of these revelations, the whole story of the UFO crash to Aztec was quickly forgotten. Even at one point, Newton and Gebauer themselves admitted that everything was a hoax.

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30 years later, in the early 1980s, a ufologist recalls the story of the UFO crash to Aztec, taking it out of the dusty archives and looking at it in a new light. According to him, all this could have been reality.

When the UFO case at Aztec falls into the famous ufologists Scott and Susan Ramsay, they begin to check the facts set out in articles and books. According to them, the whole of the revelations is like a carefully crafted scenario that will discredit workers’ testimonies.

Scott Ramsay says:

“From 1952 to 1986, no one would touch the Aztec incident. As if it was “poisoned” by the allegations of forgery, UFO researchers did not want to deal with it.

We have carefully examined this case and concluded that the authorities were ready to even completely ruin the lives of two or three people (if you include journalist Scully) in order to conceal the information. If you look at the original eyewitness accounts, it is not possible to disprove them. “

The Aztec UFO crash 10

In 2011, Ramsey draws attention to a strange FBI document entitled “Hottel Memo Report” written by Guy Hottel, head of the FBI’s local Washington office in 1950, addressed to the FBI chief John Edgar Hoover.

The document has been published in the archives of the FBI’s official website and, over the next few years, it often appears as a document that “officially confirms the cover up of aliens by US authorities.”

It specifically states that:

“An Air Force source said three so-called flying saucers had been stationed at a base in New Mexico. They are described as round, center-raised and approximately 50 feet (15 meters) in diameter. There were three human-like figures in each.

They were 3 feet (90 cm) high, dressed in very fine metallic fabric with straps, similar to pilots’ gadgets. According to Mr. G. (name is hidden), these discs were found in New Mexico with a very powerful radar in the area. Radar is thought to have responded to dish mechanics. “

In 2013, the FBI finally commented on this note and said that it did not confirm anything, but merely outlined any information obtained through a second or third person. However, many ufologists are still convinced that this note accidentally “leaked” from an FBI secret file and is completely correct.

It describes the Roswell incident, but Scott Ramsay is sure it has something to do with the Aztec incident.

First, because according to eyewitnesses, one disc is broken in Roswell but three in the FBI note. And secondly, there was a strange case where a Denver resident tried to sell photos that he claimed were taken at the scene of a UFO crash in Aztec. There is information that the FBI has been stubbornly following this person to obtain these photographs.

If the Aztec incident did not exist, why would the FBI try to get the photos?

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