The Awakened among us: They seem to be ordinary people, but on the other hand they are not like everyone else

They are free from imposed false values, stereotypes and patterns of perception and behavior. They seem ordinary, but on the other hand they are not like everyone else. These people live among us and do not stand out from the crowd.

Certain people are well aware of the laws of the matrix and society, adapt well, but will never do something against their will, in the name and for the crowd.

It is not the trodden paths that show them the way, but the voice of the heart, which is louder and more conscious than that of most average people. They value their freedom, because they are independent, energetic and able to influence events and the surrounding reality.

Their hearts are on fire. No one can put out this fire. The more you give them unsolicited advice, the more they will pull away. They listen well, but only accept what resonates with them.

The burning of the heart is the most powerful energy that feeds your dreams. Modern people no longer burn with love, do not burn with desires. They have lost their fire. They do things not because they want to, but because they have to.Robin Sharma

You will not always be able to feel them, realize who is standing in front of you as at first glance, they seem to be ordinary average citizens.

But one has only to start interacting with them, turn off thinking, and you will feel

In the beginning, something will shrink inside you, but after that, you will experience a deep calm and serenity.

You will be as if next to a powerful source of energy, strength and fullness.

It is not always possible to understand what exactly they stand out for. But try to look into their eyes, they never lie and glow with a deep light of fullness and harmony. The mere presence next to these people fills you with goodness, energy, peace, as well as an unknown force that you want to follow.

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Their special feature is that they will achieve a lot, and they are confident in their success

And most importantly, they deserve everything they have achieved.

They won’t do what they don’t need to; take what does not belong to them.

They want to leave behind something useful for this world.

Such people do not need awards and thanks. It is important for them to know that they were able to help at least one lost soul, that their efforts saved someone.

By their example, they show that life can be lived in Love and harmony with oneself, that each person is capable of more.

They know that inside everyone there are incredible opportunities given by the Universe. Power is felt in their words and deeds.

Power beyond words and thoughts, the power of the Spirit.

The power of uniqueness, the power of an open, burning heart.

With their burning ideas, they are able to charge anyone who is desperate or in need, to light a flame in their hearts, because everyone has unlimited potential.

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