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The Art of Remembering

Memories shape our personality, and what will remain of it if they disappear? How much better it would be if everyone had an absolute eidetic memory. Eidetic, it is also photographic, memory (from the Greek word “eidos”, that is, “image”) – the ability to recall almost any visual image ever seen. The man looked at the photo for a couple of minutes, and it will be deposited in his memory for the rest of his life, the same with films, pages of the book, not to mention real events.

In some cases, eidetic memory goes beyond visual perception, extending to sounds when they are inextricably linked with pictures. Some experts also distinguish between the concepts of eidetic and photographic memory, referring to the first bright and colorful visual and sound images, and to the second – remembering exclusively text and numbers, without any visualization.

Standing apart is the phenomenon of hypermnesia, which allows an individual to remember and reproduce vast amounts of information. A more special case is hyperthymesia. The same, but only for those data that relate to their own personal life.

All these concepts, as well as their variations, are often mixed in one heap, called absolute memory, not only in the muddy quagmire of public consciousness, but also in quite serious articles on psychology. Someone claims that true eidetic memory does not exist at all, someone promises to help develop it only in a series of very inexpensive courses. The latter, however, are most likely scammers.

But what about real personalities, historical and not very, showing the very “nonexistent” perfect memory? It is no secret that Julius Caesar and Napoleon Bonaparte are on the list of the greatest commanders in history because of their victories and impressive mental abilities. In particular, each of them showed miracles of memory. Caesar knew the face of each of the 25 thousand soldiers of his army. Napoleon remembered all the maps of the terrain and the location of the troops he had seen.

But these are generals and rulers, but what about others and more close to us in time? One of the most striking examples is Nikola Tesla, whom some praise as the inventor of everything in the world, others as an outstanding scientist, but an arrogant braggart.

Nevertheless, the achievements of the Serbian genius cannot be denied, and his incredible memory is mentioned in almost any biographical summary. For example, a scientist could recite Goethe’s beloved Faust by heart, and this is more than 400 pages of not the simplest text. In addition, Tesla was fluent in eight languages: Serbo-Croatian, Latin, Italian, German, English, French, Hungarian and Czech.

Tesla’s acquaintances said that he rarely kept notes, since he remembered almost all the necessary information. And this came in handy in 1885, when after a terrible fire in the laboratory he had to recover from memory most of the inventions stored there.

Even closer to modernity is the American Kim Peak, who served as the prototype for the famous character from Rain Man. Unlike the hero from the film, Peak did not receive a fabulous inheritance and did not go with his brother on a car trip across the country, but his memory was even more impressive.

Unable to fasten his shirt normally, an eccentric with an absurd gait remembered about 12 thousand books read and tens of thousands of smaller texts – stories, articles, telephone directories. The peak could play without hesitation all international dialing codes and postal codes, all possible US roadmaps, and thousands of pieces of music. At the same time, with age, his memory did not fade, but, on the contrary, worsened.

Finally, the American actress Marilyn Henner can boast of the very rare case of hyperimesia, with high accuracy recalling every day of her life, starting from early childhood. The process of such memories, according to her, does not cause any effort – as if you press a button on the player, and playback starts.

At about this point, the reader may exclaim: “So it’s wonderful!” – and start flipping through numerous Internet articles with tips for developing absolute memory. But there is a reason why hypermnesia and hyperthymesia are generally considered mental disorders, and not a gift from God.

The ability to remember, as if to press a button in the player, occurs once in dozens of cases, and in the rest, memories from super-memory come to the surface without demand, eclipsing the present for a person, simply interfering with life. Moreover, numerous studies show that the mechanism of forgetting unnecessary information is crucial for the assimilation of new knowledge.

And the matter concerns not only numbers from old accounts and passwords, but also impressions and experiences. We carefully store in memory the moments of personal life that are dear to us, for example, praise from parents, first kiss, birth of a child. But with the same success, the memory also grasps the negative, forcing us to return to shameful and sad memories against our will.

Have you ever been unable to fall asleep recalling the mistakes of youth? Did not dare to take a serious step in the relationship, having burned yourself many years ago? But all the fault is a good memory, albeit extremely selective. It is important to learn from mistakes, and not to go in cycles, but hypermnesia and eidetic will not ask your opinion. Welcome to sleepless nights with thoughts of what you have done wrong in life. By the way, sleep is one of the most important mechanisms for maintaining a healthy memory, which allows you to smooth out unnecessary sharp corners.

The human brain is a very complex mechanism, and it is still not completely known how and where certain memories are stored. Complaining about a bad memory, we usually mean something specific – birthdays, forgotten keys and phones, passwords, PIN codes, household duties. Just at such moments, the ghosts of Caesar and Tesla float behind them, giggling at the miserable mortals, unable to touch their greatness.

Only here is a funny fact: with the highest probability, Caesar also forgot about household trifles, just like you and me. He remembered the soldier faces but forgot where he put his favorite belt. Because different parts of the brain that are far from always friendly are responsible for different memories. The mnemonist Brad Williams once noticed that, despite his amazing memory, he constantly loses keys and cannot find them. But, unlike everyone else, he remembers exactly what day it happened.

The temptation of absolute memories is understandable, but still do not envy the departed and living geniuses. Real and not very difficult exercises for the development of the necessary areas of memory without the need to “take pictures with your eyes” every past day are available everywhere. The memory of the right things is a real art, but it is inferior without the ability to forget.


Metaphysics & Psychology

Otherworldly essences of larva: what you need to know about them

Larvae are energy parasites or entities that can penetrate the human field. In the future, they accumulate heavy and disharmonious energy, as a result of which the psychological and physical state of health deteriorates significantly.

What are larvae

Many people know that there are otherworldly essences of larva, that you need to know this. It must be understood that every thought is material. It is for this reason that a person is surrounded by an energy shell that can live independently. Larva does not have its own consciousness, but it is an energy parasite. Larva can take energy and human health in order to continue to exist.

Larvae appear under the influence of human life, because actions and the energy world are closely connected with each other. Energy entities are present everywhere, and they can exist even for a long time. Larvae will exist for a long time if a person feeds them with their energy. As a result, a person becomes dependent on his desires, although he notes a rapid deterioration in health and even begins to fall into a depressed state.

Otherworldly essences of larva: what you need to know about them

Larvae according to their internal content are divided into 3 large groups:

1. Small. They are responsible for the immediate wishes of the people. It is easiest to deal with such larvae, since it is enough to satisfy a desire or endure and refuse to perform actions. Such larvae are emitted up to hundreds of times a day, and there is no particular harm to humans.
2. Medium. In this case, everyday habits appear, which can be guaranteed to be abandoned with a great desire. You need to understand that to combat negative character traits will require more time and effort. Success largely depends on the manifestation of your character. In order to notice obvious changes, you need to regularly overpower yourself.
3. Large. Habits become serious, and it is difficult to get rid of them on their own. Large larvae are also responsible for pronounced psychological complexes.

In any case, the otherworldly essences of the larva can cease to exist if a person tries to change his life.

Otherworldly essences of larva: what you need to know about them

What to do

It is recommended to strive for positive and fight bad thoughts, habits. If you strive to improve yourself and improve your health, get rid of habits, you can note the positive impact of actions on yourself.

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Metaphysics & Psychology

Accounts of Pets and Wild Animals Showing Clairvoyant Abilities

Animals have many abilities that defy scientific explanation. Timely premonitions, predicting future, ability to travel vast distances to their owners are some of them.

Many animals have a highly developed sixth sense. Besides homing pigeons, several other animals can find their way home as well – sometimes over vast distances. Pets are often empathic to the mood and energy of their owners.

Animals also have highly advanced sensors that can detect events such as earthquakes before they actually happen. Many pet owners know that their cats and dogs have an uncanny knack of anticipating when their owners are coming home.

Animals and After Death Communication

An American, Herbert J. Rebhan graduated in 1984 from veterinary school, and went to work in the central African country of Malawi, as a Peace Corps volunteer.

He twice saved the lives of two frail, sick, pups, Bozo and Skippy, that were not expected to live.

When Rebhan was attacked by a rabid hyena one rainy day, the dogs Bozo and Skippy engaged in a fierce fight, killed the hyena and quickly vanished. The vet, who distinctly knew Skippy and Bozo, would learn later that Bozo and Skippy had died several months before saving his life.

The dogs were apparently able to defy death to help their friend.

Wild Animals Saving Humans in Distress

Beaky, a bottle nosed dolphin, lived off the English coast in the 1970s. The 12-foot dolphin has been credited with saving several lives on many different occasions.

On one occasion in 1976, Keith Monery, an experienced diver, experienced difficulties. His life jacket filled with water, Monery was having difficulties staying float.

Before a fellow diver could respond to Monery’s distress signal, Beaky the dolphin, swam underneath him and gently nudged the diver up to the surface.

Only after the distressed diver received help from the rescue crew, did Beaky swim away.

Other Accounts of Pets Showing Paranormal, Psychic Behavior

There are many accounts of pets showing ability beyond scientific explanation. Some of them are:

– In 1976, a golden retriever named Lisa began barking at a British embassy building in Beijing. Her barking awoke second secretary, Richard Margolis, who was convinced that the dog knew something was wrong. He awoke the embassy staff and fled the city before a massive earthquake.

– In the 1960s, Missie the Boston terrier, became a celebrity because of her ability to know details about people and predict the future.

– Chris, a part-beagle, mixed-breed dog, lived with George and Marion Woods in Rhode Island in the 1950s. He had an uncanny ability to read minds, foresee the future, and even make horse racing predictions.

Animals’ endearing qualities of unconditional love, undeterred loyalty and fierce faithfulness are not all that make them great friends for humans. They also have unexplainable qualities of intuition, sixth sensory perception and a psychic skills that can make pet owners wonder about the deeper meanings of life, living and life after death.

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Metaphysics & Psychology

Scientists have found out what people see and feel at the time of death

Many people believe that before death, a person sees numerous pictures from his own life. Israeli scientists have decided to check whether this is true.

Scientists from the University of Hadassah studied the experience of two hundred people who “returned from the dead” and were able to find out a lot of interesting details.

People shared their feelings at the time of death, and it turned out that they all felt about the same thing. The passage of time slowed down, and before the eyes, “fragments” from life really flashed. The frames arose inconsistently and randomly, but always these were moments of vivid memories.

Why at the end of life, does a person see his own memories? According to neuroscientists, this is due to the fact that the prefrontal, medial temporal and parietal lobes of the brain are activated, where blood supply retains longer. Accordingly, oxygen also comes with the blood, and therefore these segments of the brain live longer than other.

The authors of the scientific study also explained that a “near-death movie” can occur before the eyes of a person who is in serious danger or under stress, but the pictures will be less realistic and much dimmer than at the time of death.

This is due to the high concentration of the stress hormone – adrenaline, which makes the blood rush more actively to the above areas of the brain and saturate them with oxygen.

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