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The Arab-Israeli conflict and prophecies about the “Third Temple”: A Prophetic Look into the Future

The Arab-Israeli conflict and prophecies about the “Third Temple”: A Prophetic Look into the Future 1
Photo: Pixabay | Artificial intelligence showed what the end of the world will look like

Why did the Palestinian-Israeli conflict flare up again? Let’s move politics aside for now and turn to esoteric meanings. Let us remember the ancient prophecies, which, as we know, must necessarily come true.

In the fall of 2012, to the surprise of many, statesman Henry Kissinger announced to the press that in 10 years Israel would cease to exist. In 2022, those who closely followed the speeches of the former Secretary of State breathed a sigh of relief: the agreed period had expired, and the State of Israel continued to stand firmly on its feet. However, 2023 has again forced Israelis and Jews scattered around the world to look to the future with anxiety.

Let us recall that former Secretary of State and Advisor to the US President Henry Kissinger was considered one of the most ardent supporters of realpolitik.

Being an ethnic German, he fully shared the views on the political activities of the great Chancellor Otto von Bismarck and always adhered to practical considerations, ignoring the emotional and moral sides of the issue. In this regard, his opinion on the fate of Israel is of great interest.

Now Kissinger’s statements no longer seem absurd. This person is an active follower of the promotion of the ideology of universal Americanization, and as if he knows in advance what will happen. Even if not at the exact deadline, but with a slight temporary deviation.

Is the Messiah coming?

The Israeli Kabbalist Rabbi Yitzhak Kaduri also knew about the impending disaster, but he believed that it was necessary to act “by contradiction.” Shortly before his death, the rabbi called on all Jews to return to their historical homeland. In his opinion, the Promised Land should protect the nation from large-scale natural disasters.

The rabbi declared that the Almighty would send punishment on the states of the world in order to facilitate the judgment of the Land of Israel. He called on all Jews to take this warning seriously and return to Israel to build the Temple and meet the coming of the Messiah with dignity.

Endless confrontation

The famous seer Ruth Montgomery, who received information from certain spiritual guides, reported about the war between Israel and the Muslim people, which will have no end.

The confrontation will continue until Israel realizes that it is wrong. Jews consider themselves God’s chosen people, but how are they different from others? It is foolish to expect that the differences between Jews and Islamists will end before people find peace in their own souls. The flame of this fire will flare up until reason prevails over hatred and greed, the fortuneteller believed.

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Elders once said that the Middle East will turn into an arena for battles, into which Russia will also be drawn. China will also take an active part in it, gathering an army of 200 million bayonets under its banners. The Chinese will cross the Euphrates and reach Jerusalem.

The harbinger of the Great War will be the destruction of the Mosque of Omar, on the site of which the Jews will begin to rebuild the Temple of Solomon. At some point they will want to take control of Europe as well. Ultimately, the Europeans will run out of patience and they will unite into one Christian army.

And Messiah will come…

There is an opinion that the Jews returned to the Promised Land and revived Israel in order to build Solomon’s Third Temple. It is believed that every 1-2 thousand years the matrix is ​​rebooted, that is, a certain idea that will be dominant in the next few thousand years. And whoever uploads his idea now will be the master of the situation. This is the global task that has now captured the minds of the Jews.

But for this to happen, the Messiah is missing, who will become the king of the whole world, the Jews as his assistants, and everyone else as slaves. But what needs to be done for the Messiah to come? It’s simple – to re-build the Temple of Solomon or the Third Temple, which was once destroyed by the Romans.

Why did the Palestinian-Israeli conflict flare up again?  Let's move politics aside for now and turn to esoteric meanings.-2

Each generation of Jews waits for the Messiah, who will appear before the chosen people, and everyone will immediately understand that it is he who is the king of the world. They did not see the Messiah in Jesus, they decided that he was an impostor, and for this they crucified him.

The Jews studied the ancient prophecies more carefully and realized that Messiah will come only when the Temple of Solomon appears on Earth again.

Oh those insidious Ottomans

Prophecies about the Third Temple also reached the rulers of the Ottoman Empire. And then, on the site of Solomon’s Temple, the Al-Aqsa Mosque was built, which became the main shrine of Islam.

It was erected by order of Caliph Umar ibn al-Khattab. He commanded his subjects to lie down with bones, but not to allow the mosque to be destroyed. It was as if the Caliph had sealed this place on the Temple Mount with a mosque.

Return to the Promised Land

Why did the Palestinian-Israeli conflict flare up again?  Let's move politics aside for now and turn to esoteric meanings.-3

Jews are a rich, intelligent and enterprising people. They could live anywhere and thrive anywhere. Why were they so drawn back to the Promised Land? Why not choose a wonderful climate and developed civilization? Why go into the desert again and start from scratch? Well, of course, to recreate the Third Temple.

In order to form their own state in those lands, it was necessary to expel the Arabs who had been living there for a long time. First, settle, then integrate into the local population, slowly begin to squeeze them out, create an army capable of holding back the backlash of the entire Muslim world. And it is imperative to create special services for this army, and so strong that they can corrupt the entire world community, in order to take them out of the game in advance, at the right time.

At hour X, the mosque could be blown up and, thanks to the latest technologies, build the Third Temple in a month. And now it seems that this hour X is already on the threshold.

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April 22, 2024 – hour X for Jews?

Why did the Palestinian-Israeli conflict flare up again?  Let's move politics aside for now and turn to esoteric meanings.-4

To call upon Messiah, it is necessary to perform a special ceremony by sacrificing a red cow. This cow must be at least three years old and not have a single white hair in its fur. Such cows – the red heifers were found, five of them. You can find many videos about them on the Internet.

These cows will turn three years old in a little more than six months – April 22, 2024. On this day, the Jewish Passover will just begin, and by this moment everything should already be built, the cows delivered and the rabbis ready for the ceremony. So next year the Jews want to welcome Messiah, their king, who in the Christian religion is called the Antichrist, and in Islam – the Dajjal.

The continuation of this story has already been described by John the Apostle in his “Revelations”. And whoever wins this battle will rule the world for the next ten centuries. So now the fight is for the future.


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