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The Anunnaki and the stolen Tables of Destiny : The source of their wisdom

In Sumerian mythology, the “Tables of Destiny” or “Tables ME”, were a computer library consisting of a set of chips that contained all the information on war tactics, star maps, navigation routes and also, were the key to Activate or neutralize all the Anunnaki spacecraft.

Tables of Destiny

When these ” beings from heaven ” arrived on our planet, seven main cities were initially built, which would be the strategic points of Enlil’s plan to carry out his mission on Earth. These cities were located in present-day Iraq, between the Tigris and the Euphrates. In the region currently known as Mesopotamia. Then, the Anunnaki called the Edin region. That in later cultures the name derived in Eden.

After Eridú “place in the distance”, the first Anunnaki settlement on Earth, and commanded by Enki, the city of Bad Tibira was built, which means “bright place where the ore is finished”. This city was commanded by a son of Enlil, Nanna. Without “male moon god”. When Anu gave Enlil command of the mission on Earth, Enlil sent Earth to his sons Nanna.Sin and Ninurta. And next to them came Ninhursag, Enlil’s stepsister, his mistress, and Ninurta’s mother. It was in this city where Ninurta had her twin sons Shamash and Ishtar.

The next city that was built was Laraak “seeing the bright glare”. It was a beacon city whose function was to guide space shuttles through a corridor of lights. This city was commanded by the other son of Enlil, Ninurta. The fourth city that was built was Sippar “bird city”. A very important city, it was a spaceport where the space ships departed with the cargo of gold. This city was commanded by Shamash “God of the sun and of justice”, grandson of Enlil. The next city was Shurruppak “place of supreme well-being”. It was the medical center of the mission and led by Ninhursag.

The sixth city would be Nippur “the terrestrial place of Nibiru “. It was the control center of the mission and was led by Enlil, the supreme commander of the mission. In this city was also the transmission center with its home planet, Nibiru, and with the space shuttles that orbited the Earth, the Igigi . It was a bright chamber called Dir.Ga “the sacred one among the sacred ones” located at the top of a tower with several antennas called Dur.Aki “the sky-earth link”, as can be seen in the following Sumerian representation. The seventh city that was built was Lagash “seeing the halo in six”, first city beacon that would guide the flight route from Nibiru.

In Nippur, the tables Me or “destination tables” hidden in Dir.Ga. These tablets were approximately 60 units, and were a kind of microchips that contained a source of vital information for the Anunnaki. These tables were the key to activate destructive weapons, control spacecraft, or direct any Anunnaki technological device , in addition to being depository of knowledge in laws, decrees to govern, technology, medicine, military techniques, defense methods, methods to submit to the population, and many more keys reserved for the Anunnaki elite.

In the Sumerian texts there is a story called the ‘Myth of Zu’. An Anunnaki considered as a demon of a clan different from the rest. The origins of this being known as Pazuzu are not very clear. According to Zecharia Sitchin , the Igigi found Pazuzu when he was just a small orphan and they adopted him. They taught him all the secrets of space and how to use transport ships around the Earth. Pazuzu or ZU means “He who knows” and was also known as Anzu “He who knows the heavens.”

He was the God of the evil wind and the storms. He who was a carrier of plagues, pests and fevers. The Sumerians represented this being with a stylized body with bird claws on the feet, eagle wings, and a lion-like head. Although some physical characteristics could be reptilian.

Tables of Destiny

The Igigi named Pazuzu as their emissary and bearer of their demands before Enlil and they sent him to Nippur. Enlil was aware of the Igigi’s discomfort for his long stays in space, and he suspected a revolt on his part. From this is born the Myth of the Titans, the Great Astronauts, the Fallen Angels, who were then the demons. Enlil, advised by his brother Enki, took Pazuzu as a servant in Dir.Ga, the most sacred of the sanctuary of Nippur, to appease the Igigi. But Enlil was betrayed. As soon as he could, Pazuzu stole the Tables of Destiny “Me” in order to replace Enlil from his reign:


Pazuzu took cover in the Mountain of the Chambers of Heaven, Hursak.Mu. After the robbery, the alarms went off. Many of the Anunnaki devices, technologies and knowledge were rendered useless. Fear seized the Mission and the Anunnaki population on Earth. In the “Me” Tablets were the stellar routes where not only the orbits of the planets were drawn, but also the navigation coordinates of the Igigi ferries and the routes of their starships.

“Suspended were the divine formulas. The glowing light went out. The silence prevailed. In space, the Igigi were stunned. They had taken the shine of the sanctuary. “

Whoever owned the “Me” tablets would rule the heavens, the shipping routes to Nibiru. I would govern the Igigi , then. In this way he would govern the shipments of gold. That is, it would govern the Mission. And Pazuzu would rise as the new King on Earth. This was his plan.

Fear and darkness rose in the Anunnaki of Earth. The Great Sovereign of Nibiru, Anu, commanded to capture Pazuzu and recover the Tables of Destiny “Me”. Enlil summoned the Anunnaki for this purpose. But everyone feared to fail because Pazuzu had also stolen “El Enillo Glitter”, which must have been a type of weapon that made Pazuzu twice as lethal and impenetrable, and as powerful as Enlil himself. But the brave Ninurta, son of Enlil, took the initiative and went looking for him by arming his ship with the “Seven whirlwinds of wind that shake the dust” and a “Tiyu”, a kind of projectile.

Ninurta defeated Pazuzu and recovered the “Me” Tablets. The order was restored. Pazuzu was sentenced to death and executed by Ninurta himself in a ceremony where they dressed Pazuzu as a bird because of his Igigi origin. This served as a warning to the Igigi. The only sovereign of the Mission and of the Earth is Enlil. Ninurta became the most worthy and main warrior of Enlil. And it was awarded by Anu and Enlil with new celestial cars and weapons. Enlil handed him the deadliest armor of the Anunnaki. The “Ip”. A weapon with 50 heads that kill.(Tables of Destiny)

Pazuzu happened to become a mythological demon propagator of pests to the height of great creatures of the night like ” Lilith ” a demoniac goddess who usurped new born babies to their mothers to devour them. However, contradictory to what might be expected, the Sumerians used the figure of Pazuzu as an amulet against sorcery and as a protective talisman against the demons that at night brought babies out of their cribs to drink their blood ..

The story will continue in more editions, if you love Sumerian mythology, do not hesitate to follow us! What do you think about these tables of destiny? Leave your comment below!

Tables of Destiny



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Chilean Family has a chilling encounter of the third type with 3-meter beings at El Yeso Reservoir, Santiago, Chile

We have all asked ourselves if we will be alone on this planet, or if beings from other places far away from the earth are visiting us.

Despite the efforts of science, we still do not have tangible evidence that we can all appreciate and demonstrate that there is a life similar to ours outside. This is why it becomes so interesting to hear testimonials from people who have had some contact with beings from other planet.

Despite the efforts of science, we still do not have tangible evidence that we can all appreciate and demonstrate that there is a life similar to ours outside. This is why it becomes so interesting to hear testimonials from people who have had some contact with beings from other planet.

This is the point we are interested in touching today, telling an experience about a contact of the third type of a Chilean Family.

We contacted Eric Martinez, a researcher at CIFAE, an organization dedicated to the investigation of this type of phenomena, in order to take this case to you.

Many will believe that having this type of contacts is a great experience, but no, this time it was not or at least this is what the witnesses say.


The El Yeso reservoir is a reservoir located in the Andes mountain range at an altitude of 2,500 meters, in the municipality of San José de Maipo, Cordillera Province, Santiago Metropolitan Region, Chile.

Black Lagoon and El Yeso Reservoir.

November 1, 2018 would be a day not to forget for a family who decided to camp in the El Yeso Reservoir sector.

Light sighting

The worst night of their lives is this is how they remember it, the family composed of 2 children, Bastián of 15 and Catalina of 5 years, would have initially observed two lights that according to their perception seemed to come along the road, a strange white light and another yellow, to what they thought it was possibly was some type of vehicle that went to the place, but something that caught my attention was the color of the lights.

From one moment to the other the two lights were separated, one advance to the other, within their logic they would have ruled out that the lights were of a vehicle for which they thought they were motorcycles, however they still had some doubt about the other yellow light.

This is where it all begins, from this moment this family would witness a third type contact.

The lights approached where the family were camping, one of them stopped about 60 to 80 meters away. It is here that the white light happened to be 2 lights reaching a total of 3 lights with the yellow one, they comment that one of them flashed.

The contact occurs

When these lights were in place, next to them suddenly appear 5 humanoid figures, two of them were about three meters tall very thin with very long arms and legs as well as his neck.

Another being had a medium height while the other 2 were shorter.

They say that the highest beings with unusual speed disappeared from where they were (from the right and left of the other beings) only the other 3 remained.

Subsequently the lights disappeared behind a hill leaving part of the sector illuminated. Later, another white light appeared on the west side, which after a few minutes began to change colors, and to the surprise a second white light would also come out.

They commented that before the appearance of the lights they were inside the tent trying to sleep. This was difficult for them because it was hailstorm and there was a strong wind in the place.

Apart from the wind and hail, they were disturbed by a light that illuminated their tent from the outside. As witnesses explained to CIFAE, that light illuminated them at times at the level of the tent floor, and at other times it illuminated from above. They never knew what this insistent light was about, since they couldn’t open the tent because of the prevailing weather …

It must be said that that night it hailed intensely and the wind hit very hard to the extent that they could not resist anymore and left the tent taking their two children to the car to protect them. Once the car begins the odyssey for the family. The terror of the experience shows in their faces when they narrate what happened, to say Bastian, 15, who saw everything …

CIFAE is investigating the case, they have recorded testimonies and will make them public very soon.

We leave below the drawing that Bastián made and that was contributed to CIFAE with the authorization of his parents. The drawing would show the supposed physical conformation of the beings that were seen by the family.

No doubt an incredible testimony a spectacular case that needs to be investigated.

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Will TTSA peer review UFO materials? Elizondo claims some come from ‘governmental’ sources

© Unknown

Silva Record

On 10-4-2019, Luis Elizondo appeared on Tucker Carlson Tonight highlighting TTSA’s work dealing with UFO pieces, otherwise known as Metamaterials or Ultramaterials.

Elizondo may have implied the pieces will be peer reviewed by scientists, something many in the field have called for. Another shocking statement from Elizondo included that the pieces, or UFO debris, come “from various sources, both private and governmental.”

Many have wondered since the creation of TTSA’s UFO debris endeavor, called the A.D.A.M. Research Project, if the source of some of the Metamaterials would be the government. Now we know. Watch the video:

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Evolution upside down: did aliens leave Earth 20,000 years ago and are they our ancestors?

People who claim to have had contact with extraterrestrials often report that they have gained insight into the future of Earth from foreign visitors. They presented holographic images of our planet and explained that the future was variable because there are different timelines.

Let’s start with the possibility that the foreign visitors actually once lived on earth in the bygone days, we would be in some ways their descendants and the foreign visitors our ancestors, who are concerned about the development on earth, because the Earth, in a sense, also belongs to them or has once heard.

Phenomena such as time travel, incarnation and extraterrestrials are still three great puzzles of our present, which we can not clarify only because we still lack the necessary higher consciousness. From Frank Schwede.

So if you are looking for answers, you should first start with yourself and find out who he is and make a journey to your own self, because this kind of journey is a journey through the history of the universe and to the origin of the earth.

The necessary information can be found in our subconscious, in our soul DNA, which we have access to under hypnosis. But also often occurring in repetition dreams, which lead us to certain places, can be clues from the past.

Possibly even to places where we once existed in previous lives, these places may well be on other planets.

Many scientists and authors have long been assuming that extraterrestrial visitors have no chance interest in our earth, but rather, as I do in my many books on the subject, from the assumption that it is a very close, if not even a direct relationship between the star people.

Even the novel The Thirteenth Guardian of the US author KM Lewis is about these so-called Starpeople, who have already left the earth in the distant past, but I doubt that they have ever really left the earth, rather, I believe that many starry people still living in secret bases in the midst of us, because they too are human beings, like us.

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