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The antediluvian greenhouse: How people lived before the Great Flood?

The antediluvian greenhouse: How people lived before the Great Flood? 1

There is a very curious time period in the Bible about which very little is known – the time before the Flood. It should be taken into account that the date of the Flood is deliberately shifted far into the past – although we can assume by many indirect signs such as the presence of mammoth bones in Siberia or the thickness of fertile soil, and the preservation of ancient buildings, that the Great Flood was quite recently by our standards.

That civilization is described very sparingly: it is known that they lived on average for 900 years. Angels came to earthly women and from this connection the Nephilim giants were born. People then were very sinful, although were they really more sinful than us now?

There is a lot of evidence about the Giant Nephilim. On any conspiracy room or group, you will see a lot of evidence on the existence of giants: these are giant rings, giant doors, giant swords and many household items – which are difficult for an ordinary person to use.

There is a theory with which woeful scholars explain the long life of the Pre-flood patriarchs. They counted the lunar month for the year, so their life of 900 years is actually our 70-80. But this attempt to explain the miracle is a complete failure, because then it would have turned out that Enoch gave birth to Methuselah at the age of 65, which if translated into months, it would be 5 and a half years. This is physically impossible.

The geography of the earth before the Flood is extremely curious. The Bible directly says that there was no rain, and steam rose from the ground, irrigating everything around. No one cultivated the land – everything grew by itself. That is obviously a very high level of humidity. 

One of the main features of the world before the Flood is that as soon as humanity multiplied, angels began to enter women on earth – and from this connection giants Nephilim were born. In the book of Genesis they are called strong and glorious people.

These angels were not heavenly but fallen, a third of all angels expelled from heaven to Earth, led by Lucifer. Now the fallen angels and their offspring are demons – but then they might not have been so distorted yet.

The fallen angels called themselves gods and demanded worship from people – this is how the whole variety of pagan gods arose. Many of them really had power, but certainly not comparable to the unlimited power of the real God.

Probably, a huge number of pagan gods really existed before the flood – they were fallen angels – which, along with the flood, were washed away. And it was much closer to our time than we think as hinted at by many buildings and structures that have survived to this day.

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Traces of an antediluvian civilization
Traces of an antediluvian civilization.

Solid blocks weighing hundreds of tons were used in construction can hardly be moved by modern technology.

Why do you think billionaires love huge mega yachts so much? It’s simple: they hope to be saved on them during the next Flood. But if they were part of our community, they would know that this time there would be fire, not water.

We know that on Earth there is a natural radiation level of 0.20 µSv/h. But why did we decide that this is the norm. High humidity and vapors rising from the Earth protected the Earth from solar radiation, probably thereby allowing people to live for 900 years. After all, it is radiation that knocks out the atoms of cells – forcing them to mutate.

After the Flood, God set a life span of 120 years for people, “For they are but flesh and neglected me.” By the way, scientists take the maximum life expectancy of a person simply from the Bible, but it is quite logical that the change in life expectancy occurred precisely because living conditions changed after the flood. Before the Flood, mankind lived as in a large greenhouse.

This is indirectly confirmed by anthropologists, who say that before there were simply no bacteria that decompose flesh. And even the trees did not rot, but simply fell into a heap – forming coal deposits.

The apocryphal Secret Book of Enoch tells in more detail about the antediluvian world order with 7 heavens.

The Flood appears not only in the Christian Bible. Traditions about it are preserved in the myths and religious texts of many people of Australia, North and South America, India, Europe, Papua New Guinea, Japan, China, the Middle East.

The British anthropologist, historian of religions J. J. Fraser collected about a hundred such versions around the world. Legends about the first ancient centenarians – gods, kings – were also widespread among different peoples.

Atheist scientists often call the Bible a collection of myths, legends about the origin of the Earth, man, which have nothing to do with science. But, let’s agree, the deeply scientific theory of the Big Bang about the origin of the Universe is also just a hypothesis, albeit the most common one so far, with many critics in the scientific community as well alternate versions.

There are also critics of the scientific theory of the origin of man from apes. Modern gerontologists and biologists cannot clearly explain why a person ages. There are dozens of deeply scientific, clever theories on this subject, sometimes mutually exclusive. Some academics believe that a person, like a military rocket, is programmed for self-destruction, others blame free radicals, so everyone has the right to believe what they want.

The Earth before the Flood is the golden age of mankind, the age of Saturn, the age of heroes and gods. Of course, this era can’t be returned, but one consolation is that God promised not to destroy people anymore, because he said that our heart was evil in our youth. So let’s grow up and soften our hearts!

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