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The Akashic Records Revealed What Is Unfolding in the Near Future

The Akashic Records Revealed What Is Unfolding in the Near Future 1

In Eastern esotericism, the universal space in which the universal mind is embodied, is called Akasha. Because many knowledges exist and are included in this field, it is also called the Akashic Records. It is almost identical with the World of Ideas, of Plato, or the Aether, the primary substance or essence from which all beings are formed.

The Akashic Records are a vast space of energy imprints, something like a universal video library, a living vibrational field where all possible futures, present and pasts are stored. Once our soul begins to experience its existence, an energy field is released that records every thought, word, deed, desire and feeling.

In any case, this “place” is not recognized by Western Science or proven to exist in any way, so anyone can argue that it is a hoax. 

In a recent interview, Aingeal Rose O’Grady, with a remarkable ability to access the Akashic Records – which contain all the knowledge of human experience as well as the history of the Universe – stated that there will be some major changes on our planet, including a change in power and a new currency in the not too distant future. 

“I find it interesting that there is this intelligence that records every minute, every little detail of life,” she said.

From then on, each person has their own “book in the library” of the Akashic Records, something like a “database”, where all of a person’s lives, achievements, successes and failures throughout their life are recorded. during these lifetimes, she explained. O’Grady sees the records as a nature spirit, although some have said that there are “crystal holographic discs” that contain this information.

The “Fall” of the Earth 

According to the information she received from the “Source” (ie the Akashic Records), the Earth was originally a heavenly planet, but fell and “moved” into higher vibrations. Many of the first spirit beings came here on a mission to bring the planet back forward to where it should be. Many of them have now reincarnated into this life, she said. 

Our old world is dying as a new energy is already in process and manifesting on Earth, but we will have to go through a kind of genetic tube in order to reach the due level. This “gene tube” brings many outstanding issues to the surface, she pointed out. These need to be fixed.

New Energies on Earth 

O’Grady stated that we are in the process of adjusting to new energies on Earth that are going to manifest in the coming years. Keep in mind that Pluto will be in Capricorn until 2023 (entered in 2008), so that’s less than 10 years away. What does this mean;

The last time Pluto was in Capricorn was in 1776 during revolutions: the American (1775-1783), the French (1789-1794). It is no coincidence that revolutions are happening all over the world right now. Pluto is known as the “destroyer” and usually destroys what is corrupt and enables what is in the best interest of humanity by replacing the objects of control that have kept us in economic slavery for hundreds of years.

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O’Grady was told by The Source: “It’s like entering a birth canal. The light coming in stimulates a lot of things that haven’t been healed in a lot of people,” adding that, “the old world is dying. He’s not going to stay the same, he’s changing. In this process, many people will give up. They won’t be able to handle the pressure.”

Change in Consciousness 

“Change is already happening on many levels. In our biology, animal and plant life. Even under the oceans. There’s a huge cleansing going on that most people are aware of and feeling.”

O’Grady added that she still sees the entire planet receiving blessing from outside sources. 

“Because of these blessings, our existence is supported in a way completely different from what we think.” 

It is as if our planet is being watched and protected by our galactic neighbors.


O’Grady believes that people should prepare for all kinds of planet changes, get adequate water and supplies, medical supplies and food that can be stored but, she added, we’re headed for something that’s “really, really great”.

Evil is on the way out 

“The ‘Source’ told us that ‘evil’ is removed. It’s a process. It’s unrealistic to think it’s going to happen overnight, not with all the things that are changing. There is so much miraculous substance around us, people are waking up, creating new patterns that I believe we will succeed.” 

“We have a short window of time until this whole clean up process is complete with all this evil surrounding us. A lot of it depends on consciousness. Thoughts materialize much faster, now.”

The dark ones will not give up so easily 

“I believe that the fight with the dark ones who rule is in our hands. However, they are not going to give up that easily on their agenda of continuing to take away as much of our rights and freedoms as possible. But we are the ones who really have to take our own hands and stop all these systems.”

The Akashic Records Revealed What Is Unfolding in the Near Future 2

A New Way of Life – New Currency 

O’Grady believes that we should start growing our own food and that we will come up with a new money system to replace any current evil currency. 

“I really don’t see the end of money, but I do see a change in who controls it and what happens with it.” 

Many investors are abandoning their stocks in massive quantities. It has become apparent that the current unsustainable ordered monetary system is about to meet its inevitable fate.

O’Grady said,

“Our thoughts are manifesting at a rapid pace now and, clearly, we should really choose the highest and best (thought) in all cases.” We are in an awakening process. In your thoughts include health, abundance and prosperity for all.

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