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The Abyss of Mad Matrix: starting to notice signs of insanity while living in a completely crazy world

The Abyss of Mad Matrix: starting to notice signs of insanity while living in a completely crazy world 1

If you think about the question of why people lose their minds, the brain will helpfully slip in pictures of some great figures of art and science who, to put it mildly, were distinguished by a specific behavior. But in modern society there are more and more ordinary people who are losing touch with reality.

There is a simple test for determining insanity – you need to name 2 unrelated objects and ask the patient to draw parallels between them, say what they have in common – and the insane person will name the connection. 

For example, if you name the words: slippers and pencil, an insane person will say that both objects are extended in length and that you can write with both a pencil and a slipper – with a pencil on paper, and with a slipper on a dusty floor, for example. But you need to understand that a crazy person is not an idiot, and knowing this experiment, he will not make any connection – so as not to consider himself crazy. Therefore, it is incorrect to apply it to yourself.

The funny thing is that, in fact, the opposite could well be true. Most likely, crazy people are truly normal, and those whom we consider normal are precisely the crazy ones. 

The fact is that we live in a completely crazy world – this world is entirely through the looking glass and in it every stupidity and absurdity and impossible coincidence that you can only imagine will happen. Those whom we call “crazy” simply see all the nonsense of this world. And those whom we call “normal” are the crazy ones, because they pretend that this world is normal.

From an esoteric point of view, most likely the situation is as follows: we live in a terrible demonic world – but our brain protects us so that we do not see what we are supposed to see and do not hear what is happening around us. If our brain did not intentionally limit the range of our vision and other organs, we would have long ago gone crazy from what lives next to us. The material limiter is the conditions for our survival.

One of the signs is that you are increasingly falling out of this world. It’s as if the body remains here to perform simple functions, but the mind is no longer here, but somewhere far away, and the connection with the body is interrupted like bad internet. The Matrix is ​​a little glitchy.

The second sign that could cause concern is when the world begins to seem bright and colorful. You just get over fascinated by the city’s night signs, the big bright moon, and the beautiful paintings. It all seems brighter and better than usual. Simple food seems incredibly tasty and sometimes there is a good mood for no reason.

Thirdly, it is worth noting that communicating with people for more than an hour or two completely tires and drains some of us forcing them to want to retire into isolation and recover alone. 

Fourthly, there are certain algorithms of thoughts that lead to system freezing or crashing. For example, if you concentrate and think about the unreality of the world, the world will really begin to dissolve and it will take effort to return everything to its place. Or if you think about what we do in general, and why everything is as is, you come to a logical dead end and understand that none of the people know how to live, everyone lives somehow, does something automatically, without understanding why and for what reason.

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It’s probably not for nothing that so much in this world is hidden from us, because we walk through life as if along a dark corridor in complete darkness. But if we light a torch, what will we see around us? Insane people have already lit this torch, and many follow by reaching into their pockets for the lighter. And even though going crazy is one of the biggest fears, don’t you wonder what’s there in the darkness, what’s hiding beyond the boundaries of the mind?


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