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Fact or fiction

The 6-year-old son of the King of Bhutan dreams our way into the future. What could await the human venture?

The 6-year-old son of the King of Bhutan dreams our way into the future. What could await the human venture? 1

Dreams are a phenomenon that is still poorly understood. How do they appear? Where do they come from? Is it possible to separate a prophetic dream from an unrealizable one? Hundreds of psychologists and neuropsychologists, psychopathologists and so on are trying to find answers to these questions. Alas, dreams are still an area of ​​the unknown and, therefore, sometimes you should pay attention to their content.

In Bhutan, there is a whole movement of monks who try to decode the dreams of the royal family. Their task is to analyze the details of these dreams from the point of view of mythology, theology, astrology and other teachings. The dreams of Namgyel, the 6-year-old son of the current king and heir to the throne are considered by the inner spiritual circle as the closest to reality and are classified as prophetic. When being awake, the child behaves like any other of this age, but his dreams are extremely disturbing to the monks close to the king.

When the boy was barely 5 years old, he dreamed that a terrible war was going on on Earth. It is not known exactly when it will begin, but most of the countries had already been destroyed by that time. The last strongholds of mankind remained in Tibet, Siberia, Australia and Africa. The total number of survivors is about 15 million. They are forced to lead an almost primitive way of life. Some of the people managed to leave the Earth and go to a colony on Mars, but even there, due to the uprising, there were practically no survivors.

The kid saw a terrible catastrophe on Earth. 
The kid saw a terrible catastrophe on Earth. 

The beginning of the disaster will be the arrival of a meteorite. It will threaten the existence of mankind. Nasa and the US military will attempt to shoot him down with powerful weapons, but will only manage to split it to pieces. Parts of it will fall into the Persian Gulf, which will cause destruction for the entire Arab world. Another part of it will fall on Europe. Because of this, a chain reaction will begin and the volcanoes of Eurasia and Africa will awaken. Asian countries will unite and attack America, allegedly because the Arab world has suffered. Thus, the last war for our civilization begins.

The boy sees these dreams without having any excessive knowledge. The king of Bhutan forbids the use of television and the Internet, leads a pious lifestyle, and all this suggests that someone dictates dreams to the child. It cannot come from nowhere, no childish imagination will suffice. And if the monks are right, and the dreams of the child are prophetic, then an unenviable fate awaits humanity.

The problem is that Jigme Namgyel Wangchuck rarely dreams. And it is sometimes very difficult to separate the prophetic from those that will never come true. The monks carefully write down after the heir to the king, and then work with the text, applying a wide variety of knowledge – astrology, numerology, mythology. In some cases, the coincidence is literally 100%, and this is the main criterion in choosing a prophetic dream.

In addition, Jigme managed to share the details of space colonization. Mankind, before actually destroying itself, will have time to colonize the Moon, Mars and Jupiter’s moon – Europa. However, on the Moon, the experiment with growing plants will fail and the city on the Earth’s satellite will become a needless, abandoned space. Two hermetic settlements will be built on Mars but, most importantly, people will start the process of greening the Red Planet. Bacteria and algae will not only take root, but will allow the planet’s atmosphere to recover in the distant future. 

The 6-year-old son of the King of Bhutan saw Mars covered with ponds and greenery in one of his dreams. The monks at first thought that this was the past of the planet but the child denied this assumption. In the same dream, both human-built cities were on the Red Planet and that means it’s the future. 

Alas, by that time, the colonies on Mars will already be abandoned and dilapidated. So, people will not be able to admire the Martian water meadows.

Mars will be terraformed.
Mars will be terraformed. 

Jigme Namgyel Wangchuck also saw the terrible ecological catastrophe of the Earth. The ocean will be poisoned, almost all its inhabitants will die, only those who live in unacceptable depths will remain. One by one, Island states will perish, and the planet’s biosphere will forever lose its former appearance. The ocean poisoning will be the result of a certain installation created by physicists. With its help, people will be able to conquer time, but lose reality.

There are too many predictors and each of them sees the future differently. Because of this, there is some distrust in all ‘futurology’. However, what Jigme Kamgyel Wangchuck sees in dreams does not cause a contradiction. Is there a cosmic threat to the Earth? Not now, but who knows what will come to us in, say, 1000 years? Everything is possible. What is the probability that humans will master, or at least attempt to, the celestial objects of our solar system? Its an inevitable progression route to the unknown. 

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Back in the 19th century, great scientists declared that humanity needed to justify a second and third spare houses as soon as possible. Otherwise, one careless war can wipe out the entire civilization. So, it is quite true that people will strive to build settlements on other planets and satellites.

As for technical progress, It inevitably affects our planet’s ecology, unaccountable animals and plants died out due to human activities. Although the scale of ocean poisoning is unprecedented in Jigme’s ‘visions’, it is not impossible. 

There are already 8 billion people on Earth and by the end of the century, a growth to 23 billion is predicted. Can you imagine what awaits the planet with this amount of consumption and waste generation? 

Although most predictions should be taken superficially, there were such prominent figures as Nostradamus, Casey, Vanga and many others and just perhaps, it is interested to know if a talented successor of these people could live in the highlands of Bhutan. 


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