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The 1992 predictions on the war in Ukraine, Putin’s death, and Red Square being flooded with blood 

The 1992 predictions on the war in Ukraine, Putin's death, and Red Square being flooded with blood  1

Lelya Kakulia, whose clairvoyant visions are known throughout Georgia foresaw Fukushima, the war in Iraq, the main political events in the post-Soviet space, and, of course, she regularly predicted changes in Georgia’s supreme leaders. 

Lelya also predicted back in 1992, the invasion of Russia into Ukraine and the entire course of the war. More precisely, she experienced a vision of upcoming events somewhere in 1987, and in 1992 she told journalists on a local TV of what she saw. In the future, Lelya sometimes gave interviews, providing clarifying details about figures whose names she did not know at the time of receiving the revelation, but later managed to recognize them in the pictures of her visions. 

According to Lelya Kakulia, the war will begin with the fact that Ukraine and Georgia will almost simultaneously want to join NATO, to which Russia will begin to rattle weapons at the border and scare everyone. But there won’t be a war right away, because some kind of near-war events in Kazakhstan will become a signal for it, first some kind of buzz in Kazakhstan – then the invasion of Ukraine. 

The first separation of part of the territories from Ukraine was to take place no later than 2016, and Lelya specifically mentioned Crimea, after which there would be an attempt to seize the whole of Ukraine. NATO will not intervene, but actively help the Ukrainians and Russia will first flood Ukraine with blood, and then crawl away. In the future, Russia will not only return Crimea to Ukraine, but also the cities of Kuban, Rostov and Belgorod. 

The 1992 predictions on the war in Ukraine, Putin's death, and Red Square being flooded with blood  2

Further, Ukraine and Georgia will join NATO, and the procedure will be very fast. But the Russians will no longer be up to it, because some terrible events will begin there. 

First, Japan and China will declare their territorial claims, returning the lands taken from them. Russia will express concern, but there will be no war. 

According to Lelya Kakulia, Red Square will be red in the truest sense – there will be knee-deep blood. 

When will the war end

“Ukraine will win the cold war with Russia. Also, I don’t see a divided or split Ukraine in the future. Ukraine will retain its territories and return Crimea,” Lelya said.

Putin will be killed

“The entire North Caucasus will unite and declare war on Russia. Russia will definitely lose the Caucasus. Putin will not be able to resolve the political situation in Russia. After the battle of the Muslims in Moscow, everything will be destroyed, we will see the time when the entire Red Square will be covered in blood,” says Lelya Kakulia.

Future of Ukraine

According to Lelya’s forecast, Ukraine will not be under Europe, the USA, or under Russia.

The plan for the unification of the Soviet republics will not come true. The authorities will hide their crimes, but this will not last long,” she foresaw.

“Ukraine will become a big powerful state without Russians. The new government of Ukraine will prepare big surprises by leading the world, world politics will be very tense,” she said.

“The Ukrainian authorities will sign all the agreements with Europe and the country will enter the European Union,” the seer adds, but she did not say the exact dates and terms.

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