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The 1813 Bible states that this old world will cease to exist in 2025 and a new one will come

One of the most interesting and exciting issues of modern eschatology is the exact dating of the time in which we are. So according to the Gregorian calendar it is now 2023, according to the Islamic calendar it is 1445, and according to the Hebrew calendar it is 5783. 

All calendars count days from a specific date. So Christians count the time from the birth of Christ (Anno Domini or AD), Muslims count the time from the date of the Prophet Muhammad’s migration from Mecca to Medina, and Jews count the time from the day the world was created. This is a common chronological decision – to count from something. For example, in the Juche calendar, the year of Kim Il Sung’s birth, that is, 1912, is taken as the zero date.  

The Preface to the Bible of the 1813 edition contains an interesting chronology, unique in its kind and as it seems, is aiming to indicate the year 2025 as the year of the End of the World. 

It says:

“After that, we consider that from Adam to Christ 3974 years, 6 months and 10 days. And from the birth of Christ to this year 1814 years. Then the total amount and number of years from the beginning of the world to this year is 5788 years 6 months 10 days.”

According to this layout, it seems that 1814 was the 5788th year from the creation of the world. Accordingly, the current 2023 will correspond to the year 5998-5999. The next two years will be the time of the completion of the sixth and last millennium, followed by the Great Change.

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Some associate the end of the world with this change, others – the coming of the “kingdom of the people of the saints”, about which the prophet Daniel writes. But we are told that we do not know about the day and hour of the end of the world. 

Many prophecies are devoted to the advance of the kingdom of the Forerunner. It seems that the understanding of the issue by the publishers of the Bible (and, accordingly, by the Holy Synod) in 1813, willingly or involuntarily, points to this promised change.

The uniqueness of the chronology used in the Bible of 1813 is twofold. First, it does not assert itself as originating from the creation of the world, keeping the account “from Adam”, without specifying at the same time – from what time, from what period in the life of Adam. Secondly, this chronology, as it seems, is unique and differs from the chronology officially accepted in Byzantium, and the Jewish chronology calculus.

This fact not only changes a lot, but generally turns the whole world upside down, because in the next couple of years there will be a super-millennium, that is, not some kind of 2000, but the year 6000 when time itself ends, when we see the end of the current world. This will happen in 2025 or no later than 2026, depending on how you count: adding extreme years to time intervals or counting only intervals. 

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The Bible, as they say, will not lie, especially the Bible from the time of the Napoleonic wars. Perhaps, by the way, that is why in 1834 the Palace of Westminster burned down in London, a series of fires of cultural objects and entire cities swept across Europe and the USA. 

Thus, it is very similar to the fact that at the beginning and in the middle of the 19th century, someone globally engaged in the substitution of the calendar from the Creation of the World, stealing approximately 215 years from it. In fact, we are now living almost in the year 6000. 


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