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The 14 Tablets of Enki (Former Anunnaki Leader of Planet Earth)

by John R. Deahl, via In5D

You may want to bookmark this page for future reference. Included is a series of fascinating videos that you may consider listening to when you go to bed.

Those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it. Try to learn the valuable lessons from these tablets so we can prevent this current paradigm from happening again.

Scroll down for the summary of each chapter. The below videos and the information contained within are very shocking. Just the opposite of what we have been taught.

The tablets are the account of Enki, an Annunaki, from a planet called Nibiru. He was the first born son of Anu, the king of the planet Nibiru. Nibiru is supposed to circle the sun every 3,600 earth years.

Enki claims in these tablets to have come to Earth to mine gold for their home planet Nibiru. The gold was needed to repair their planets atmosphere. They needed mine workers so Enki created humans on Earth in their image.

Genesis 1:26 And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea….

The first Adams and Eves were a “blacked headed people” and were sterile. Instead of a single Adam and Eve implied in the bible, there were 7 pairs of them. They were sterile, but this sterility problem was solved in later versions of Adams and Eves.

The Anunnaki appear to believe in evolution of their own species although there is reference to a “creator of all”. In the tablet discussions on creating a primitive worker (Adam and Eve), a “father of all beginnings” is mentioned as the sole creator of life.

Despite this belief in a supreme being, their apparent belief in evolution could explain why, despite their advance technology and knowledge, they seem to be surprisingly unstable civilization emotionally and morally.

Incest, rape and rivalries appear to be common. The Annunaki seem to have no limits to their emotional self destruction. To the point of using what appears to be atomic weapons against each other, including their own family members.

It is somewhat disheartening to read what is on these tablets. The worst part is we seem to be just like them in many ways. Or more correctly stated, the shadow controllers and leaders of our current world appear to be like them in attitude and personal disposition.

There is one thing I noticed toward the end of the Enki series of tablets, the high leaders in command and influence seemed to be moving from their thrones and positions of power and into the background while still having control.

This reminds me of the New World Order controllers of today that rule from the shadows. Just as importantly, the Anunnaki controllers were as self destructive as our NWO controllers are today. Both groups do not see the coming end result of their actions.

The poor judgment and decisions of the kings and leaders is amazing. It is hard to imagine a people with such technology are so hindered by their lack of understanding of their own emotions, desires, decisions and the consequences that will inevitably result.

Any child could see the trouble they make for themselves and how it must end. They seem to be without any religion for moral guidance, instead relying on savants.

This emotional instability of the Annunaki is especially surprising since they could possibly live to be a million years old or more in Earth years. The Anunnaki leaders came to Earth as adults. During the Enki tablets before the flood the count of years were in shars. A shar is one revolution of their planet Nibiru around the sun.

In Earth years a shar is 3,600 years. The Annunaki leaders were on Earth over 432,000 Earth years. Exact length of time is not known. The same Anunnaki leaders that came to Earth in the beginning were still alive and returned to Nibiru after their time on Earth. Two of these leaders were the kings sons and when they returned, one became the king of Nibiru.

An additional note to this is their life spans were shortened when on Earth because Earth has a shorter cycle. They were able to correct this once they returned to Nibiru. They referred to their life spans as eternal life.

But this can not be true because they are born and grow older. So they must also die at some point in time.

The Anunnaki have a drink and bread that gives them this long life. It is seen being held in some of the rock carved pictures of the Annunaki. They do not share it with the Adams and Eves. They purposely keep it from mankind.

As you will see, there will be a debate in your mind about eternal life. The Anunnaki seem to very possibly think it is a physical life that is eternal. But it could have been another lie of the Annunaki. We are brought up to believe eternal life is a spiritual one after death.

The Anunnaki seem to have certain limited powers, but it is not divulged completely. It does imply things like them being able to curse a person, but do not use that power often. Or stop the wind with their minds.

What is really surprising is the time difference between Nibiru and Earth. As an example, the first Annunaki came to Earth by himself. The Anunnaki on Nibiru took one shar to prepare and make the trip to Earth.

Can you imagine waiting 3,600 Earth years (1,314,000 days) for your party to arrive. Additionally, what the Annunaki man did on Earth waiting during that time is unknown. He was still living in a reed hut when they arrived. Another example is King Anu came to Earth for a visit. When he arrived he slept for two days.

It is hard to put into even the simplest words a description of these Anunnaki. Just when you think they can not make things any worse, they do.

For all the Annunaki’s advancements, culture and civilization, the Anunnaki men appear to treat their wife’s quite badly. It seems all Annunaki men cheat on their wives, and do it quite often. This makes for a lot of half brothers and sisters.

Anunnaki women are expected to have sexual relations with their half brothers. It is even their custom. In one case, a father asks his daughter to be impregnated by her brother and she complies.

Annunaki women can not ascend to the throne or own land. The women seem to accept all this without problem. Although that fact is unknown because Enki doesn’t really quote any women to speak of in the tablets.

All of this reminds me of the societies in the Middle East today.

There are many parallels between the Sumerian Tablets and the Bible. For instance the story of Cain and Abel. The story of David and Bathsheba. The story of Noah. Most reasonable people have always wondered how Noah got a male and female pair of all animals on a single boat.

Since the discovery of DNA people have pondered that just the DNA was saved of the animals and brought aboard the boat. But the question remained of how primitive Noah could have extracted and preserved DNA. In these tablets it was the Anunnaki that did this work.

The tablets can be hard to follow because many people and names are given. Some people have many names. A person needs an historical tree of family/people to follow and understand all. Most names in the tablets are different than in the Bible. It is said there are over 100 different languages in the Middle East. No doubt this is a result of the story of babel where Enlil confounded their tongues.

This entire morality, discussions and arguments about the Annunaki creating mankind reminds me of current day liberals and progressives that always want to stretch the boundaries. Whether they do it with permission or do it without, they are bound to cause trouble and always seem to complicate and compromise our morality.

Sometimes I had to read parts several times to understand who did what to whom. Some words are not understood at all, while some passages about the underworld or upper world seem mythical and obscure.

During this work of creating a description for each tablet video, I periodically found myself getting up and walking around muttering to myself “these *&^%)@# stupid power mad greedy sneaky conniving people”.

It is entirely possible the Anunnaki, not being used to less intelligent people (Adams and Eves), forgot their humanity and resorted to believing their own propaganda of being gods. I can assume they were not that way on their own planet where they are surrounded by their equals. This ego even went so far as to establish churches and religions of worship to them. On its face it is absurd, for them to have to teach people how to pray to them.

There is a puzzling under story to the Enki writings. The earthlings were created to mine gold, but I never did read where they actually did.

In my descriptions I do not use their individual names. I describe them by who they are or what they did. It seems less confusing and the story easier to follow. Otherwise you would be constantly taking notes or going back to see who someone was.

A very curious thing is mentioned in one tablet. The “lifted eye that scans the lands, the lifted beam that penetrates all”. It reminds me of the all seeing eye on top of the pyramid. Like on our dollar bill.

One last comment. The Annunaki refer to a “Creator of All” and the “Father of All Beginnings”. They do not elaborate on the subject. In some of the tablets there are clues for the possibility of a supreme being above and beyond our creators. It is in the below tablet portions: Chapter 9.4, Chapter 13.3 and Chapter 14.1

The First Tablet of Lord Enki

Chapter 1.1 – This Tablet explains what appears to be, to us, an atomic war on Earth between the Annunaki. The evil wind spoke of seems to be a radioactive cloud that kills everyone in its path, gods and mankind. One very interesting part is it says it is the worst thing to happen since the deluge (flood).

Chapter 1.2 – This tablet talks about long ago on the Anunnaki’s home planet Nibiru. They seem to think they came to life from what our evolutionists believe as primordial soup. Although we know it can not happen, they think it can. It mentions the planets thick atmosphere and vegetation. Its cycles around the sun with the hot and cold periods. During the cold periods the planets inner heat keeps Nibiru warm. Disputes started that ended in use of what we consider atomic bombs. It devastated their planet. Then peace was made and a kingship established for the entire planet (One World Government).

Chapter 1.3 – This tablet tells of the kingship lineage on Nibiru. It tells of the kings marriages. O even married his brothers daughter.

Chapter 1.4 – This tablet video appears the Annunaki’s home planet is having trouble with a breech in their atmosphere. The answer is to place finely powdered gold in the upper atmosphere to do a repair. This decision was not until a fight amongst them ended in the killing of the king. (Brother kills brother like Cain and able).

Chapter 1.5 – This tablet contains the Anunnaki council deciding the Annunaki that killed the king, of which he is a distant relative, should be given the throne. There is not even any punishment considered for killing the king.

Chapter 1.6 – This tablet details how the king tries to heal the planets atmosphere by detonating atomic bombs in volcano’s. It does no good and the Anunnaki are displeased. The next person in line for the throne challenges the king and defeats him in a wrestling match. The king escapes the Annunaki by jumping in a spacecraft and heading towards Earth. (It is almost like the casting down of Satan).

The Second Tablet of Lord Enki

Chapter 2.1 – This tablet tells of the defeated kings escape from Nibiru with the plan to go to snow covered Earth. The spaceship he took had atomic bombs on it and his plan was to blow a path through the asteroid belt, which had kept the Anunnaki from going to Earth.

Chapter 2.2 – Describes the defeated kings arrival on Earth.

Chapter 2.3 – This tablet tells of the defeated kings first days on Earth and finding the air, fruit and fishes good. Also found traces of the gold the Nibiru planet needs for its repair of the atmosphere. He calls the new king of Nibiru and wants to make a deal.

The Third Tablet of Lord Enki

Chapter 3.1 – This tablet tells of the defeated kings attempts to bribe the new king with his knowledge of the gold on Earth and have his kingship reinstated.

Chapter 3.2 – This portion has the ending of negotiations. A team will be sent to Earth to see if there is gold. If there is gold, the defeated king will have another wrestling match with the new king for the throne.

Chapter 3.3 -The following tablet video has the Annunaki traveling to Earth. They briefly stop on Mars for water. Their spacecraft apparently runs on water. Then they proceed to Earth and land there.

Chapter 3.4 – This portion tells of the first 6 days on Earth of the advance team of Anunnaki. Plenty of food, water, fish and animals.

Chapter 3.5 – This portion describes the Annunaki team leader declaring of the seventh day as a day of rest. Metals were processed from the waters. The day, month, year were given their names.

Chapter 3.6 – This portion of the tablet tells about searching and finding gold, but not in great quantities. The remaining atomic bombs on the defeated kings spacecraft were taken out of the spacecraft and hidden in a cave. They are not to be used again to make a way through the asteroid belt. An Anunnaki team member leaves Earth to take the first basketfuls of gold to Nibiru.

The Fourth Tablet of Lord Enki

Chapter 4.1 – This tablet starts off with the spaceship with the first baskets of gold arriving. Word was received from Earth the larger deposits of gold are underground. A high ranking Annunaki was placed in charge of the Earth operations. He departed Nibiru and arrived on Earth.

Chapter 4.2 – This portion of the tablet has the new king on Nibiru coming to Earth to see for himself where the gold is underground. A plan is developing to see who of his sons will go back to Nibiru and which one will stay and command operations on Earth. This is needed to be done because of rivalries between his two sons due to both being eligible for the next kingship.

Chapter 4.3 – This portion has the new king and his two sons drawing lots to see what jobs they will perform. When decisions are announced, the defeated king restates his case for the second wrestling match for the throne. The wrestling match ends with the new king again beating the already once defeated king. After the end of the match the defeated king bites off the penis of the new king and swallows it. He is tied and bound. While the new king is healing the belly of the defeated king swells from the semen of the kings penis. A court convenes and is deciding what to do with the defeated king. The new kings son wants to kill him.

Chapter 4.4 – This portion of the tablet has the new king deciding to place the defeated king, which is expected to die from swallowing the new kings penis, on mars in exile while he dies. The new king returns to Nibiru and tells of all that happened and of the plans to harvest the gold on Earth. The plans include making relay stations of Mars and possibly the moon. The Earth is again referenced as Eden.

Chapter 4.5 – This portion describes the building of specific earth moving equipment, spaceships and rockets on Nibiru for use on Earth. The Earth shorter cycles and atmosphere affects the Anunnaki. A group of more Annunaki, including some women that have healing skills, leave Nibiru for Earth. They stop on Mars to see if the defeated king has died and to start a relay station there. The rest of the group continues on to Earth.

The Fifth Tablet of Lord Enki

Chapter 5.1 – This tablet starts with the latest group arriving on Earth. The son that has been put in command of support for the gold harvesting greets his sister which is one of the healers. They fly off to the kings sons living quarters which he built on a mountain. They express love for one another and discuss their son on Nibiru wanting to come to Earth (this is brother and sister). They fly back to Eden and he flies her around telling her of his plans. More and more Anunnaki arrive from Nibiru.

Chapter 5.2 – There are now 300 Annunaki on Mars and 600 on Earth. This portion of the tablet is more of the same ignorant decisions and immorality by some of the Anunnaki. The kings daughter that is making love to the kings son is promised to the kings other son by the king. When it is found out the other son and daughter have been sleeping together the daughter is forbidden to marry anyone. The kings son that was making love to his sister rapes a young female healer, which is under the command of the sister he has sleeping with. The offending kings son is exiled to a barren place on Earth, but the Annunaki that takes him to exile, takes him purposely to a place where the seven atomic bombs taken off the defeated kings spaceship is stored in a cave.

Chapter 5.3 – The raped young female healer is brought before the seven judges and she tells them she is pregnant. They ask her if she will take the kings son that raped her as husband. She says she will. The exiled kings son is returned to Eden. The other kings son that is in charge of getting the gold from underground is living in that area of Earth. His father, the king, had promised him his daughter in marriage but instead banished her from marriage when the king found out about her and his other son sleeping together. Now the kings son in charge of getting the gold asks her to join him in his dwelling. He and his half sister have a newborn daughter. He wanted a son. She has another daughter. He cries out he wants a son but she curses him (actual curse). He now has terrible health problems. Only upon swearing to stay away from her vagina does she give him relief from her curse. She returns to Eden. He summons his wife and child on Nibiru to come to Earth. He has five sons by his wife and other Anunnaki women.

The kings other son, after parting with his sister, raped a young healer and later married her. Now he and the sister he loves call their son from Nibiru to Earth. But he is married and has a son by his wife.

This set up rivalries between the kings two sons on Earth. It leads to war.

The gold is getting to Nibiru and made into a fine dust which is placed in the atmosphere. The atmosphere is slowly healing. There are now five Annunaki cities on Earth.

The Igigi are starting to complain about the workload. The Igigi on Mars are complaining the most. The commander of mars is brought to Earth to show him the workings there.

Chapter 5.4 – The commander of mars is show the workings on Earth. He secretly desires to be the king so he steals the tablets of destinies (unknown their true scope and power) from Eden. He believes he can not be defeated while he has the tablets of destinies, but he is defeated and sentenced to death. He died in the twenty fifth shar (a shar is believed to be 3,600 Earth years, the length of a Nibiru orbit around the sun). Twenty five shars would place his execution at approximately 90,000 years after the Anunnaki came to Earth. The Earth’s Annunaki leaders come up with a plan to refine the gold on Earth and only take refined gold to Nibiru. That will leave space on the craft for Igigi to travel to NIbiru for rest. The king agrees.

Chapter 5.5 – The kings son in charge of mining now directs his attention to life and animals on Earth and how it differs from Nibiru. Mentioned are the animals in the tall trees that use their front legs as hands. Other creatures were seen in tall grasses walking upright (hominoids). The Igigi in the mines rebel. The kings two sons and others devise a plan to return the rebelling Anunnaki to Nibiru and replace them with new Annunaki workers. They also decide to create a Lulu. A primitive worker.

The Sixth Tablet of Lord Enki

Chapter 6.1 – There is much discussion about creating a primitive worker slave race of beings. One of the kings sons states the “father of all beginning” has the sole power of creation. The other kings son that is promoting this endeavor is saying the being already exists and they would not be slaves, but helpers. Of course this sounds like a modern day fabrication of a lie. The other kings son says it is against the rules of planet to planet journeying. The others kings son states it was against the rules to even come to Earth. After much debate the king decreed the primitive slave be created.

Chapter 6.2 – The more I have researched this, the more I have believed the Anunnaki, especially the king’s son in charge of mining, had created the mythical creatures of old. The animals like dragons, centaurs, mermaids, unicorns, etc. In this portion of the tablet it states they took parts from the behind of one animal and combined it with the front of another. In other words they had been experimenting with DNA. This king’s son had created creatures from DNA and violated the rules before the arguments had even begun to create a primitive worker. Given the right to proceed by the king they tried and tried to mix the Earth’s two legged creatures (hominoids) DNA with theirs and place it in the two legged Earth female creature’s womb. There were many conceptions but the results were not good. Many creatures were created with deformities.

Chapter 6.3 – All attempts failed, but finally they decided to not impregnate a Earth two legged female again, but an Annunaki female. The Anunnaki female that had been doing the DNA splicing decided to be impregnated herself. She conceived and gave birth to a boy child. She named him Adam. Then they decided to ask the young female Annunaki healers from Nibiru if they would be impregnated. Seven stepped forward.

Chapter 6.4 – The seven Anunnaki female healers were impregnated with a combination of the two legged Earth female creature (hominoid) and Adam. The seven gave birth to seven male children. Upon realizing the problem of the demand on Annunaki women, they decided to make female children and let them procreate themselves. The wife of an Anunnaki was asked and consent given to impregnate. The birth was not normal but the female child was good.

Chapter 6.5 – Seven more females were created for the seven males. Adam and Eve are moved to Eden (the main Annunaki city) and the seven males and females are placed in cages amongst the trees. (so much for not being slaves). The time for them to procreate has come and gone. No conceptions. Some DNA is taken from the king son and the woman that was doing the DNA spicing and placed in Adam and Eve. Adam and Eve are then left to roam Eden as they please.

Chapter 6.6 – In this portion of the tablet the kings son over Eden notices the Adam and Eve have leaves on them. He is upset and summons the other kings son that was part of the creation to explain. He in turn summons his accomplices in the creation. They all explain the missing DNA, which makes the son in charge of Eden more upset. He had warned of the folly. One of those in the creation speaks up and says the Anunnaki long life was not given to them. The son in charge of Eden commands them to take their creations out of Eden. Adam and Eve did not leave Eden because they ate the fruit of the forbidden tree. They were expelled because the Annunaki scientists gave them the DNA to procreate and the commander of Eden was mad. Eve was not tempted. None of it was within Adam and Eves control.

The Seventh Tablet of Lord Enki

Chapter 7.1 – Adam and Eve are placed in a an enclosure outside of the city of Eden. They had many children. The Anunnaki now have three generations on Earth. The Adams are working in the fields and mines. The gold is flowing. The Earth is warming. The snow is melting. Volcanoes erupt and the ground shakes. The Igigi are complaining on Mars of high winds and dust storms. The asteroid belt is in turmoil. On Earth brimstones are falling. It appears Nibiru passed by close somehow causing a lot of trouble in the skies. A large asteroid hit the moon.

Chapter 7.2 – In this portion they contemplate abandoning the relay station on Mars. It has now been 80 shars, or 288,000 Earth years, on earth. Please notice the Annunaki people that first came to Earth 288,000 years ago are still alive. Anunnaki go to the moon and study many things. The three ways of heaven. The twelve constellations, etc.

Chapter 7.3 – Since the Mars relay was to be abandoned, a new spaceship port was to be created on Earth for direct transport of the gold to Nibiru. The king comes to Earth to see the new created space port.

Chapter 7.4 – Division begins again between the kings sons and their offspring. The primitive workers (Adams and Eves), are captured outside of the city of Eden and brought into the city. They are given chores and jobs to do. In those days grains and sheep were not brought to earth. The kings son that created mankind has a new scheme, but he notices that mankind is reverting backward.

Chapter 7.5 – The kings son who created Adam and Eve was observing the Adam and Eves. One day he spied several young Eves and decided to impregnate them with his sperm. They gave birth. It is now the ninety second shar, 331,200 years, the Annunaki have been on Earth. The kings son is ecstatic about the births and says he has created civilized man. He wants this to be a secret. he tells his vizier to secret the two children into his house and say they were found in reed baskets in the bulrushes. The kings son and his wife raised them. The kings son very deceitfully passed them off, not as his offspring, as a new more intelligent generation of Adam and Eves. He calls for grains and ewes to be brought to Earth so they may herd the sheep and harvest grain. Once the male and female children procreate (give birth to two sons Cain and Abel), the king on Nibiru wants the earthling male to come to Nibiru for a visit.

The Eight Tablet of Lord Enki

Chapter 8.1 – The spacecraft to pick up the male arrives. The kings son sends his other offspring along to accompany the male. The king’s son tricks the male by telling him not to eat or drink the long life things because it is poison and you will die. The craft leaves and they arrive on Nibiru. The king sees his grandchildren and an earthling for the first time.

Chapter 8.2 – On Nibiru the earthling is offered the long life bread and elixir. He does not eat or drink. The king becomes offended and asks him why not? He says he will die. One of the kings grandsons gives the king a tablet given to him by his father for the purpose of giving to his father the king. The king reads it and understands the earthling male is the offspring of his son. The kings son wants the earthling to return to earth and it be his lot to live and die on Earth. The real reason the kings son did not want him to eat and drink the long life food was because of concerns over any future kingship disputes since he was his son. The earthling and one of the two grandsons return to Earth.

Chapter 8.3 – The twin sons, Cain and Abel, are shown how to dig water canals and harvest grain while the other one is taught to herd sheep and spin wool. At the first harvest there is a celebration and the two twin earthling men make their offerings to the kings two sons. A celebration is had. Later Cain is unhappy that one of the kings sons did not praise him for his effort. Cain and able fight because of this and Abel is killed.

Chapter 8.4 – This portion of the tablet tells the story of events after the killing. Cain is exiled.

Chapter 8.5 – This tablet details the teaching to the earthling offspring of the kings son. It also mention other teachings to other offspring. The worshiping of the Anunnaki is created. This was in the ninety eight shar, or 352,800 years since the Annunaki landed on Earth. In the one hundred and fourth shar, or 374,400 earth years, the kingship lineage on Earth several generations down the line are still have babies with their half sisters.

Chapter 8.6 – This tablet portion tells the story of the end of life of the first earthling male that the kings son had made by an Eve. The earthling male (father of Cain and Abel) we are told as Adam. He was born in the ninety third shar (334,800) and he died in the one hundred and eight shar (388,800) making him 54,000 Earth years old when he died. At this time the Anunnaki and earthling humans intermarry.

The Ninth Tablet of Lord Enki

Chapter 9.1 – At this time the Annunaki and earthling humans intermarry. Hardships on Earth and Mars due to the sun flaring. One of the kings sons son wants to marry an earthling woman. There is an objection. The debate involves the statement that the kingship lineage marrying half sisters is a custom. The problem with the marriage is the kingship lineage. If the kingship lineage marries an earthling woman, the king on Nibiru could eventually become an earthling. The king decrees that if the kings son male offspring marries an earthling he can not return to Nibiru and his prince status ended. The kings son that is commander of Earth also states he and his new wife will not be able to stay in Eden. The kings son male offspring marries an Earth woman.

Chapter 9.2 – Two hundred of the Igigi from mars came to the wedding. Unbeknownst to the leaders of Eden, the two hundred Igigi from Mars had decided to abduct earthling women to be their wives. After the wedding they did this deed. The Earth commander which has always been against the creation of mankind, is sorrowful they have destroyed their original mission. Once a sacred mission, is now one evil deed after another. Now the Earth will be overrun by mankind. The kings sons male offspring that had just gotten married was basically banished to another land across the sea. There he invited the Igigi that had taken earthling wives. The kings son that created mankind has taken a fancy to a married earthling woman. He asks his son that married a earthling woman that resides in the new land to ask for the earthling woman’s husband to be transferred there. The kings son that created mankind now visits the new land often and watches and seduces the woman (biblical story of David and bathsheba).

Chapter 9.3 – Bathsheba becomes pregnant and has a child. The first white bodied, blond haired, blue eyed earthling. Born in the one hundredth and tenth shar, or 396,000 earth years after the arrival of the Anunnaki. There are plagues and starvation on Earth. The Earth commander feels the Earth mission has become perverted and loathes the earthling mankind. The cries of the earthlings has become loud. So much so the Earth commander can not sleep.One Annunaki wanted to teach the earthlings the art of healing. The Earth Anunnaki commander said no. Water would not come from its sources where the earthlings lived. Vegetation did not grow. The Earth commander forbad any teaching or help to the Earthlings. he wanted the earthlings to perish. For one shar (3,600 years) the earthlings ate grasses. This continues for about five shars. There are black spots on the Sun. The savants on Nibiru tell of the planets moving during the next passing of the sun by NIbiru.

Chapter 9.4 – The savants on Nibiru tell the Earth glaciers are melting and they will lose their footing. The sliding of the glaciers will produce a great wave that will deluge the land. Earth will be overwhelmed. The King on Nibiru tells Mars and Earth to prepare for evacuation. A head savant comes to Earth with a message from the king. He informs them that returning Annunaki to Nibiru have become afflicted by becoming used to Earth cycles and not being able to adjust back to Nibiru’s longer cycles. They die more quickly. One of the kings sons knew of this but the other kings son, which is the commander of Earth, is angered. He is angry that the earthling were becoming as them and they were becoming as earthlings. He feels they are imprisoned on planet Earth and once were masters, now they are as slaves. The savant tells them they are to remain on earth. They are to go aloft in spaceships to wait out the calamity. The other Anunnaki are to be given the choice of returning or waiting out the calamity. The Annunaki that married Earth women must chose between their wives and departure. This tablet implies the deluge is a natural event. In the bible god promises to not let mankind again be destroyed by flood. The Anunnaki are gathered together and told of the event to happen and their choices. Each decides to stay or leave.

Chapter 9.5 – The Annunaki have made their choices. Afterward they inquire about the fate of mankind. The Earth commander declares they shall perish. The Anunnaki shout back they must not die. The Earth commander admonishes his brother that created them in the first place against his wishes. That he went behind his back and interfered with his own creation. The earth commander makes each Annunaki swear an oath. Assignments for preparations are given. Spacecraft are assigned. The kings son that created mankind goes behind his brother back once again and decides to collect the DNA of the animals. The earth rumblings grow.

The Tenth Tablet of Lord Enki

Chapter 10.1 – This tablet tells of the kings son, that created earthlings, receiving a dream that tells him to inform Noah of the water disaster to come. Noah is to build a sturdy boat to save his family in the coming flood.

Chapter 10.2 – Noah tricked the people into helping him build a sturdy boat. The sixth day the navigator arrived with a box of animal DNA. The time of the flood was the one hundred and twenty shars (432,000 years). Noah was ten shars (36,000 years) old. The deluge was a combination of wave and rain. I surmise the wave came from the dislodged southern polar ice cap and it also rained many days. This all came about by Nibiru, in its orbit, passing close to Earth.

Chapter 10.3 – This portion of the tablet tells of the flood and the settling of Noah’s boat on mountain next to Ararat. The Anunnaki come back to Earth. The Earth commander finds Noah and is ready to kill his brother over his deceit. When all is explained he is calmed. The only thing left that is not buried of their cities is the landing pad for the spacecraft.

Chapter 10.4 – Upon the Annunaki returning to Earth they see utter devastation. Mars has lost its atmosphere and the water is dried up. On Earth, the Anunnaki organize and set chores to rebuild.

Chapter 10.5 – Nibiru has been damaged by the pulls of Mars and Earth. The atmosphere on Nibiru has also been damaged. Nibiru needs more gold from Earth. Earth tells the king no gold can be mined. The mines are gone. But one Annunaki surveying across the ocean finds gold nuggets laying on the ground. He also finds some of Cain’s people have survived. Rebuilding and preparations for new landing pads are being done.

Chapter 10.6 – The place to land spaceships needs two mountains. No place was ideal. They build the pyramids as mountains for their space port.

Chapter 10.7 – This last portion of the tablet has the Anunnaki once again being selfish, desiring power and title. They divide the lands among them.

The Eleventh Tablet of Lord Enki

Chapter 11.1 – For the next shar (3,600 years) peace was kept. But it is too good to last. One of the kings sons had two sons. One lived in land with his father and the other was living by the space port. The son by the space port became jealous and greedy. He thought his father would leave his lands to the son that lived by him. So he and his wife planned to murder the brother so he would inherit the land. They gave a party and when his brother fell asleep from drink, they put him in a coffin and threw him into the sea. He was not found until he was dead. The grief stricken wife vowed revenge and took semen from her dead husband and impregnated herself. She raised a son to do her revenge. The son grew and was trained. He raised an army. The day came and her son was hit with a poisoned dart.

Chapter 11.2 – In this portion of the tablet her son defeats the uncle that killed his father. He had fallen to Earth in his craft. He is blinded and his testicles squashed. The council allows him to live. The Earth commander realizes this was the first time an earthling raised an army. He surveys his position of having space ports in places and on lands he does not control. He summons his three sons and has built a space port unknown to the other Annunaki. Another love interest has sprung forth. This time it is between descendants of each of the kings sons. All but one looks forward to it bringing peace.

Chapter 11.3 – In preparation for the wedding, it is the custom for a female relative to dress the bride. During her dressing the bride tells of her plans for her husband. The plans are so grandiose the female relative dressing her tells the grooms father. The father is alarmed and fears the kings other sons kingship lineage will get the advantage. So his plan is to have his daughter be impregnated by her brother (the groom). This way the kingship lineage stays in tact on their side of the family. How he would know the offspring would be male I do not know. After he impregnates his sister he falls asleep. He has a dream of death. When he wakes he tells his sister who thinks he will be accused of raping her. He runs from the city and ends up by a waterfall. The rocks are slippery and he falls to his death. This last part is confusing. The would be bride rushes to the place where her grooms body lay. She is accused by her sister of wanting to be impregnated by her grooms brother. The advisor to the would be brides sister says the sister should curse her with sixty plagues. The kings son that created mankind and is also the groom grandfather fashions two bloodless emissaries that can not be harmed by death rays to go and retrieve the bride. The advisor to the brides sister shoots the two emissaries with a ray but it does not affect them. The advisor then shows them to the lifeless body of the bride which is hanging from a stake. The two emissaries direct a pulsar and emitter on her, put a plant of life in her mouth and sprinkle her body with the water of life.

Chapter 11.4 – This portion explains some of the confusion of the last portion. The bride had gone to the underworld in search of the groom body. The underworld in olden times being the place of death. The two emissaries bring her back to life and proceed to leave the underworld taking along the grooms body. The bride wants revenge and demands the death of the grooms father even though he did not kill his son. The bride seeks revenge by starting a war. It ends with the father of the groom trapping himself in a chamber of the pyramid. He has entombed himself and will die there if nothing is done. His father makes a deal where he will be exiled and give up kingship lineage.

For everything these Anunnaki do and have done, this seems unfair. But the Earth commander is playing politics and has gotten the upper hand. His brother, by being older should be the next king, but by this event the kingship lineage almost ensures the kingship will never be his brothers lineage.

Chapter 11.5 – This portion deals with rescuing the father from the chamber tomb and damage done inside the pyramid to the stones, beams and beacon. The earth commander also reassigns lands. This brings up another question he has for his father the king. The earthlings are multiplying faster than the Annunaki. How do the Anunnaki get the earthlings to obey and serve them. The king decides to come to Earth one more time.

Chapter 11.6 – The spaceship beacon is relocated. The earth commander reassigns lands. The bride still wants what land she would have had if the marriage had been completed. Nothing is given to her. This brings up another question he has for his father the king. The earthlings are multiplying faster than the Annunaki. How do the Anunnaki get the earthlings to obey and serve them. The king decides to come to Earth one more time.

The Twelfth Tablet of Lord Enki

Chapter 12.1 – The king decides to come to Earth. The rebuilding continues even though it has been two shars since the flood (7,200 years). A very curious thing is mentioned here. The “lifted eye that scans the lands, the lifted beam that penetrates all”. It reminds me of the all seeing eye on top of the pyramid. Like on our dollar bill.

Chapter 12.2 – This is a most interesting portion. The king arrives and a great feast and singing is had by all. The king and his wife then sleep for several days and nights. On the sixth day the king summons the two sons and daughter. They account to him the layout of the new gold find and space pad, etc. Then they talk about the emissary he sent them before the flood. The one that came in a spaceship and talked with them about the flood and their life cycle change on Earth. About how they would die if they returned to Nibiru. Then the same emissary appearing to one of the sons in a dream. The king states he did not send an emissary. They are all bewildered.

Chapter 12.3 – Many changes after the kings visit. Some reorganizing of the lands and a new approach to the earthlings. They were to be intermixed with the Annunaki in the cities. They also were given a city of their own with their own king appointed by the Earth commander. A point system for kingship and authority was devised and given. The bride is still filled with revenge and demands her own land. She makes a scheme and directs it the grandfather (kings son) of her dead groom. He is in charge of something called MEs. She makes a plan to steal them from him. She arrives at his abode dressed scantily and seduces him with song and wine. So far he is falling for the deception.

Chapter 12.4 – The bride was caught but did not have the MEs with her. The Earth commander appears to have stripped his brother of the responsibility. The brothers son, back from exile became very enraged. He demanded a sacred city of his own. The Earth commander uncle would not give him one. He took it upon himself and gathered some igigi to help him. They proceeded to build the tower of Babel. At night the Earth commanders forces destroyed it and scattered the people. He then gave each region a different language and alphabet to use. City kings came and went. The people sang songs about the bride who was now in charge of the MEs.

Chapter 12.5 – The once exiled son of the kings son was given domain over a land his brother lorded. For 650 Earth years they quarreled. The younger brother finally left at the insistence of the kings son (his father). He left for new land across the ocean. Interestingly the once exiled son of the kings son that created the earthlings in now called Ra (Ra was referred to in Egypt as the sun god). Ra now replaces the face of the lion next to the pyramid with his sons face. References to his younger brother is erased. There seems to be a history in Egypt of this type of destroying the remnants of old kings. The Anunnaki had an accurate system of counting by 60. Ra replaces it with counting by 10s.

Chapter 12.6 – This portion of the tablet starts out with the father giving Ra some MEs. He gave him all knowledge except how to revive the dead. There is now established a third region and the bride is given lord over it. The kings son she seduced and stole MEs from now holds MEs from her she needs to rule her land with. Her land is also given a totally new language. The third region was not able to communicate because of the language and almost goes to war over it. Trade does not happen because of language. The third region did not blossom because of this barrier.

The Thirteenth Tablet of Lord Enki

Chapter 13.1 – The third region did not blossom. The bride neglected her region. Other regions were not given to her. It was finally taken away from her. She was haunted by her dead groom. She built a house for night time pleasure. She tempted men to her bed and killed them. Gilgamesh is a king and desires long life. He tries but does not attain it and dies.

Chapter 13.2 – Ra is bothered by the goings on of the bride. He is now preoccupied with attaining immortality. He instructs people to go look for gold. They invade his brothers land and they become enraged. Ra wants to rule the entire Earth. The bride travels and finds a people in a land she likes. Earthlings are taught the constellations.

Chapter 13.3 – The arch enemies prepare for war. The bride and Ra. War begins between the two kings sons families. The Earth commander has a dream with the same emissary as his brothers dream.

Chapter 13.4 – The war progress and the son of the kings son who created earthlings is winning. He shouts out to the Earth commander and his followers that he is the sole ruler and they should surrender. But the Earth commander has an edge. He knows where the weapons of terror are hidden. He sends two to load them and use them, but making sure the people are not harmed.

Chapter 13.5 – The weapons of terror unleashed. It is 1,736 years since the flood. All is destroyed of Ra forces and followers. Then after, the wind blew an evil dark cloud that killed all in its path.

Chapter 13.6 – This tablet is a continuance of the previous tablet.

The Fourteenth Tablet of Lord Enki

Chapter 14.1 – This last tablet has the kings two sons. Enki and Enlil flying around surveying the damage from the weapons of terror. The two brother talk and discuss the meaning of it all. The kingdom that RA desired so badly is now a wasteland. The Earth commander tells his brother that what Ra wanted, he can have. What he sowed he can now reap (the radioactive land). As for the Earth commander, he is going westward to where the gold field is to complete the original mission.

The following video will play a 13 parts series of excerpts from The Lost Book of Enki, but I highly recommend you purchasing the book. It is possibly one of the most important forbidden history books available to us. You can purchase it on Amazon.

In5D Addendum

From these tablets, we can tell where the story of the bible came from and how it is being used to keep us living in subservience, control and conformity. We can also see the importance of gold in our society and how nuclear weapons will ultimately lead to our destruction if we don’t learn from past mistakes.

These tablets describe the creation of slave races through the genetic manipulation of DNA as well as the interbreeding of the Anunnaki, the earth inhabitants and the genetically manipulated beings, which may help to explain the differences in blood types and Rh values, as well as ethnic diversities, but one must ask the question:

Why create numerous slave races (including various blood types, Rh values and ethnicities) instead of one?

The most logical answer is that we were seeded here by many star nations but it is also possible that we are the product of the Anunnaki and their genetic experiments.  Throughout the years, our DNA has continued to evolve and many consider the DNA of the earth’s inhabitants to be the genetic royalty of the Universe, no matter what race or ethnicity you are.

Perhaps through meditation, we can find ways to unlock the codons in our DNA that prevent us from our true potential?  Perhaps it is time that unlocks these codons as more and more people are awakening to their true potential?  Is it also possible that each subsequent generation is being born with advancved DNA capabilities and more strands of DNA?

We are at a point in history where the slaves (ALL of us at the bottom of the pyramid) are beginning to rebel against their slave masters (those who are controlling the people in the shadow governments).  Is it possible that these controllers who sit at the top of the pyramid are the Anunnaki?

In this writer’s opinion, yes.



From “living” runes to a hologram. Ancient technologies are making a comeback

Human civilization develops thanks to accumulated knowledge. Without knowledge and experience, there is no movement forward to progress. People make discoveries, bring them to life and pass this information on to subsequent generations. The most faithful and reliable storage is memory. But, unfortunately, it is limited to the framework of one human life or generation.

Therefore, in past centuries, when people were closer to each other, the continuity of generations was maintained. Wisdom was passed down orally: from grandfather to father, from father to son. So, epics and legends were composed. The image embedded in them was able to live for centuries. After all, only that which is felt is remembered. All events in the senses are imprinted with all the multifaceted connections.

We can say that feeling is a kind of “hard drive” that is turned on with the help of a computer brain.

In that distant era, when our ancestors lived in harmony with themselves and nature, they had developed imaginative thinking. Sounds had a special meaning because they created reality. But the means for transmitting information or extracting it from the past were musical instruments. Each of them had its own purpose. With the help of some, people remembered their past lives, others were introduced into an altered state of consciousness, in which it was possible to perform miracles.

Various folk tales have preserved the legends of “magic words” that open doors and launch flying ships. The Byzantine chronicles say how the northern people came to negotiations without weapons, holding only a folk psaltery in their hands. The sounds drawn from the strings decided the outcome of the negotiations.

Runes – the first material carrier


At this level of interaction with information, any drawn symbol had a magical effect. The ancestors called these signs – Runes. Not everyone could “work” with them. Due to the ability to materialize thoughts instantly, only initiates had access to them. For everyday needs, they used features and cuts that did not have such tremendous power. As the spiritual decline and loss of skills, it was necessary to create books, but they were so amazing that for a modern person they seem completely fantastic.

Голографическая реальность
Holographic reality

Ancient stereo books

These were ordinary pre-Christian books, which were then burned as a devilish “black book”. Although they had nothing to do with the devilry. Their whole secret was the ability of our ancestors to use bioenergetics.

Such books have been carefully crafted for centuries. Every detail of her material had to have certain physical qualities.

The text of the future book was first written down with a metal stylus on wax-covered boards, where any corrections could be made. It is impossible to write straight away. Trying to accurately convey his thought, the author “runs after her”, not worrying about spelling. The well-known expression “to spread the thought along the tree” comes from there.

Nevertheless, the main thing in the creation of the book was not the author, but a scribe who would have had imagination and such body cells that emit bioenergy. In this case, all the pictures that appear in his imagination, together with the biocurrents, are absorbed into the parchment as on a film strip. The effect of titles is created, as if hanging in the air between a person and those living pictures that the suede parchment has absorbed. For these purposes, it was manufactured in a special way. As well as cinnabar for writing.

Stereo book

Then the sheets of parchment were stitched like modern thick notebooks with a metal spiral on the spine. The cover was made of bog oak boards. Its name was engraved on the cover. To make it better read, silver and niello were poured into the grooves of the letters. At the same time, the same massive oak-copper case was made for the book, closed with copper clasps.

Ancient books
Ancient books

Incredibly, the natural ingredients and techniques used in this book produced a 3D effect. The only difference is that a modern person needs special glasses, and our ancestors developed such abilities. It’s just that some could emit biocurrents, while others perceive them. In short, living people were transmitters and receivers.

Gold and stone discs – the prototype of modern discs

In addition to such wonderful books, there were also discs that contained a huge layer of information in a compressed form. Perhaps they are “read” in the same way as “miracle books”, but it is possible that there was a certain computer into which these disks could be inserted.

Phaistos disc.
Phaistos disc

In any case, according to the first version, attempts were made to decipher the Phaistos disc, a phenomenon that made a lot of noise at one time. It was discovered that the disc contains layered information. It cannot be read like an ordinary letter.

The hologram is the library of the future

With the advent of Christianity, all ancient knowledge and skills were declared devilish, and the possessors of these abilities were witches and sorcerers. Both books and people were burning in the bonfires. In order to preserve the rest, the manuscripts were rewritten, but already in an ordinary linear letter. Of course, distortions were inevitable and the picture of past events, presented in this way, did not correspond to reality.

Pen books have proven to be a rather primitive way of conveying information. Although, for many centuries, they remained a guiding thread for knowledge. And yet, as we can see, important discoveries were and are being made as a result of practical research, often thanks to insight, which proves the existence of an information field, from where you can get the necessary information. 


Now, humanity is approaching again the stage when the need for the usual carriers of information will disappear. Everything will be transferred to a virtual memory base. But if earlier holograms were created and accepted by people themselves, now machines will do it for us.

In the event of another disaster, we will lose access to the electronic library. And then everything will have to start over. And our descendants, just like we are now, will believe that at this period people were illiterate, because they did not have a written language …

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What secrets and mysteries of Angkor baffle modern scientists?

Ancient city of Angkor, Cambodia

Angkor was discovered in the Cambodian jungle by French naturalist Henri Muo in 1861. Almost 160 years have passed, and the mysterious city has not yet revealed its secrets to us.

Angkor is not only numerous temple complexes, among which Angkor Wat is the most famous. But there are also huge hydraulic structures of ideally verified shapes and gigantic dimensions. These are ditches with water surrounding each complex, and huge reservoirs – “man-made seas” – barai , and the famous river in the valley of a thousand lingams.plan-map of Angkor

Angkor Map Hobe / Holger Behr /

The view of Angkor from space resembles a plan-drawing perfectly calculated and executed by an engineer-architect. Historians cannot explain how the Khmers managed to “bring to life” such a grandiose plan in the 9th-12th centuries, while maintaining strict geometry. The lines are well-parallel for over 8 km, and all angles are straight. It was simply impossible to do this in those days with those instruments.

Angkor has been studied not only by historians and archaeologists, but also by enthusiastic researchers, including those from the Laboratory of Alternative History. And they came to the conclusion that the ancient architects either built the structures of Angkor using the preserved secret knowledge and technologies, or restored and completed what they inherited from more ancient civilizations.

According to legend, the capital of the Khmer state was founded in a different place, but the astrologers indicated where to build the city.

Many sources mention the correspondence of the location of the temples of Angkor to the constellation of the Dragon , and in the position in which the stars were twelve and a half thousand years ago. The Bayon Temple , according to legend, symbolizes the heart of the Dragon.

stone faces of Bayon Temple in Angkor

Stone faces of Zram Bayon

Why, in the 9th-12th centuries, correlate buildings with the most ancient map of the sky? And how could they know about her? This, perhaps, confirms the hypothesis of the creation of the city on the already existing foundations left over from prehistoric civilization.

In addition, most of the temples of Angkor are designed as five-step pyramids. And the pyramids around the world were built at a much earlier period than the officially accepted dating of Angkor Wat.

Bayon temple in Angkor

Bayon Temple in Angkor. lj-user yarowind /

All the temples of Angkor are oriented with front facades along the north-south line. The main entrance to all the temples is on the east side, and only Ankor-Wat, according to legend, being built as a place where King Suryavarman II was to be reborn, has a western entrance.

The moat around the temple complex raises many questions. This is a real hydraulic engineering miracle, the construction of which required the deepest knowledge in many fields of science.

Aerial view of the Angkor Wat temple complex

Aerial view of the Angkor Wat temple complex. Steve Jurvetson from Menlo Park, USA

The channel was “calculated” and built in the shortest possible time. Before starting the construction of the foundation of buildings. And the complex itself was under construction for about 35 years, which is extremely short, given the huge amount of work and the primitive level of technology (according to official science).

A number of towers and temples reach a height of 60 meters, this is the height of a twenty-story building. In the modern world, such structures are presented as high-rise objects of increased complexity. The foundations of such structures are performed on a pile foundation using sophisticated construction equipment.

According to the research carried out , the soil was dug out under the complex and sand was poured, which was carefully tamped. A layer of soil was laid on it, or, as modern builders say, backfill soil, and then another layer of compacted sand. Or, in modern construction language, preparation has been made for the base of a floating foundation.

This technology began to be applied in practice only in the 70s of the last century. Until now, they try to install high-rise buildings on a pile foundation, since they cannot foresee all the nuances.

And the ancient builders could. Apparently, they had a lot of experience (or possessed some knowledge) of erecting high-rise buildings and structures on floating foundations in tropical conditions.

It is also striking with what precision the ancient builders adjusted and processed stone blocks. And they did it easily, without thinking about the size and shape.

processed stone in Angkor

Treated stone in Angkor

There are also quite large blocks with polygonal masonry , typical of the ancient structures of South America.

polygonal masonry in Angkor

Polygonal brickwork in Angkor

polygonal masonry in Ollantaytambo, Peru

Polygonal masonry. Ollantaytambo. Peru. Pavel Špindler

In the temples of Angkor there are columns of different quality. Some show traces of processing on some kind of machine, as suggested by alternative researchers.

Traces of mechanical processing of columns in Angkor. Screenshot. Research Center

Measurements of traces of processing of columns in Angkor. Screenshot. Research Center

But not only the temple complexes of Angkor are surprising.

Valley of a Thousand Lingams – Kbal Spien River

For example, the river Kbal Spien , which originates in the mountains and reaches Angkor. The entire river bed is lined with stone slabs with lingams carved on them.

The Khmers believed that the lingas (lingams) fertilized and purified the water that irrigated the rice fields. It was believed that it was because of this that the Khmer empire had rich harvests and flourished.

Waterfall and lingams at Qbal Spien in Ankor

Waterfall and Lingams at Qbal Spien in Ankor, Cambodia Prerit

It is believed that the construction of Qbal Spien was started by King Suryavarman I (1001/06 – 1050). and later finished by King Udayadityavarman II . (1049/50 – 1066)

The researchers were interested in this fact. The length of the river channels is about nine kilometers. To accomplish such a task, it is necessary to run the river along a different channel, scoop out all the silt, light fractions along the entire length of the river and to the entire depth of river sediments, then add an unthinkable amount of sand and lay on top not just sandstone slabs, but decorated with bas-reliefs.

Kbal Spien river in Angkor

River of a Thousand Lingams. Kbal Spean

This requires special hydrotechnical knowledge and a huge number of working hands.

The Qbal Spien bed is covered with thousands of images of lingams, which are arranged in even rows. Alternative researchers believe that the lingams worshiped in Hinduism are in fact the oldest artifacts – the legacy of prehistoric civilization. And the purpose of the lingams was not religious and cult, but quite technological, as evidenced by its unusual design.

So, it is likely that the lingams of the Kbal Spien River performed some kind of technical function, which gave the water flowing through them special properties.

Is Kohker a “pyramid of death”?

90 km from Angkor there is a very unusual place called Kahkay or Kohker. This ancient temple complex. Of the surviving buildings in Kahkai: the Prasattom pyramid temple. It is seven-step, 32 m high and 55 m long, reminiscent of the stepped pyramids of South America.

The Garuda , carved into the stone block, guards the top of the pyramid. Henri Parmentier , a French architect, historian and archaeologist, estimates that the colossal lingam, which, according to the inscriptions, was erected at the top, reached at least 4 meters in height and weighed 24 tons.

According to legend, one of the rulers of Angkor was the sorcerer king – Jayavarman IV. It is believed that he erected this pyramid in one night.

In 921, Jayavarman IV laid claim to the kingdom and then left the capital and decided to create his own center of power. About 10,000 supporters fled with him, including women and children.

In 928, Jayavarman IV became the sole ruler of the Khmer Empire, but did not return to Angor. He died in 941, and Kahkay was the capital of the Khmer Empire until 944.

The most amazing thing is that in the Kohker area, archaeologists found an inscription carved on a stone, which indicates the exact date of illumination of the main lingam at the top of the pyramid – December 12, 921, at 8:47 am (translated from the ancient Hindu chronology). And Jayavarman IV came here just a few days before that date.

Experts cannot explain how this is possible. Clear the site from the jungle, cut down huge stone blocks, process, deliver and lay in the masonry walls, raising them to a height of 30 meters, and all this in one night?

Kohker pyramid in Cambodia

Kohker pyramid. Thomas Wanhoff

Official science does not study this issue, and ancient legends give their explanation for this.

In the 9th century, a certain nobleman of non-royal blood lived at the court, who married a woman from the royal family. He practiced witchcraft and communicated with the demon of the underworld, which helped the nobleman become king – Jayavarman IV.

Legend says that Jayavarman IV turned to a certain “architect” for help, who was able to create a pyramid overnight using a magic tool. Sources call this weapon “white fire”. They could whip enemies at a distance.

Legend also says that Jayavarman IV made sacrifices to this demon by throwing people into a deep well in the Kohker pyramid. Since then, it is believed that the pyramid is the gateway to the demon world. Locals call it the “pyramid of death” and do not like it.

Scientists are still exploring the jungle around Angkor and discovering new complexes . Since they are all covered with thickets, it is very difficult to explore them.

But everything discovered only confirms the hypothesis that Angkor was built in the deepest antiquity by some highly developed civilization. And its creation is unsubstantiatedly attributed to the Khmers, just as the construction of a grandiose monument in Baalbek is attributed to the Romans. The Khmer Empire was only completing and restoring the prehistoric heritage that it inherited.

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The mystery of the ancient Chinese “magic mirrors”, over the solution of which scientists are still racking their brains

In the Ancient East, for more than two thousand years, there are expensive and rare mirrors, which are called magic to this day. Not for nothing, because the bronze from which they are made can become completely transparent. In China they were called “light-transmitting mirrors”, and in the West – simply “magic mirrors”. These artifacts are still a mystery to scientists around the world.

For more than ten centuries, this rare artifact from China has puzzled all researchers. This mirror is made of bronze, which has been carefully polished. On the back there is a molded pattern. 

The polished surface looks completely normal and can be used like a regular mirror. But when a bright light hits the surface of the mirror and it is reflected and projected onto the surface, then the pattern decorating the back side mysteriously appears in the projected reflection. 

It looks as if a solid bronze mirror suddenly became completely transparent. The Chinese name for these mirrors literally means “light transmitting mirrors.” In the rest of the world, they are called differently: “translucent mirrors” or “magic mirrors”.

Various magic mirrors.
Various magic mirrors.

The mystery of these mysterious ancient artifacts has plagued scientists since the 19th century. It took researchers a century before they figured out the technology for making these mirrors. Even in the homeland of these historical wonders, the technique of their production was considered lost. 

The secret was solved thanks to the ancient Chinese manuscript “Records of Ancient Mirrors”. Subsequently, the book was irretrievably lost. Now in the world there is only one master who owns the art of making these magic mirrors – this is Yamamoto Akihisa from Japan.

There is only one master left in the world who owns the secret of making a magic mirror.
There is only one master left in the world who owns the secret of making a magic mirror.

Master Akihisa learned about this mysterious art from his father. In their family, these secrets were passed down from generation to generation. Despite this, many of the manufacturing nuances were lost. I had to experimentally find out various details.

Many of the nuances of this ancient craft have been lost.
Many of the nuances of this ancient craft have been lost.

The mystery of the reflection of the image of the back of the mirror was solved in 1932 by Sir William Bragg. To do this, at the very beginning, patterns are created on the back of the mirror, then the desired bulges are made by scraping and engraving. 

At the end, it is all polished and coated with a special mercury alloy. As a result of all these actions, bulges and bends invisible to the eye remain on a smooth mirror surface. They faithfully reproduce the pattern of the reverse side.

Light on the surface of the mirror is reflected and refracted in such a way that the bronze appears transparent.
Light on the surface of the mirror is reflected and refracted in such a way that the bronze appears transparent.

For many years, various researchers have tried to recreate the “magic mirror”. For this, the materials were subjected to pressure and high temperatures. Nothing worked. All this only spoiled the mirror, and the desired effect did not appear.

Modern scientists have failed to comprehend the secret of the magical effect of the ancient Chinese mirror.
Modern scientists have failed to comprehend the secret of the magical effect of the ancient Chinese mirror.

Scientists have written dozens of books and scientific articles on the topic of studying these artifacts. Back in the 11th century, a Chinese scientist, Shen Gua, in his book “Reflections on the Lake of Dreams” wrote the following about this: if a bright ray of sunlight hits, then all these inscriptions become clearly visible and readable. “

Western scholars have tried to reproduce the effect of an ancient Eastern magic mirror using a compressor.
Western scholars have tried to reproduce the effect of an ancient Eastern magic mirror using a compressor.

The reflection of sunlight occurs on the uneven surface of the mirror as follows: convex parts scatter light, and concave ones collect it. As a result, the “magic mirror” effect is formed.

The art of making magic mirrors dates back to the Han Dynasty (206 BC - 24 AD).
The art of making magic mirrors dates back to the Han Dynasty (206 BC – 24 AD).

Science knows cases when such a mirror had one pattern on its reverse side, and reflected a completely different one! Scientists assume in this case that the front side of the mirror is polished, and then a certain pattern is etched on it with acid, and then polished again. It becomes quite obvious that there are a lot of recipes for making such items. Most likely, each master discovered and kept his secrets, which are now lost.

In China, the method of making a bronze alloy has been known since about 2000 BC.
In China, the method of making a bronze alloy has been known since about 2000 BC.

The bronze, from which the famous mirrors are made, was invented by the Chinese more than four thousand years ago! The oldest “magic mirror” found by archaeologists is more than one and a half thousand years old. The fact that it was unheard of in those days, a rarity and luxury is clear from the fact that such objects were found during excavations of the tombs of very noble nobles and emperors.

Mirrors ceased to be a rarity in the Middle Ages, during the reign of the Ming dynasty. Most of the discovered artifacts belong to these times.

This item was extremely rare and expensive.
This item was extremely rare and expensive.

Over the past century and a half, many researchers and scientists have puzzled over the mystery of the “magic mirror”. Methods for producing the artifact that would have been equal to ancient craftsmanship have never been discovered. World science offers the following options:

1. When casting, those parts that are thinner cool faster and the surface is deformed. Only it is very difficult to achieve this effect: only two or three mirrors out of a hundred can reproduce a magical effect.
2. A pattern is engraved on the mirror, then it is filled with bronze of a different kind and polished.
3. Drawing is done on the front side, and then covered with a special alloy of mercury and polished.
4. The patterns on the mirror are etched with acid, then polished.
5. The pattern is cut on the back of the mirror, resulting in bumps in the front.
6. The front side patterns are stamped onto the surface and then polished.

It is believed that it all works, but so far no one has been able to reproduce it. “Magic mirrors” were also made in Japan. There they were called makkyo. It is there that the last master who owns this art lives.

There is one interesting detail of these mirrors that makes them similar to modern disk storage media.
There is one interesting detail of these mirrors that makes them similar to modern disk storage media.

With all the variety of these artifacts, there is one detail that makes them all in common: a convex pattern element in the center. It becomes clear that this element must carry a certain function. Presumably in order to install and fix the mirror in the required place. Crazy assumption: is it really an ancient disk storage medium?

In fact, there is a lot in common. After all, the discs also have a certain pattern on the back. Information there is written in the form of spiral tracks, depressions that are squeezed out. These paths absorb light, and the base reflects it. 

Information is read from the disc media using a laser beam. Interestingly, someone tried to illuminate the “magic mirror” with a laser? For sure. It is believed that in ancient times they used the technology of steam generation, which made it possible to create real volumetric holographic images. While these are all theories, perhaps in the future, scientists will still be able to unravel the mystery of “magic mirrors”.

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