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Tera: 3D printed Martian homes on earth

Tera: 3D printed Martian homes on earth 1

AI SpaceFactory is renowned for its 3D printing technologies. In the spring of last year, she took first place in the NASA Centennial Challenge 2019, the goal of which was to create a habitat – a Martian home for astronauts who have to conquer the Red Planet.

Tera: 3D printed Martian homes on earth 2


Having spent two years developing building technologies for Mars, AI SpaceFactory intends to apply them on our planet. The TERA high-tech residential module will be 3D printed from natural biodegradable materials in forests in upstate New York, on the banks of the Hudson River.

“We realized that the materials and technologies we developed for long-term missions to Mars could be interesting for the construction industry on Earth,” said David Malott, CEO and chief architect of AI SpaceFactor. “TERA will challenge everything we know about architecture and construction. It could change the way we build on our planet, or even save it. The house is designed to have a minimal impact on the environment, and the materials it is built from can be reused. “

TERA will become a mini-hotel, and anyone who wants to look into the future and find out what it will be like on our planet and beyond can spend a night there for only $ 175. The terrestrial habitat is shaped like an egg and has two floors.

The first will have a living room with access to the terrace, a kitchen and a bathroom, and the second will have living rooms. TERA will start hosting guests from March 2021.


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