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So You Dont Believe in Chemtrails? 12 So You Dont Believe in Chemtrails? 13


by Vincent Andersen © 2013 That’s fine. Neither do most people….who don’t have to live under them. But chemtrails are not just something you...

“Perfect Frankenstorm” 18 “Perfect Frankenstorm” 19


Most conspiracy nuts (myself included) know about HAARP! But there are so many others who do not! There are many rumors flying around saying...

Vortex of the Apocalypse 62 Vortex of the Apocalypse 63

Apocalypse & Armageddon

This years plays out to be a mysterious invisible chess move! The players in the game are the ‘extraterrestrials’ vs. humanity-or better yet-supernatural vs....

Hidden Masters of the Universe 71 Hidden Masters of the Universe 72


Let’s begin with Helena Blavatsky-a Russian spiritualist, she was the ‘Magnum Opus,’ spreading knowledge of the Ascended Masters. She traveled extensively in her days...