subtle world

The Subtle World, or why everyone has their own way “there”. And why should the study of Invisibility be based on great Sources, and not on the experiences of “visitors”

At one time, Dr. R. Moody's book, in which the author collected the escapades of people who experienced a state…

1 year ago

There is life after life but most people just don’t remember what’s going on. Reincarnation exists and is even scientifically proven

The issue of reincarnations (or reincarnations of souls from one physical body to another) is an incredibly complex topic for…

1 year ago

“Birth is not a beginning. Death is not the end.” Researcher D. Hodson expanded knowledge about life after death with the help of clairvoyance

“This topic always arouses the highest interest, because what person has not experienced the bitterness of loss, and at the…

2 years ago