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The Oumuamua Conundrum 13 The Oumuamua Conundrum 14

Aliens & UFO's

“It is in the admission of ignorance and the admission of uncertainty that there is a hope for the continuous motion of human beings...

Alien Contact in Puerto Rico? 21 Alien Contact in Puerto Rico? 22

Aliens & UFO's

An independent group of researchers in Puerto Rico believe they possibly made contact with ‘beings from elsewhere’ last Friday, August 15, 2014, 37th anniversary...

Our Alien DNA 23 Our Alien DNA 24

Aliens & UFO's

In 1960, a young astronomer by the name of Frank Drake pointed the Green Bank radio telescope at the stars Tau Ceti and Epsilon...

Sirius: It Is Time For You To Know 44 Sirius: It Is Time For You To Know 45

Aliens & UFO's

Dr. Steven Greer, founder of the worldwide Disclosure Movement and the Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence is working with Emmy award winning...