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All posts tagged "Psychology"

The World of Hidden Emotions 27 The World of Hidden Emotions 28

Metaphysics & Psychology

By Thomas Scheff Emotions are important, but there is the massive confusion in both popular and scientific conceptions of even what they are.  There...

What It Feels Like to Be Suicidal 31 What It Feels Like to Be Suicidal 32

Metaphysics & Psychology

Interesting piece on suicidal ideation in Scientific American. Scientific American: In considering people’s motivations for killing themselves, it is essential to recognize that most...

How the light gets out 33 How the light gets out 34

Metaphysics & Psychology

Scientific talks can get a little dry, so I try to mix it up. I take out my giant hairy orangutan puppet, do some...

Empire of the Air 35 Empire of the Air 36


A debt is owed to John Keel, Jacques Vallee, and Mac Tonnies in any discussion of the more bizarre but perhaps more likely explanations...

The Deros & Richard Shaver 47 The Deros & Richard Shaver 48

Aliens & UFO's

The Deros are a proposed race, a species dwelling in underground caverns that house fantastic cities. According to the primary source and authority on...

The End of Sleep 57 The End of Sleep 58

Metaphysics & Psychology

You want the sheeple to wake up?  Jessa Gamble writes at Aeon: Since stimulants have failed to offer a biological substitute for sleep, the...

Seeing and believing 59 Seeing and believing 60

Fact or fiction

by Stuart Walton Ghost and UFO sightings are down. Psychics are in decline. Are we more discerning now, or just afraid to trust anything?...