The Unhappy King: Nostradamus’ prophecy about King Charles III – What will happen to the succession to the Crown

Ιn light of the news that King Charles III is suffering from cancer, a new interpretation of a prophecy by Nostradamus, the…

3 months ago

An amazing cookbook by Nostradamus. Why the alchemist treated plague and impotence with jam

On December 14, the French alchemist and fortuneteller Michel de Notrdam, known as Nostradamus, was born. But few people know that…

3 years ago

Nostradamus, Saint Malachy, the Pope’s Resignation, and Comet ISON: Do They All Predict End Times?

Nostradamus’ quatrains are confusing and open to many interpretations but we do know that Comet ISON is coming (that’s if…

11 years ago