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All posts tagged "Mythology"

A History of Human Hybrids 3 A History of Human Hybrids 4


The Centaur, Anubis, Mermaids, Ganesha; human-animal hybr… Bonus Videos & “Chemicals of Reality” Premium Video Available @ Narrated by Jack Daniel Ending...

The Eye and the Owl 31 The Eye and the Owl 32


There are a great many theories knocking about the internet these days regarding secret societies, Masonic symbols and the Dollar Bill. Dan Brown and...

Summoning a Corn Demon 42 Summoning a Corn Demon 43


Witnesses in the vicinity of a Southern Illinois town claim to have witnessed a bizarre ritual taking place in a field at 12:30 AM...

The UFO Game 53 The UFO Game 54

Aliens & UFO's

Whoever is flying these UFOs is playing with us, and you can take that to the bank. A decade into the modern era’s experience...