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Brazilian werewolf alert 5 Brazilian werewolf alert 6


Every once in a while, I’ll run into a story that just gives me the shudders, despite my generally rationalistic approach.  All this does,...

Unexplained Cave Creatures 10 Unexplained Cave Creatures 11


When I started doing some research into ancient giant skeletons found in caves and those who have theories of a hollow earth and societies...

A Nature Book From The Distant Future 18 A Nature Book From The Distant Future 19

Bizzare & Odd

Via Monster Brains, a glimpse at the breathtaking illustrations inside scientist/author/artist Dougal Dixon’s rare and much sought-after Man After Man: An Anthropology of the...

Legendary Monsters Of Africa 22 Legendary Monsters Of Africa 23


The legendary monsters series continues with some scary stories from Africa. There are so many nations and discrete communities in Africa that the problem...