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Wizards: Did They Exist? 5 Wizards: Did They Exist? 6


By Dr. Paul Myths and folklore from all over the world inform us of people with supernatural abilities who walked among us. Whether their...

The Set Up 14 The Set Up 15


There were Journeys and quests, sometimes only for the best kimchi – according to a Peace Corps Coordinator in a position to know – and...

Real Magic or a Pure Fantasy? 31 Real Magic or a Pure Fantasy? 32

Fact or fiction

by DAN GREEN Magic, it has been said, is a process whereby visible, physical results are produced, determined upon by the trained will thought...

That Voodoo That You Do 33 That Voodoo That You Do 34


The Vicar recently had a dream, sent to him by some capricious sprite for the Heavens know what reason. Dryads belong in vast woodlands,...

The Eye and the Owl 45 The Eye and the Owl 46


There are a great many theories knocking about the internet these days regarding secret societies, Masonic symbols and the Dollar Bill. Dan Brown and...